Sweden: The Country that Sacrifices its Children, and Celebrates

Sweden is a country that has virtually no public debate about mass immigration, which continues at full speed. The Swedish political and media elites pride themselves on their Multicultural goodness. If sacrificing your own children is the definition of good, then exactly what constitutes evil?

The following series of quotes iillustrates the Swedish disease.

From The Local – Sweden’s News in English, 25 January 2007:

Staff at Gustav Adolf School in the southern town of Landskrona have now retracted a controversial ban on the use of languages other than Swedish on school premises. Just days after its introduction the principal has downgraded the ban to a “main rule”. Consequently pupils will now be allowed to speak their native languages during breaks. But, in a new measure, pupils will have to pass two security guards when entering the school. On Saturday it was revealed that the management of the school had decided that only Swedish could be spoken on school premises. Almost half of the pupils at the school come from an immigrant background. The ban was introduced following a number of incidents in which staff and pupils felt they had been insulted in languages they did not understand.

From The Local, 19 January 2007:

A fierce debate has erupted following the closure of a school in the southern town of Landskrona yesterday. Gustav Adolf School reopened on Friday amid calls for tighter discipline, more surveillance cameras and a new principal. A series of disturbances have meant that six pupils will now be moved to other schools, while 22 others have been suspended for a week. In December nine 15-year-old girls at the school went on strike after accusing male classmates of bullying. They say the boys used foul language, spat on them from a balcony and put sticky tape in their hair. There have also been reports of boys urinating in girls’ shoes, as well as threats and beatings on school premises. When leftover fireworks from the recent new year’s celebrations exploded inside the school on Thursday, health and safety representative Leif Paulsson ordered the school’s immediate closure.

From my blog, 15 June 2005:

Even more news from Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, the evolving tragedy of failed immigration policies and runaway crime rates. Set to become the first major Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority a few years from now, it is the horror story in the ongoing collapse of Swedish society. about a high school teacher in Malmö, Sweden, who discovered that about a dozen Arab students were laughing and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while watching a DVD of infidel hostages being beheaded in Iraq. The headmaster didn’t think the incident was such a big deal.

At least 139 schools in Sweden suffered arson attacks during 2002 alone [a number which by 2007 has grown to at least 230]. Such as an incident in Malmö, where three schools were put on fire during one night. “Teenage boys” are suspected to be behind the arson. Björn Vinberg from the fire department in Kroksbäck in the Malmö area says it’s humiliating and degrading to put out fires again and again in the same immigrant areas, with school kids laughing at them and lighting a new one just afterwards. His colleagues have been to the same place no less than twenty times, all totally unnecessary.

From my blog, 23 March 2005:

In 2005 it was decided that the district of Hyllie in Malmö would begin education in Arabic only for groups of immigrant preschool children. This seems logical, given that Muslims already make up close to one third of its population, and may well be the majority within a few years as native Swedes are leaving the city in record numbers. The idea is that once the children learn the language of their parents, it will become easier for them to learn Swedish as well. So the Swedish state paying for educating Swedish citizens on Swedish ground in Arabic is somehow supposed to increase integration.

From The Local, 2 January 2007:

Two local Liberal Party politicians in Malmö have proposed a ban on the use of languages other than Swedish in school classrooms. Local politician Eva Bertz and member of parliament Allan Widman see the measure as a way to tackle the problem of segregation in society. “This is a local proposal. In Malmö we have a very unique situation: we are close to the point where a majority of pupils have a foreign background, which is to say that either they or their parents come from a country outside Sweden.” Widman explains that some schools in Malmö have as few as 5 percent ethnic Swedes in their classrooms.

From The Local, 12 January 2007:

Rival gangs of 10-year-olds in the eastern town of Söderhamn have threatened to wipe each other out. One of the gangs is made up of indigenous Swedes and the other of immigrants, and police in the town are taking the problem very seriously. The conflict has escalated on the internet, and police fear that there may be fatalities if the fighting is not stopped.

From Bruce Bawer in The New York Sun, 8 December 2006:

Recently, the city of Stockholm carried out a survey of ninth-grade boys in the predominantly Muslim suburb of Rinkeby. The survey showed that in the last year, 17% of the boys had forced someone to have sex, 31% had hurt someone so badly that the victim required medical care, and 24% had committed burglary or broken into a car. Sensational statistics – but in all of Sweden, they appear to have been published only in a daily newssheet that is distributed free on the subways.

