Europeans, and Other Aborigines

A quote from A. Miller at, 7 March 2007

You will imagine how delighted I was recently when I discovered that I myself have become a member of an ethnic minority, and, better still, have joined the lofty likes of the “aborigine Australian” and the “native American;” yes, I am no longer British, but am rather “Indigenous British.” How did I discover this? By cracking some Davinci Code like puzzle? No, I simply kept hearing this strange phrase, “indigenous British,” on B.B.C radio. It flowed so naturally, and from so many different types of people, but I wondered if I had heard correctly at first. Perhaps they had said “ingenious British.” True, it is an unusual day indeed, when the British are praised by the people of Britain, but still I wondered. To confirm I entered the phrase into the B.B.C. website, and lo and behold, there I was! Indigenous-British-me. My outlook on life has been entirely altered. Naturally, I am sad that I shall not live to see the reservations or casinos that will undoubtedly be granted to our descendants by a future British government, though I am looking forward to the revival of our culture, albeit on a smaller scale.

The Leftist Definition of "Indigenous"

Unfortunately, the leftist definition of "indigenous" has a built-in safeguard against applying it to most European peoples: they are victims of colonisation. Adept at lending emotional bias to objective academic debate, leftists might include the Scotch, Welsh, and Irish as indigenous peoples in Great Britain, however, they cannot concede that the English are as well because of the legitimacy that would lend to English nationlism. Leftists deploring the condition of indigenous peoples worldwide are in support of those national minorities that will never achieve national self-determination (e.g. Canada's First Nations, American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, etc.), and thus their support is only another attempt at undermining sovereign national statehood.

On the Celtic fringe

IIRC the Anglo Saxon invasions pushed out the real indigenous Britons to places like Wales and Cornwall. They may be the true Brits. The rest of us English are very mixed blood from invaders in 1066 and before....and those who climbed over Hadrian's Wall.
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I just found about the 'Taki' blog recently as well. Great addition to the blogosphere.