Miss Brussels in Dire Straits

Last September Halima Chehaïma, the 18-year old daughter of a Moroccan father and a Flemish mother, was elected Miss Brussels. Until next week Ms Chehaïma was also the absolute favorite of the bookmakers for the election of Miss Belgium next month. She was thought to be an excellent candidate to symbolize the multicultural paradise that Belgium has become. However, a girl’s dream was shattered.

Halima Chehaïma was a controversial candidate. Last October she stood for the Marxist-Leninist Labour Party in the local elections in Molenbeek, the predominantly Muslim Brussels borough where she lives. The party is so marginal that she did not get elected, but her declaration that Israel must be wiped off the map raised the eyebrows of the organizers of the Miss Belgium pageant. What really seems to have ruined her chances, however, is her connection with Bilal Ould Haj, a Belgian criminal of Moroccan origin.

Ould Haj, who has been convicted three times so far for armed robberies, is soon to stand trial for torturing the 84-year old Maria Reyntjes. When he broke into the latter’s home in November 2003 and found only 500 euros (650 dollars) he flew into a rage, broke the old lady’s legs with a hammer and set her hair on fire. At the time he was Chehaïma’s sweetheart, though she claims they were just friends.

Last July Ould Haj was able to escape from jail (easy in Belgium: he said he was someone else and was allowed to walk out). Meanwhile, however, Halima Chehaïma had fallen in love with an Albanian criminal. When Ould Haj encountered the Albanian last week the two men started quarrelling, whereupon the latter knifed the former twice in the neck. Ould Haj survived the assault, was taken to hospital and arrested. The police are currently investigating whether Miss Brussels had been visiting Ould Haj in his Brussels hide-out and whether she helped to keep him out of their hands.


Marx renounced his being a Jew....Didn't want anything to do with the religion at all, like most of the leftist wack job bi-polar philosophers of the era,(e.g. Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc.)......

Is that the best Belgium could do?

It is no wonder her romantic relations were with Muslims for the countries which spawn them tend to believe fairness is a trait that makes a woman (or girl) more marriage-able. Indeed, a half European mutt would have primacy over pure Moroccans any day.


No doubt her father had the White fetish that is prevalent in so many of the non-European men throughout Western Europe, for he married a Fleming. I suppose our only consolation is that he married her, rather than raped, beat her, and left her for dead.

Re. the Baby

I saw the picture of this chick with the baby. I don't read Dutch but I assumed that the baby was hers with that slime bag of a Morrocan.  It would seem that she certainly doesn't qualify as a "Miss" anymore. They couldn't find a 100% ethnic European girl upon whom to bestow the title? At the risk of sounding terribly sexist, she really isn't all that attractive.



The baby
is not hers, but that of the "slime bag's" sister. The picture was taken last September and is evidence which proves that Miss Brussels was in contact with the criminal after his escape from prison.

To Paul Belien

Mr. Belien,
Thank you for the correction. I was trying to gist read the article based on the limited German that I remember but unfortunately not ALL words are cognates.
How sad that this news didn't surface before the pageant but it's only one of so many sad events that are taking place in Europe and in the USA today.


Ups, failed again. Raised in Europe but yet infected with the virulent hatred for Israel so many of her coreligionists foster and preach. Seems to have become quite hard to find a Muslim the media
can present as a success story for integration.. But no doubt, Europe will pressure ahead with opening its gates to Muslim migrants, desperately searching among the newcomers  for the few  they can  finally portray as a successful example of integration..

Yet what worries me most is that the socialists seem to become more and more the Trojan horse of islam. A marxist party who's candidate wants Israel to be wiped out. What a hoax. Anyone ever noticed that Marx was Jewish? Or is Marx's teaching already replaced by some quran reading?

Or the old Robert Palmer song.....

...."Bad case of loving you".....I believe there is a verse in the song that goes: "A pretty face, don't mean a pretty heart".....I learned that years ago!......Fairly obvious the same applys to our Miss Brussels!.....Good one, FLLaw!......

This broad sure can pick 'em!......

Will her Miss Brussels title be revoked as a result of her relationships with these "loving" men, her political affiliations, and her anti-semitic remarks???.....The time to deport (all of the above and the rest of them) is NOW!....