From my article at Gates of Vienna, 22 May 2006:

A report from organization Save the Children tells of how being a young Swedish girl today means feeling unsafe. The girls are scared of being raped, a possibility that appears very real to them. Many girls are planning how to go home at night, how to pretend to be talking on the mobile phone, how to keep their keys in their hand to defend themselves or how to simply run all the way home. Both the fear and the choice of strategies indicate that many girls feel genuinely unsafe outdoors during certain hours of the day. A striking number of girls have experienced harassment from boys or men. Most frequently, the harassment comes from boys of the same age as the girls. Being called “whore” has become so common in some schools that several of the girls say the teachers no longer react to this.

Actress Ylva Törnlund has visited several schools in Tensta, and was alarmed by the harsh atmosphere she discovered there. “The attitudes we meet in the schools are frightening. One boy talked about how girls should be f**ked to pieces until they bleed,” Törnlund said. She decided to visit the area after a rape that took place in a public bath nearby in broad daylight. A 17-year-old girl was raped, and none of the other guests did anything to stop this. The girl was first approached by a 16-year-old boy. He and his friends followed her as she walked away into a grotto, and inside the grotto he got her blocked in the corner, ripped off her bikini and raped her, while his friend held her firm.

From my blog, 12 December 2005:

The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six – 6 – times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.

“It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid. “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably fucked before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries.” “It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore…… girl, I mean;” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get fucked to pieces.”

The European mistake #2

@ Kapitein


There is little doubt about a massive "European mistake" in linking all tensions to socio-economic factors.  That is a legacy of fallacious marxist thinking.


But, I doubt that it is "justice" that palestinians want. Although they do use that word all the time, parroting western media.   After all, do you think "justice" pevails in any other Arab country that is 'self-governing'?  Why would it prevail in 'Palestine', under Fatah or Hamas?


Of course, "national determination" is a legitimate component of a broad concept of "justice".  But, "national determination" looses its moral justicification if it does not bring "justice" for the INDIVIDUALS involved. 

Individuals live in societies, as opposed to the 'jungle', and receive great benefits from that.  But 'nationalistic' or 'group' claims derive their moral justification from "justice" for individuals.   Any group or 'nation' that does not respect "justice" for its individuals has no legitimate 'leg' to stand on. 

People who equate "dignity" with national selfdetermination are very shortsighted. That applies as well to Arabs, Europeans, or any other people.   

Swedish jihadis in Somalia

I just read in the Jawa Report that at least 125 Swedes (ethnic or not, it's not clear) were in Somalia, and that several had been killed.

This information was in "The Local", which has apparently removed the story from its website (hmm...).

So, when these 125 (probably many more) return to Sweden, they'll just be peaceful and useful members of society. Another hmm...

The European Mistake

It is interesting that the Palestinians are in favour of war with Israel, even though they are recipients of significant and increasing international aid. However, it is fallacious to assume that the Palestinians "prefer poverty, violence and war to prosperity, peace and moderation." The West, particularly Europe, assumes that global tensions are all socio-economic in nature when in fact they are not; as Joseph Campbell commented, "people are killing and dying for metaphors everyday."


What the Palestinians seek is justice, not some universal abstract justice, but national self-determination and some form of redress for past wrongs they believe the Israelis committed during the First Arab-Israeli War. They want their dignity back, and no amount of gradual autonomy provided by Israel or hand-outs from the international community can provide that. Nor will they collective take the path of prosperity, peace and moderation until their grievances are addressed. Unfortunately, until the refugees have returned home and until Israel recognises them as equals, the Israelis will constantly have to protect themselves from these sworn enemies.


Of course, this conflict is not like the Franco-Prussian one, where the German people, whose potential was divided and squandered for so long, were uniting against a weaker people, in this case the French. The Israelis are superior to the Palestinians in every way that counts, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

what Palstine seeks?....

What they seek is to fulfill the dream of Amin Al Husseini....Great uncle of yassir arafat...

there is nothing like seeking justice in case of palestine, perhaps if something like this might be the reason... then at least far away situated islamic states like pakistan and Indonasia might not be the source of terrorism.... but what we missed is interlink between Amin al Husseini.. and what west missed is 1923 visit of amin al husseini to india.... when he learned politics form deobandis...

the problem is a ideology.. instead of unjustice.... the unjustice they are speaking is fall of "0ttoman Empire"..... and this is the end goal. infact i think you might take a look inside palestine educational books.... which directly Quote...

