Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: I’m Dreaming of a Halal Christmas

Yesterday the Brussels judiciary searched the offices of the Muslim Executive of Belgium (MEB). The MEB is an official organisation, whose 17 members are democratically elected by the Belgian Muslims. It acts as the official representative of the Belgian Muslims and distributes the government subsidies to support the Islamic religion. At least 33,000 euros have disappeared from the books of the MEB. Last week, the MEB offices were also searched after it was discovered that the MEB transferred money to the bank account of Nizar Trabelsi, a convicted terrorist who is serving a prison sentence of ten years for an attempt to bomb an American military base.

According to the MEB the money was given to Trabelsi for humanitarian reasons. The MEB said he needed to buy additional food and drink in prison.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands 25 officers of the police of The Hague have been sent on a “cultural training” to Morocco. According to Chief Superintendent Gerard Bouman “Criminal Moroccan youths are a top priority [for the police force in The Hague]. They do not behave like indigenous Dutch. They rave about Moroccan culture. Hence, we have to know the latter, too.” Bouman added, however, that police officers in Morocco are astonished when they hear about the criminal behaviour of Moroccans in the Netherlands. “They can hardly believe that we have problems here with Moroccan youths.”

Bouman, who is to become the head of the Dutch state security services AIVD in 2007, also said that the Dutch police force has to attract more immigrant officers. “I used to think that qualifications were the only criteria [for employment and promotion], but if you are not careful you will end up with an entirely white police force. We cannot have that in this city.”

In Amsterdam, meanwhile, the residents of the Diamantbuurt received a note from the Red Cross, saying that they may bring only halal food to the traditional neighbourhood Christmas dinner. The Red Cross organizes the dinner annually to bring residents of the multicultural neighbourhood together. It is a potluck dinner where everyone brings along a dish to be shared among the group. Indigenous Dutch in the Diamantbuurt reacted angrily to the news that they are only allowed to bring halal dishes to a dinner to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Christmas has become a sensitive topic between indigenous Dutch and Muslim immigrants. Muslims, who demonstrated recently against a government proposal to ban burqas and niqabs (i.e. veils covering the entire face), shouted slogans like: “Jesus has a beard, Mary wears a veil. Assimilation in Dutch society should start with the Christmas crib!” (Another slogan was: “You cover your ass, I cover my mouth!”)


In Spain, Muslim radicals demand the right to worship in Cordoba cathedral. They claim the building is theirs because it was in use as a mosque during the Arab occupation of Spain from the 8th to the 15th century. Cordoba was the capital of “al-Andalus,” Arab-occupied Spain. The Catholic Church refuses to set part of the cathedral aside for Muslim prayer (after all, Spain isn’t Belgium). Prior to the Arab occupation, Cordoba cathedral had always been a Christian church.

Cordoba currently has a Muslim population of approximately 1,000 people – all of them recent immigrants, mostly from Morocco. Saudi millionaires, however, plan to build the second largest mosque of the world in Cordoba. They want the town to become the “European Mecca.” Around 100 mosques already exist in Andalusia. The city of Seville recently granted permission to build a new mosque on council land. The plan has run into opposition from local residents, who have managed to get a court order to halt construction of the mosque.


Meanwhile in Britain moderate Muslims oppose the building of a huge mosque next to London’s 2012 Olympic Park. The London mosque, which is to accommodate 70,000 believers, will be the biggest one in Europe (so long as the one in Cordoba is not constructed). Moderate Muslims are worried because Tablighi Jamaat, an extremist Islamist group, is behind the London building proposal.


While pushing for mosque building projects in countries which they recently bombed, Islamists are threatening terror attacks in France. This week, French counterterror forces revealed that they have thwarted three Islamist plots over the past 18 months, including one attempt to bomb the Paris Métro and another targeting Orly Airport. The French authorities are on high alert, fearing an attack to disrupt or influence the French presidential elections next Spring. Though France opposed the war in Iraq, Islamist terrorists consider it as bad an enemy as America, Britain and Spain. Last September, Al Qaeda posted a video on the Internet in which its deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, vowed to hit “American and French crusaders.”

