Forced Down Your Throat

A quote from The Daily Mail, 18 December 2006

Halal meat is being served to pupils in [British] state schools without their knowledge, even if they believe the religious slaughter is cruel. Parents have reacted furiously after being sent letters telling them their children’s school dinners have been all-halal for ‘some time’. […] The meat was introduced at four schools in the Reading area with a high proportion of Muslim pupils. But parents of non-Muslim pupils – between 20 and 50 per cent of the schools’ roll – say they were not consulted. […]

A spokesperson for Reading Borough Council said: “The decision was taken several years ago. Schools thought it was the appropriate choice for their multi-cultural community. […].”

A quote from Cranmer at his blog, 18 December 2006

Consider for one moment if these schools had been serving reconstituted pork disguised as some other meat, without the knowledge of Muslim students or parents. There would be uproar, with a high-powered delegation of ‘senior Muslims’ to Downing Street demanding national repentance and a global apology, to which the Prime Minister would doubtless acquiesce.

In this instance, the sensitivities of other faith groups and the demands of the animal rights activists are subjugated to the demands of the Muslims.

The Solution is Honest and Open Public Debate...

Certainly, the Reading Borough Council had to take into account the fact that between 50 and 80 percent of the students enrolled in its state schools. However, it would have been advisable for the Council to have publicly declared that the cafeteria food was not halal, and then initiated public dialogue as to whether halal menu items should be incorporated into the existing menu. Other commentators make good points that making the menu halal without public consultation or knowledge impinges on everyone else, including Sikhs, those concerned with animal rights, and any taxpaying citizen who was not given the opportunity to consent to or reject the changes.


Interestingly enough this is another example of the multiculturalist and political correctionist bloc pre-empting ethno-cultural tensions by impinging on the rights of the majority and of minorities who are not so prolific activists as Muslims.

Bring back the pork

I do not believe that over half of Reading's schoolchildren are Muslim. I do not think that the native majority should be deprived of the taste of pork. I am fed up of my diet being determined by minorities, whether it be the nanny state or ethnic minorities. When we moved into this street 22 years ago there were two proper English butchers. Now there is none, only one halal shop.When I go to professional meetings the buffet is vegetarian. I have complained to no avail. I would not mind if it was halal or kosher as long as there was meat.
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A response to certain of

A response to certain of your commentators. 1) Kosher and halal are not the same. 2) Why do British state schools (apparently) provide meals? I thought they were in the business of education. In Australia, most children would bring food from home or have the choice of attendng a take-away canteen which serves 'generic' food so everyone is happy.

ephraim of oz

Food for thought

ephraim: "Why do British state schools (apparently) provide meals?"

They also provide heating and shelter, which I suppose are also not really essential for education.


Sikhs are not allowed to eat ritually slaugthered food. To be truly multi-cultural, a school would therefore need to make sure there is both halal and non-halal options, as well as to inform parents and students of which options are which.

Serving only halal meat is not being multi-cultural at all. It's being uni-cultural.

I do not know of any UK public school that serves kosher food, certainly not one that serves only kosher food. If anybody has such an example, I would be interested in seeing it.

Islam In Europe


Why do you think it is any

Why do you think it is any better for schools to feed Kosher meat rather than Halal meat? The objection to both is that it is a barbarous means of slaughter, and that a government school has no business secretly imposing alien customs on western children.

No, authorities aren't unsensitive to nonmuslims

Who says the authorities wouldn't mind other than Muslim sensitivities:

'A spokesperson for Reading Borough Council said: ”The decision was
taken several years ago. Schools thought it was the appropriate choice
for their multi-cultural community. We are increasing options at the
four schools by offering fish each day."'

Why fish and not simply non-halal meat - (and - yes, pork!) ? Maybe because most fish isn't anathesized before being killed either - which comes close to the halal idea.

Multi culture = Muslim culture?

"Schools thought it was the appropriate choice for their multi-cultural
community." Do they say multi-cultural when they mean Muslim? So
multicultural values, ditto Muslim values aren't even to be questioned
by indigenuous, Christian or humanitarian values? Welcome to the
supremacy of islam.. Questionning other parents about halal food might have been regarded as an insult to some Muslims, right? And questioning whatever Muslims require to cater to their religious sensititivities seems to be  the only taboo which Western authorities respect.

Don't mind slicing the throat of an animal and make it suffer.
And don't mind if any nonmuslim minds. I always thought that animal rights (like anasthesia before butchering) was considered a great achievement by the West. But
obviously it seems to be just a hindrance to the ideal
multiculture. Maybe like gay and women's rights? Don't seem to fit
neither into the multi (= muslim?) culture.

What about Hindu sensitivities by the way? To a lot of them cows are holy, so I
suppose beef is also banned from schools' dinners? But probably it
isn't.. Maybe because Hindus  lack the track record of "peaceful" protests with which adepts of the religion of peace continue to make us feel ever more pleased of  them living among us?

From the "Civilisation des Lumières" to the dark ages

Fear and Political Correctness are putting Europe on the fast lane to submission to a medieval cult. It is amazing to see how easily this continent (otherwise proud of its intellectual superiority) caves in to barbary.
How funny : Today, a brilliant civilization, and the day after, the playfield of a desert-tribe medieval religion...

Schools Don't Think

Schools thought it was the appropriate choice... Of course, schools do not think. The decision was made by certain executives in the schools, whose names will probably not be revealed, now that there has been an outcry. Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.