"This religion will destroy all other religions through islamic jihad fighters..."

further down, if you think its due to israelis... then reconsider what happen to Christians of bethlehem..... at last they were supporting Palestine till later time... when the power of bethlahen was handed to PA back in 90's....

they all are interlinked by wahabi salafi mentality.... Amin Al Husseini's india's visit is usually ignored..... in 1923 he visited india to get synchronised with deobandis, and today we have Taliban out of Deobandis..... Osama bin laden openly praised Amin Al husseini, but we just have ignored the whole traces.....

and if you think its all about palestine, Iraq and Afganistan... and its a fault of America or Forign policy of west... then perhaps this is of your interest....


We will continue our struggle until foreign troops are thrown out. Then we will attack them in the US and Britain until they either accept Islam or agree to pay jazia (a tax in Islam for non-Muslims living in an Islamic state)

and in case if you are impressed by MPACUK's Asghar Bukhari comments on democracy... then consider whole picture...

here is what he said,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8Z3oFJiOX4&eurl=

here is manifesto of umbrella group he works with : http://www.muslimparliament.org.uk/MuslimManifesto.pdf

here is how he fund antisemitism : http://securebar.secure-tunnel.com/cgi-bin/nph-freebar.cgi/110110A/http/...

here is link, about expanding the concept to America..

and here is how they achive the goals, by threatning British .. so British cant take action against terror activities in other countries....
oops, i mean Freedom fight...

and further Channel 4 documentry in dispatches do speak a lot about the real picture... when they speak about democracy means to take over the law system... to make state with in state... and attack back when you are in majority...

I am still at other side..... unable to accept you point... as for me fatwas against west.. like Danish Mohammed cartoon fatwa came from india... and fatwas against indians came from west..... so they are very well informed how to use our own rules against us... only thing is we dont consider the big picture

Moderation is not deterrence

You are right, perfectum, that many in the West need to wake up and be aware that there are many of these killers and destroyers who will not be deterred by moderation and will behead those who practice or accept moderation.  Terrorists control moderates.  That is their job.  They will exhort all muslims to join their cause and few will refuse when the call comes.  THEY know the fate that awaits them if they refuse.


Western people have become led and are accustomed to pampered lifestyles which distances them from realities, but reality will come.  They must think the consequences through before automatically assuming that wanting to live in peace will bring peace with this type of mentality.  It is much better to seriously consider this issue now.  Some time later may be too late.


I was not aware of the long history of Islamic terrorism and repression in South Asia.  Thanks for your warning and your knowledge of the real consequences of allowing Islam to gain a foothold.

Muslims attempt to classify warning as "hate speech"

The ADC is attempting to prevent a speech by three former terrorists at the University of Michigan, using the argument that the speech is "hate speech" and asking the school to cancel it.  The article begins:



"The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is attempting to shut down speech with which it disagrees. Ummah News Links brings us the story:
On Tuesday, Jan 30 at 7:00 PM, three former terrorists will present "Terrorism: The World's Greatest Threat," at the University of Michigan, Rackham Auditorium, in Ann Arbor. The event is free and open to the public.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has called the upcoming presentation "hateful discussion," and have asked the university to reconsider allowing the event on campus, according to the Detroit News.
But former terrorists, Walid Shoebat, Zachariah Anani and Kamal Saleem, say the ADC is attempting to stop their talk because a number of its key members, including its prominent leader, Imad Hamad, openly support Hamas and Hizballah."

The article goes on to identify the main spokesman with more detail.  The link to the article is:  http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2007/01/effort_to_silence_free_speech.html

Amsterdamsky, I think Michigan must have changed since you have been there.  I think Dearborn is known as being inhabited by the largest group of Muslims in the US.  It must be the climate.

Immigration enthusiasts are irrational fanatics

Kapitein Andre said: If I were the father or brother of a Swedish girl who was raped by a Muslim boy or man, I would not stop until the perpetrators were hanging from a lamp-post.