Even Ségolène Royal, the French Socialist’s presidential candidate, seems to be a possible target. She has been under police protection since August. Last week, Royal visited a leader of the Islamist Hizbollah in Lebanon, whom she told that she agreed with his assessment of America and Israel. Nevertheless, it is the Islamists the French police feel they have to protect Royal against, not American or Israeli hit squads.

Christmas Dinner in Amsterdam

Below is an article based on Netherlands reporting (the link is in the article) which places the accuracy of your statements in doubt, Ssoass.  Maybe you should have actually attended the party or the preparation of the animal for the food served.  I'm sure it must have bled quite freely.  I think you are one of the many apologists who are partially responsible for what is happening to your own country.  We see enough of those in our own countries.


The link to the article is here:  http://islamineurope.blogspot.com/2006/12/amsterdam-halal-christmas-dinner.html


Here is another observation made by another visitor there.  Apparently, there are many in Amsterdam who recognize problems when they exist but refuse to acknowledge them in public discussion or even to themselves.  http://www.ppionline.org/ppi_ci.cfm?knlgAreaID=128&subsecID=187&contentID=253257



@ soass

"I am from Amsterdam, I follow all Dutch news very closely, and never once have I heard of Christmas being "a sensitive topic between indigenous Dutch and Muslim immigrants" in any news article, TV, internet, newspaper, or otherwise."

I believe this says more about the Dutch media than about this site. A year ago, the world outside Denmark hadn't heard about 'the cartoons' either, except ... on this site.

Yes, this site concentrates on news about certain topics (they do not include cooking recepies, dog poop on walkways, etc). It concentrates on news that fails to be published by the politically correct news media. If you want to keep your head in the sand, don't visit this site.

Wow, you spread nothing but

Wow, you spread nothing but false and heavily slanted information.
I am from Amsterdam, I follow all Dutch news very closely, and never once have I heard of Christmas being "a sensitive topic between indigenous Dutch and Muslim immigrants" in any news article, TV, internet, newspaper, or otherwise.

As a matter of fact, the only Muslim related news item I can remember related to Christmas was one in which Muslims and Catholics gathered food together for the poor people of The Netherlands.


Only 20 people showed up to the burqa ban demonstration, most of whom appeared to be Dutch converts, and I don't know where the hell you pulled those slogans from. (your derriere perhaps)

Useful idiots

There're plenty of them.  They think they know Islam when in reality they're dreaming or in self denial of facts.  Problem is there're more of useful idiots than those who ask questions and dig into the root cause of violences of Muslims as seen in so many places nowaday.

Lack of Respect

Lack of respect seems to be the common feature for Muslims living in Europe, to which can be added other non-European groups e.g. Africans. Even if they are not committing crimes, their disrespectful attitude towards Europe and Europeans lends complicity to the political activists and criminals which we label as "extremists."


In response to David Ross' comments:

Your rally leaves little room for non-Christians, including Jews, atheists, agnostics, pagans, New Ageists, etc., who may equally be opposed to Islam

Your aim of creating a global race and nation-state through miscegenation stands in contradiction to nationalism everywhere, cultural and linguistic diversity, and human biodiversity, for all those whose looks are not some composite of the world's races (i.e. unusual) would be unwelcome minorities.

Therefore, I will not be in attendance, and I would fight anyone and everyone to the death to prevent your notion of "one race, one nation, one culture" from seeing the light of day.

Islam watches the ‘Western weaknesses’

Islam is a primitive seventh century religion that is based on violence and murder. The Muslims you see on your streets are regarded as the first wave of an army of occupation. They are establishing an ‘invasion beach head’ for the Muslims following them. Being a primitive culture; they regard a brutal attack against them as being justified.


Instead of being attacked after riots in Paris, they forced the French government to back down from the expected minor changes in employment laws. When the French government nervously backed down, this will encourage more aggressive actions by the Muslims. The French opened the door to more violent acts later.


