What an outrage and we never heard about in the U.S.

Thank you so much for posting this video. And kudos to the brave man trying to rescue a woman the police beat to a pulp.

This is unsettling, the barbarians have crossed the line. Please let us know more about Hungary, Poland, eastern Europe.

Non-Violent Terrorism

Is anybody keeping track of "Non-Violent Terrorism ?" I think that it slipping between the cracks, since there are no bodies. I have tried to focus on these acts as they appear in the news, with little or no news coverage on them. One of the most recent, that was a major victory for Islam, was the incident about several Imams actions on a US air plane flight. Islam is, has been using our racial and religious sensitivities against us. Their ability to make us change how we live or how our customs of going about our everyday living. They want us to change what we eat, say, teach, build, play and follow our laws, to name a few. If we continue to make these accommodations as not to insult or denigrate the way they want to live, work, play and pray, we will find that our rights eroding. I feel that they will not make the same or similar accommodations for us or anyone else, i.e., look at any Muslim country. One way, no otherway. When one allows a thistle to grow in ones garden, it is not long before the garden is taken over by the thistle, where nothing other thistle will be allow to grow, all others must move out, become a thistle or be choked to death. Beware "Non-Violent Islamic Terrorism".


I don't know whether you are aware of this posting,

"The Threat of Lawful Islamism and the Need to Fight It"
From the desk of Paul Belien on Mon, 2006-12-11 22:50

You perceive correctly that we may be in more danger by those trying to impose "lawful" sharia, than from the terrorists themselves. Unfortunately, the people doing so are those whom many of us consider as our leaders. They have that official capacity while subverting our national interests (and those of the West)by their support and encouragement of Islamic interests along with their own. Whatever their motives or positions they are terrorists and traitors and should be recognized as such. They have backing of major media and an extensive leftist organizational network which blinds many of our own people who otherwise would recognize it for what it is.

Flemish state television

The VRT (Flemish state television) automatically categorised this demonstration as ultra right wing. That's their (left wing journalists) only defence now: everybody who opposes lies automatically becomes ultra right wing. The Third Reich couldn't stand opposing views either ...

What happened to freedom?...

Very reminiscent of the days when the USSR ruled the roost...Did anyone see any of the demonstrators provoke the police?....Same stuff, different era.........