Shari’a Swim in the UK

A quote from Cranmer on his weblog, 8 December 2006

Croydon Council has instituted ‘Muslim only’ swimming times in its public swimming baths [...] and the Shari’a dress code is to be covered from the neck down to the ankle. Have you ever tried swimming wrapped in a sheet? Cranmer can’t help wondering why health and safety factors have been subsumed to this impractical dress code. Croydon Mosque states quite unequivocally: ‘Muslims are not allowed to show off intimate parts of their body. This is non-negotiable. Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else.’

Pools scandal

Of course the real scandal is the desperate shortage of pools in the UK, so of course in a major town like Croydon there is going to be pressure for the use of the limited resources. Another day, another issue...

Babies and Bathwater?

Here in Israel there is a significant (market) demand for sex segregated swimming. Most public beaches have sections that are
women only and men only, with vision barriers. Dress within
these sections is anything non-nudist. Bikinis and neck-to-ankle dressing gowns swim quite happily together.

Private swimming pools and municipal pools make their own rules.
My local city pool designated some hours as sex segregated when
enough community members asked for it. I suppose that this was a business decision, since the pool gets revenue from people who otherwise would not swim, while not losing too much revenue from those who might only swim during the hours now designated as single-sex.

None of the mixed swimmers seem to object too much.

Sex segregation in swimming isn't radically different from sex segregation in washrooms. So, if one is objecting to what is essentially a market driven demand for services, even from the public sector, I think that there is isn't really anything to complain about. Of course there is a whole context -- the bathwater -- that's gotten mixed up with this.

Western cultural confidence would be confirmed by accomadating
minority desires when the appeals for accomadation are based on application of Western values, as I've sketched above, while rejecting those that are not, and by making clear that it is the appicability of Western values that is the deciding factor.

"White Only"

Can you imagine the uproar if time was set aside for Europeans only?!


If a muslim women's club rents the swimming pool for their monosex clothed swimming party, I don't object. It's got nothing to do with "rights". It's just business.

On the tax payer's cost however...

Pool scandal

Our local pool has special sessions for people who want to swim up and down and not round and round, old people, young children, pregnant women, people who belong to swimming clubs, women, adults, disabled people, people having swimming lessons, people having birthdays, and people who like to jump up and down on nasty plastic floating things.

These are all minorities. Who do these people think they are?

But I belong to the very small minority of peope who can and want to swim the butterfly stroke. The nasty attendants blow their whistles and wave their arms at me. I am discriminated against. It's not fair I tell you.

Health & safety?

Surely it must be dangerous to swim with loose layers of clothing? It would be interesting to see the reaction from staff if someone dressed up in full modest muslim gear during the opening times for non-muslims. Would they actually allow it? What about the "shower before you go in" policy. Will your hair and skin get rinsed if you are wrapped up? Or does one shower naked before putting on the outfit for swimming. Personally I am fed up with Asian women going to the pool with their long hair untied. It is disgusting when loose strands get stuck between your fingers. I note that women's hour will be after the men's. Perhaps they are already aware of the hair in the water. Or again, it could simply be because men come first in the muslim world.

I would expect the fine layers of clothing to be very clingy to their bodies when they try to get out of the water. Must be like a muslim wet t-shirt competition. May non-muslim women participate during the "women-only" time? Or would the outfit be compulsory for everybody? Looking at what they did with the hospital gowns it won't be long before we have a Speedo-burka.

deep-sea diving suit

To protect their modesty, they should go to the swimming pool in a deep-sea diving suit. They won't be able to swim, but they can take a walk at the bottom.

Today, in another discussion (To Market to Buy a Fine Fox), MNC said: "The insanity of European political correctness is that it demands self-imposed restrictions that are not required of anybody in the immigrants countries of origin, it panders to the most extreme end of the radical fringe."

It is true in this case too. It is unlikely that many muslims were asking for 2 hours every week so they could take a swim with their clothes on. The problem comes from the extreme left in the European administration.

Kapt'n A., Muslim women tend to be overweight

I agree. Three Turkish women who stand together having a chat can easily block a European street.


Actually, I don't believe that the lifeguard would be allowed to save a drowning Muslim woman, only her husband or relative could do that, because he may try to caress her figure.


For the record, Western men are not interested in Muslim women (except for a few Persians), because God invented Swedish and Czech girls. Muslim women tend to be overweight (esp. Pakistan), hairy, unattractive, and not up to the feminine hygiene/grooming standards of Western women. Secondly, it is obvious that it is our women who need protection, because they keep getting raped by these pigs.

The new burqua swimming suit

I never thought that ankles and wrists were considered "intimate parts." How utterly western of me.

The first person to design a burqua swimming suit should do rather well financially. It would probably end up looking like a cross between a wet suit and a ninja outfit. Although, if it weren't billowy enough, it would show of its wearer's figure. Horrible!

I remember a Christian missionary working in Pakistan telling me about women in burquas and niqabs swimming together. They would billow up like portobello mushrooms in the water. It certainly doesn't seem like the safest way to swim. I pity the poor lifeguard on duty during Muslim swim fest.

Why not use the bath tub?

"Muslims are not allowed to show off intimate parts of their body. This is non-negotiable. Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else."

That seems to illustrate very well the mindset of many, if not the majority of Muslims. Thinking they are entitled to any single right, freedom and luxury the Western society can offer. But not willing to make the slightest concession and completely free of any self-criticism.  (I wonder why they insist on visiting public baths - does the quran tell them so or do they simply want to molest others with their religious feelings?).

Sadly enough the authorities seem to cede to any demand, no matter how absurd, as long as Muslims seethe and rant about their hurt religious feelings.
If they got a problem with our swimming pools why not stay at home and hop into the bath tub, all clothes on? Best solution for all. We can continue to enjoy public baths and Muslim men can be sure their religious feelings won't be hurt - they can completely close off their women / daughters in their private bath tubs.. 

The End is Nigh

This is it, I think their end is nigh (the ridiculous Islam not so much radical) they have now proved that the brain under severe strain and stress has slipped up the nether regions, could have stayed at home and had bath instead and spared us the inconvenience, they are hell bent on becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Does anyone think that it is the Islamic men that are weak and suffer from inferiority complex, as most women from their midst are pretty intelligent and forward thinking and do integrate, but are kept suppressed and domesticated (reproductive machines) so the men could dominate them, oh then there is the 'violence' and 'threat' and bullying to keep them in check and also going around bombing others to prove their masculinity and male superiority. (Wee w******)

I think I might have cracked the (Da) Islamic code, send all the Islamic men to Pakistan or where ever and liberate the women from their oppressive and dictatorial regimes, Hey Presto problem solved. REJOICE

Our Master's Table

The spokesman for Croydon Mosque says “Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else”.
But “anyone else” now only has a “right to go swimming” on the days the Muslims don’t want the pool to themselves.
Talk about dogs being thrown scraps from their Master’s table.

Shall We Join Up Some Dots?

Cranmer ... warmest greetings, hope you are keeping fine and well.

Now, let us remind ourselves.

Croydon (South London) is also home to Britain's Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND)

The IND is part of the Home Office, a department of the United Kingdom government. It occupies thirteen buildings (unlucky for some?).

Those are the people directly responsible for our immigration insanity. The IND have also been found to employ (ref: recent press reports) illegal immigrants and even members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Croydon (the town) also has a large black population (at least it did the last time I was there) and it seems to be a hotbed of Leftist and Feminist theoreticians.

More info about Britain's IND can be found here courtesy of Wikipedia.

Coincidence that Islam should be "testing the waters" in Croydon?