Tear Gas Attack on Stockholm Metro

It is a good thing that Sweden is “the world’s most democratic country” or one could think they might be in trouble:

Passengers on Stockholm’s metro fled Tensta station in panic on Wednesday evening after someone threw a tear gas bomb into the ticket hall, filling it with smoke. Security guards patrolling the station in the northern suburb of Stockholm raised the alarm at around 7pm. The object is thought to have been thrown into the station from Tensta square. At 7.50 pm train traffic between Rinkeby and Hjulsta was stopped for the rest of the evening.

Last year I reported that inhabitants of Tensta complained that their neighborhood has become too dangerous to raise children and that citizens wear bulletproof vests there. Even Nalin Pekgul, a Muslim immigrant and a well-known Swedish social democrat, left Tensta. “Someone always has to meet me at the subway station if I arrive home late,” she said. Pekgul also noted that radical Islamists were taking over the neighborhood.
Last May, Ylva Törnlund visited several schools in Tensta and was alarmed by the harsh atmosphere there. “The attitudes we meet in the schools are frightening. One boy talked about how girls should be f**ked to pieces until they bleed,” Törnlund said. She decided to visit the area after a rape that took place in a public bath nearby in broad daylight. A 17-year-old girl was raped, and none of the other guests did anything to stop this.
Christopher Caldwell wrote several articles about the topic, including one in The New York Times in February 2006 called Islam on the Outskirts of the Welfare State. Visting the Stockholm immigrant suburb of Rinkeby, Caldwell asked whether something like the French riots of the fall of 2005, with burning cars and rampaging gangs, could happen in Sweden. “Absolutely,” said one lanky boy near the window. “People burn cars here all the time. Not because they’re angry – because they think it’s fun.”
As I wrote here earlier this week, a 2004 opinion poll revealed that 50% of all Swedes want a more restrictive immigration policy. In 2006, Sweden’s population has grown considerably, with immigration being the main source of the growth. Meanwhile, many indigenous Swedes are leaving. During the past five years Sweden witnessed the largest emigration in its history since the peak of the immigration to the USA a century ago. Common reasons cited for leaving are rampant crime and poor political leadership. At the same time, Sweden receives a large amount of immigrants from Third World nations every year. Is this population replacement profitable for Sweden?
According to writer Mats Wahl, arson attacks on Swedish schools cost more than 300 million kroner each year. An unofficial survey among 52 Swedish municipalities indicated that at least 114 school arsons were registered so far in 2006, but accurate numbers were hard to come by because the problem has been hushed down by the authorities.

@ logicalman

Re :No earthly loving father would punish his son for a one-time sin by taking his hand and burn it over a fire ("hell") forever.

I am not very religious for the very reasons that are discussed here, with divergent interpretations, too many contradictations for my liking, however, do believe in the core values of being good and so on, anyway here is my 2 penny piece, for what it is worth, surely,it is not the "earthly" father we are talking about here,but referring to the "heavenly" one , and if that is to be believed then, doesn't he have to be above any humanly feelings and bias. Surely, he has to comply to his own rules and punish or else it would be mocked, if he started to make concessions?

Isn't the soul,meant to be purified from all the sins to be pure and heavenly once again, and those who believe in life after death, it would make sense to have a "pure" soul to begin another life?

To The Point....

I think the question and discussion should be
"How do we get government to see the problem for what it is and appropriately respond to the crisis?".
Face it people this is a world wide problem and needs to be faced with eyes and ears open.
Or do we wait til Iran nukes Europe Isreal and America in the very near future?
Or maybe that still will not wake the left ?

@Lazarus Long

I have truly tried my best to avoid coming to such conclusions, but events, history, and overwhelming evidence keep thwarting me. I am not a violent person, but I feel myself and my people being pushed into a corner, from which there shall be no escape unless uncompromising action is taken, sometime within the next 6 years.

The only things that will wake up Leftists are:

(1) The threat of their imminent sacking (from cozy state funded jobs);

(2) A loaded gun placed at the side of their head, with the safety clicked off.

Seriously deluded brains are highly resistent to counter evidence, intelligent reasoning, or change. It seems to be a chemical barrier within the brain itself.

As I have suggested already in BJ, we may actually be forced to see such people as public enemy No-1 in order to save our civilization. If Leftists obstruct what needs to be done to avoid our ultimate demise, then they will have to be disposed of. It's as simple as that. McCarthyism was nothing compared to what needs to be done.

