Auditors Refuse to Approve EU Budget. For 12th Consecutive Year. Nobody Cares

Why no riots? Why no mob of aggrieved taxpayers, descending on the European Commission with burning brands? On Tuesday, for the twelfth year in a row, the European Court of Auditors refused to approve the EU budget. Yet the story has pretty much passed Europe’s media by. If a national government agency could not account for the majority of its spending, it would be front page news. But, faced with the usual Brussels tales of bogus invoices and non-existent farm products and collusion between the authorities and the fraudsters, we shrug our shoulders indifferently.

In our collective reaction, I think one can descry the beginning of the end of Britain’s relationship with the EU. The other day, I happened to read a review of a book about successful relationships. The author’s chief point, if I understood her correctly, was that a marriage can weather a good deal of arguing. Rows between husband and wife suggest that each values the other’s opinion enough to want to change it. It is when bickering gives way to scorn that the marriage is over.

That, it seems to me, is what is happening vis-à-vis the EU. For seven years, I have been writing about Euro-corruption. I have recorded the petty extravagances – MEPs’ expenses, Commissioners’ allowances – and the gargantuan sleaze: the billions of euros that disappear from the CAP, structural funds and foreign aid. At first, these articles used to provoke furious reactions from readers. But, as the years have passed, a resigned, disdainful tone has crept into their responses. People seem to be giving up on the idea that Brussels might ever be reformed. The relationship has reached that fatal stage where anger is giving way to contempt. Sooner rather than later, we shall file for separation.

Back to Reality

Euro comes to an end. A compulsory monetary unit without a nation is a contradiction. You could almost say against a natural law. Explanation:

Perhaps 2015 or 2020 after the war a new responsible elite has to secure their nations again. We have to come out with solution of a dilemma:

Then a new international monetary system will come, built on real currency rates – you could say an economic globalization. Then the nation decides for itself, if it wants to rule or it still are attracted to deficits.
A new monetary system:

J. E. Vig, Denmark

EU Economics in secret file

The EU-budget built on the economics of member states. They have been out in a secret file, an example:

Euro and Economics, for example in Spain:
"...Since 1997 (to 1996) the prices on houses have increased by 300 p.c. It has naturally implied the begin of a mega demand, and increased the building activity substantially in the country. In the first 11 months of 2005 the deficit on the balance of payments amounted 7.3 p.c. of GNP, and the deficit was expected (late 2005) to increase even further. The deficit could easily be forecasted to more than 8 p.c. in 2006, and even more than 9 p.c. in 2007. Spain has (officially) low unemployment and high artificial growth – founded on what? The inflation is higher than in the other Euro-countries, and the competition prevent Spain from reach balance. Everything is just fine…, in about 7 years not a single Spanish export industry is left, if the development is allowed to continue..."

Read more:

J. E. Vig, Denmark


is just like any other group of humans. Taken as a whole the group will continually work to increase the resources it consumes. In the private sector of a functioning free market economy this is a good thing because it leads to more production and more goods and services. In the government though it leads to higher taxes as legislators come up with all sorts of schemes as excuses to spend more - usually in the name of some honorable cause or another. Europe had high taxes before the EU even existed. Now they have a whole tier of government above local, regional, and national to support with more taxes. It is a true shame. Take for example the welfare state. The welfare state is just one more way in which politicians are able to wrest control from citizens. After all, when your free apartment and your food stamps come from a certain group of politicians you are much more likely to vote for that group. Voters and government enable the overuse of power by giving government the ability to take wealth from one group and give it to another. Eventually all of the wealth is destroyed and all you have left is government power.

The EU.. part II

What I`m saying here is that the EU (as well as everything around us and everything what is going on around us) largerly depends on us. The EU is - as - it is - because at some point of time it had been hijacked by the lefties (As well as the immigrant situation in W.Europe looks as it looks - as - it looks) - because WE (or better said You - because at that time We were on the other side of the Iron Courtain) allowed it to happen. The EU is just a tool - it can be used to create good as well to create evil (or stupidity) - I think we all should see it as a tool - and that from now on, beside of criticizing it - we should work together on shaping it as regaining the control over it from the lefties - that situations similar to those described in the above article as well as the other negative situations described in this website wouldn`t happen in the future. ..Well those are my 2 cents on that issue.

I respectfully disagree with the continuation of EU

There is no way the common european citizen is going to wrest control of the EU from the lefties. They are the ones who planned it and control it, and are now the ones controlling you, the european citizen. They plan the EU to be a springboard for the UN, which is within their exclusive province, too.

Europeans will accept the EU and the leftist constitution because the leftists are already in control and there is no effective opposition. The only hope for Europe to escape the yoke is to reject imposition of the EU or its so called constitution and rally around a leader who may come around to lead the masses out of the PC Jungle.

The EU.. part I

..can be both a blessing as well as a curse for Europe. It can be a blessing because of the almost unlimited business opportunities it creates (this is perhaps less obvious for people who live in countries that are in the EU/EC since its begining.. Well I can tell all thospe people that being outside of the EU and being inside is a huge difference), The EU is also the only chance for Europeans to make a serious difference in World politics in the near future (I think that the Brits, the French and the Germans migh disagree on this openly - but I think it`s time recognize the sad fact that even those 3 most powerfull EU countries while acting alone - can not be considered as political heavy weights when compared to the US or (in the near future) China - and that we Europeans can have an significant influance on how the World is going to look like in the future only when we`re going to work together. Only when we work together we can face the Islamic threat as well as all other threats (i.e. the Russian attempts of submitting Europe into the role of an "energy junkie"). Only together we can shape the World - or at least this Continent - according to our ideals and values so that our children are going to be able to have a safe and prosperous life - not in America or somewhere else - but here on the European soil - our soil. ...I think that the EU can be a curse is quite clear - the above article describes only part of it - corruption, red tape, ever present inefficiency, but as you know there are more reasons why the EU can be a curse for Europe ..high taxes, the dissapearing of freedom of speech, the disconnection between the elites and the people, the lack of influance of EU citizens on EU politics, political-over-correctness, and the overall stupidity of various decissions made by the EU...