At least, it would be natural to feel that way. On that lamp-post, I would rather hang the so compassionate leftists, who are not disturbed by the thought of their own daughters being raped. Immigration enthusiasts are irrational fanatics. "Sacrificing European children and celebrating" sums up their attitude. It seems they have this secret fantasy of being raped, and it doesn't bother them that it may actually happen to their children.


what you will do ? perhaps 1st we need to bring in front the hidden lies... which has caught west in white guilt... perhaps the problem was the localized analysis of Global history....ignoring the new changes occuring around globe....

crusade age... christians were more radical then Muslims... Oh really, perhaps Muslims financial budget had gone weak too weak that time, because of indian invasion....due to which the Muslim states were unable to fund the war. Where money was flowing to crusade with open hands from Vatican and other central christian organisations...... Muslim's had invested the money in some other place, completely dismentaling the finacial structure of Islamic world at that time......

Various Hindus accepted death instead of accepting islam, Money of the state was thrown in deep wells, so Muslims got no financial profit from this invasion....
and last factor, which might can promote them was sex, lust.... they also had a bad time regarding this in india..... as all of the sudden, indian womens found a loopwhole in indian literature.... invented a new cultural trend.... so as soon as they see that no one is left to save them, after fall of the density or caretaker.... they use to burn themselves.... this is known as sati, the only problem is no one want to discuss why it started 700 yrs back, why not 7000 yrs back .... when hinduism roots were placed, and the loophole which womens had used had entered the literatures....

today something like this is comming up from christian womens, from middle east... the only differance is they commit sucide after getting kidnapped & rapes .... we ignore one evil, & now it has grown to extreme.... they openly ask to snatch the meat like a cat...

the problem with us is, we dont want to Question.... we dont want to analyze.... why we dont want to consider "Amin Al Husseini"... and a full time support to him from gandhi and Darul uloom and nawab of hyderabad.... we do know, that gandhi was anti-British, but we dont want to accept the truth that Gandhi had even gone to extreme far back in 1938 or in 1921 tooo, when he requested Afgan king to attack india, and absorb it under islamic rule... but what we see is a strange reply, that Amin was politically inactive between 1923 to 1929, and he was just a islamic religious leader.... Oh yes, Islam and politics are far away from each other.... When Haji Mohammed Amin Al husseini was in india, the Mopla riots broke out.... Muslim misunderstood Haji Mohammed as new caliph, instead of taking the full message that HAji Mohammed was in india to solve the problem of new caliph.... they only have butchered 20,000 hindus and some hundreds British/Christians on a ocassion of finding & celebrating the new caliph...

What so ever, it was just a religious leader.... working for the sake of his community and religious right.... after all, due to a fatwa passed at that time, Moderate muslims were asked to be killed as due to them, the caliph empire was weaken.... and no referance of attaturk was asked in friday prayer.... so the only thing Amin was doing was just trying to fill the anonymus name in friday prayers.... as to pray for a anynomous caliph is infact a bit shame...

leave it.... as you will never try to consider this whole, as you even dont consider what you see....best example for this is todays world problem... cameras are staged, the innocents are killed with koranic verses...... but we refused to see..... we refuse to accept reality.... what can be done for a person, who want to live in a dream world...?

the only think i learned from west is, due to our ignorance we lost millions in WW2... Churchil was alerting others, its only we were sleepy.... and today again we are at same place...... Islamofacist are not only killing Non-Muslims, but also Moderate muslims.... but we are gone in our ego... Uh he is Christian, he is Hindu ... or he is Muslim, ignoring that the eneimy is radicals not a human....

anyways, i have to settle some score.... if christians/British might not have invaded India.... then perhaps i might not be typing here..... though colonialization was an evil, but a evil which saved hindus from largest masscare of world... the west has changed after WW2, and many hindus have alredy forgived the British (except Gandhi and legacy, which were against british when radical hindus were helping british against Nazis...)

Documented facts speak that the figure of slaughtering is about 80 milion hindus and 60 million Buddhist during revisit of radical islamic empire from aurangzeb (i am not considering the death of those, killed in fight to oppose islamic invasion 700-800 yes back)... undocumented figures can be higher...anyways i have to defend west, as they had given me this freedom what i enjoy today...

"peaceful" islamic takeover of India

Thanks a lot for highlighting the islamic takeover of India. (the so-called Arab numbers we use are by the way Indian numbers) The bloody invasion of Arabs into India which might, considered the numbers, be the bloodiest in history, deserves much more attention.
The Vatican presented it's excuses for the crusades to the Muslim world. Crusades that were nothing more than a reaction to hundreds of years of Muslim aggression against Christian territories.
So where are the muslim world's excuses to India? The Hindus didn't even fight back with crusades, they just endured.
Inoffensive Hindus slaughtered by Arabs in the name of their peaceful religion... It's a fact that most here in the West either don't know or prefer not to know. And a good example about Muslim morals.
Mohammed is islam's prophet and has been considered by most Muslims at all times to be the perfect man and main source of inspiration. Now look at his life and ask yourself - would Mohammed qualify as a moderate Muslim or might he qualify as what we consider to be a radical islamist? So what are Muslims supposed to be inspired from? The answer to this question might be the key to understanding islam and dealing with it.