During the first period of their invasion, they are hoping to expand their population by having a high birthrate with more than one wife, and eased immigration. They know that demographics are with them because of the low ethnic birthrate and the need for more workers to replace the aging retirees.


The Muslims being a primitive people; respect the violence they would see in their home country. A night of burning cars in a Muslim country would earn them maybe one hundred rioters shot down. They respect violence and they regard a ‘passive response’ in Paris as being weakness. They don’t respect their host country and they see no reason to be worried.

Muslim Socialist Alliances

Just on this interesting and important subject, I am writing from Australia (Melbourne) were there is DEFinitely an alliance betweeen leftist Unions and Mulims.
We have the Electrical Trade Union, and one of its Key people Dean Mighell who has defended one of our 13 terrorism supects, simply because his brother is a shop steward for the ETU.
Then they had this 'Anti Racism' event which was little more than a suck-up to Muslims and an attempt to raise the profile of the ETU using the Muslims and the terrorism trial as legs.

CALL TO ACTION. Rather than just sit around whining or wringing our hands, its time for some creative ways of highlighting the issue of Islam and its associated dangers.

1/ Stand on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne with a sign "Christians are CURSED by Allah, deluded and away from truth" which in reality is the vilification found in Surah 9:30 of the Quran. Most multiculturalists would quote 'To you, your religion, to me mine' which has a more tolerant flavor, but does not lessen the impact of 9:30. It would then provide an opportunity to wake Christians up and dialogue with them about the meaning of "IF anyman would follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow" as Jesus said.

We need to re-discover the meaning of discipleship and its cost.
We also have a social responsibility to EXPOSE the works of darkness as above. Let your light SHINE said Jesus. We are part of a democratic community, lets ACT like it.
Christians need to realize they /we are a political force, and politicians are increasingly becoming aware of this. More noise, more open ears I assure you.
UNITY IN CHRIST rally planned.. with people from many noticably different races participating. Holding the banner will be Samoans, under the banner will be a black guy in the middle and white blokes on either side. Asians and Africans will also be present and so will a Jew and an Arab (side by side)

This one will really be 'in your face' and on the surface will LOOK like its some kind of white supremacist deal, but in reality, the handout will be making the point that when we DROP our racist ideas about other people, and are free to intermarry across cultural and racial divides we will BECOME a nation as per the banner headline. As a river comprises the main stream plus tributaries, so will our racial and cultural characterisitics become.
[email protected] for feedback.(or abuse :)

Bucking the trend?

NRC reports today (in their paper edition) that Christian schools in the Netherlands celebrate Christmas once again without making compromises to other religions.

For example at the Koningin Beatrixschool in de schilderswijk, Den Haag most of the pupils are muslims, yet Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Christ, son of god. Participation is obligatory (muslim and non-muslim alike for pupils while their parents are invited to the mas)

All this in clear reversal of an earlier trend of banning overly Christian themes or rebranding Christion religious events like Christmas into "Celebration of the light" (Lichtfeest)

Socialist-Islamist confluence

Just this morning in my paper the local Imam declared that Islam was not to blame for Islamic violence but instead "poverty, oppression and injustice" were the "root causes". He went on to declare that in "Palestine" Hamas was returned as the winners because they would better take care of the people. He vaguely endorsed terror so long as it was in response to root causes mentioned above. Never mind Hamas and other groups are elected because they will be, shall we say, less moderate than the "moderates" like Fatah in pushing the Jews (or other infidels) into the sea.

Likewise his opening salvo mentions not Islams own internal problem, but instead equated the west's legitimate anxieties about Islam as racist and phobic. You can be sure that he will exact more diversity concessions from the local authorities and will insulate himself from critical speech. The quisling Roman Catholic Bishop co-authors peices in the same paper with this Imam, extolling the virtues of diversity and the common religious heritage of Islam and Christianity, even as he closes churches and religious schools left and right. Didn't you know that Jesus was a prophet of Islam? Would have been news to Christ.