FLLaw et al

I just hate it when people who are most of the times rational become illogical when it comes to religious doctrines.   Let's tackle the concept of "hell" as a place of eternal torment or punishment.  Here's the common reasoning:

  1.  God is a loving father.  Man is God's creation
  2.  Man commits sin.
  3.  God punishes man in "hell" forever 

That doesn't compute because no earthly loving father would punish his son for a one-time sin by taking his hand and burn it over a fire ("hell") forever.

Therefore the doctrine of burning "hell" is clearly wrong.  It doesn't pass a common-sense test.  Now biblical proofs:


Ro 6:23:  "the wages sin pays is death" [i.e. not eternal punishment]

Ecc 9:5:  "the deads are conscious of nothing" [therefore they can't suffer from any "punishment]


Exe 18:4: "the soul that is sinning - it will die [soul can't be punished in "hell" because it's already dead, i.e no more feeling or consciousness]


"Hell" was translated from Hebrew "sheol" or Greek "hades" into many different words in King James version, including "hell", "pit", but it really means "common grave"


Yessir, when you die, you turn back into dust, but the information about you stay in God's memory, so you can be resurrected after judgement day.

ignorance is ramping

FLLaw: "Thank God there is a hell".  I suggest FLLaw do research on that subject using Catholic Encyclopedia and the likes.  More to the point, the concept of punishment in "hell" is widely used by Mohammed to keep muslims under his spell, and also by other religions to entice their followers to keep returning to their places of worship and contribute.

 That said, "authorities" prefer or pretend ignorance of the islamic problems, probably because Islam claims to be "religion of peace", which of course is pure BS given proofs from all corners of the earth.  Islam is a vicious political system worse than even communisim or fascism, but disguised as a religion, whose teachings are a bunch of nonsenses wrapped in some niceties as usual.  Just by using the common-sense yardstick "by their fruit you will recognize them", people should be able to see the realities of Islam and other religions.  But apparently they don't.  Satan is so good at blinding their eyes, politicians, religious leaders, and the population.


Search for truth.  It will set you free.  And that includes superstition, celebration of holidays of pagan origin, and misconceptions about God, soul, hell, heaven, governments etc...Let's fight ignorance.

I'll stick with the ultimate source

Dear Logicalman:

"Catholic Encyclopedia and the likes" are merely fallible men trying to explain what the Bible says. Why should I get said information second hand?

Otherwise, pretty good post! :)


""Catholic Encyclopedia and the likes" are merely fallible men trying to explain what the Bible says. Why should I get said information second hand?"

And what are you? Infallible? Has it ever occurred to you that you might be a tad arrogant in thinking that YOU know EXACTLY what the Bible means?

Our Lord was humble. Maybe you ought to consider emulating that virtue.

Google ad keyed to the article

Funny thing is the ads are for trips to Sweden.  After reading the article, I wonder how many would care for a trip to Sweden, except maybe to investigate the muslim realities.

I was in Stockhom for a week.  Now I wouldn't dare go there anymore?

 But seriously, the European authorities are abdicating their duties to protect their population.  The muslim silent war is eating them from inside out.

No Free People Should live this way

No Free people should live like this...these Muslims need to be deported, killed, and/or both. They are an evil cancer in Europe and that won't go away by ignoring it or appeasing it.

Western nations should consider all Muslims as an invasion of an enemy for that is what they truly are.

Of course the Muslim who said: "girls should be f**ked to pieces until they bleed,” is from the "PEACEFUL RELIGION".

Bullshit. Islam is not peaceful just read the Quran. What a lie!

I'm just getting tired of all the violence in the world done in the name of Islam. They are committing evil around the globe and the West just stays "all stupid" about it. We coddle this evil. We appease and accomodate it. We apologize for it and take the blame for what they are doing.

Thank God there is a hell. Now let's start sending them there.

good luck, Sweden

Naturally, all of this is disturbing. But perhaps the most sad are charges that the authorities are hushing down problems. People tend to want to be left alone, to live their lives and ignore trouble. But at a certain point, action is necessary. If the news reports are not plain and straightforward, problems fester and are not resolved.

In the Shakespeare play, plotters decided that first they would kill all the lawyers (this was an earlier age when lawyers stood up for the common person). In a play written today the plotters would say "First we intimidate all the journalists."