Holocaust memorial day replaced by Genocide day? a chance or ?

I really don't know, what should we do... but for sure... if something is not done, then a masscare or a new holocaust is not too far......

history says, that German under influence of Nazi propoganda relize it after world war 2.. that what they were doing was wrong. it was condemination..... so can be build a platform for this condemination...? Perhaps muslims getting influcenced by radical propoganda from mosques might feel ashamed, and come back to the real path.... we need to do this changes from within our society at 1st before approaching radical arab society....

can we really manage someway to show Muslim world, that they are also victims of this racial mentality.... and condeming Amin Al Husseini, and his scums like Muslim Brother hood and hezbolla....

Beside this here are a few points too... taken from http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?apage=2&cid=1167467841899&pagenam...

As Ibrahim Gambari, the UN under-secretary-general for political affairs, noted last Thursday, official Western aid to the Palestinians, not including Arab and Iranian support for Hamas and Fatah, increased by 10 percent in 2006 over 2005, and stood at $1.2 billion.

The Palestinians, who receive more aid per capita than any people on earth, are needy not because they lack funds. They are poor because they prefer poverty, violence and war to prosperity, peace and moderation. So it is that 57 percent of Palestinians support terror attacks against Israel.


This state(Palestein) was officially founded in the summer of 2005, when Israel removed its military forces and civilian population from the Gaza Strip and so established the first wholly independent Palestinian state in history.

can we use this platform of Genocide day to broadcast the real picture ? at last this will ease the propoganda, and will provide opposition to radical propoganda, thus forcing many Muslims to do reality check and control themselves...?

Foreign aid to Sweden - on spines and molluscs

Take it from me you all:

Where on earth do we find the BIGGEST PUSSIES among man and woman? In Sweden. And were there are pussies, there are dickheads.

Where do we find the INSANEST FEMININ FASCISM on the planet? In Sweden. The Swedes are morally castrated to such a degree, you would start to believe they suffer from a serious mental illness.

For god sake Fjordman, PLEASE INFORM THEM with additional media, because you are still hardly known in Skadi land. Pick a handfull of your strongest statements that can be read in a blink of an eye, spread them thousandfold from Malmo to Kiruna, in stead of the repeating stomach - turning on the blogosphere.

If costs are a problem: fundreasing shouldn't be. And if your name is at stake, just say Jari wrote it all.

Your's sincerely

Detroit's bigger problem......

Not only that ASky, but what's worse is that Detroit also has a significant Muslim population as well...That to me is more concerning.....

History repeats itself

are you telling stroy of indian subcontinent...

or is it history repeating itself ? ..... it sounds like story of fall of Nalanda, then invaders came and india had fallen into hands of Great Moghals.....


Perhaps this link might help you a bit... that what really they want...



"We will continue our struggle until foreign troops are
thrown out. Then we will attack them in the US and Britain until they
either accept Islam or agree to pay jazia (a tax in Islam for
non-Muslims living in an Islamic state)."


So if someone think, its about Iraq or Afgan or something like it... then they are misleading themselves.... 

Detroit model

I am originally from Michigan.  I also feel that my entire generation was sold out for some multi-cultural PC white male hating feminist litigious socialist "paradise".  Detroit is really the model that we should be observing.  Swedish/Finnish immigrants played a huge role in the foundation of Michigan so we should not be surprised that there are similarities.  Take the racism test:  Do you think it is a good thing that Detroit is over 90% black now?  If you answered No than you are a racist clearly.


It is unfortunate that Swedish men cannot dole out collective punishment to the Muslim sisters of this scum, for Muslim women are unattractive, hairy, and often overweight...(Sigh). If I were the father or brother of a Swedish girl who was raped by a Muslim boy or man, I would not stop until the perpetrators were hanging from a lamp-post. It seems that theft, rape, maiming, and murder are the only langage that Muslims understand - therefore they need to be communicated in that langauge they understand so well, that they are not welcome in Sweden or Europe.