Mental Disorder

From Dr. Siegfried Schanda’s psychiatric evaluation of Melissa Busekros

Melissa Busekros was examined by us. She has a childhood emotional disorder, severe school phobia and an oppositional denial-syndrome. Melissa lacks insight into her illness and the need for treatment, and considers herself healthy and her behaviour fully normal. M. needs urgent help in a closed setting if need be, and subsequent special education treatment to ensure schooling.


The German government evidently learned a great deal from the lusty days of the Third Reich: they learned just how useful so-called doctors and scientists can be, to a totalitarian regime.

Of course, every ideology--even nightmarish utopian ones involving state-controlled 'education' centers--rely upon a vassal priesthood that will certify the genius and morality of their ideologues...and exorcise their demons...

Psychology is phony

Psychology is a very dangerous "profession" for independent minded people. If you don't agree with them, they declare that you have a mental disorder. Sounds like the Inquisition or a Witch trial.