Oh yes,

Ground control already knows there's a circuit dead (in Gore's head)

Planet Earth is blue
and that's all because of you


Oh no! So the Martians are evil capitalist scum as well?? 


Excellent idea! And why not send Bush, Cheney and the rest of their crackpot crew and flat earth supporters along with him while you're at it? And Mr Ponzio too, until he learns grammar and spelling.


Gore will be flying the solar powered MARX: Martian Aquatic Rescue Xfactor. When leaving the atmosphere, he will be holding a bucket outside, to scoop up as much CO2 as possible.

sign the petition

Lets complete the format of petetion, so i can put the petition on petition.com ?

We the undersigned Chip-Munks, who don't want to analyze scientific things and want to roam around our Freaky ideas and fantasies request UN and IPCC (who ever is concerned) to send Al Gore to Mars. This is a urgent request, so that the person who revealed the last Man-Made Global warming theory, can find traces of Bush Adminstration on Mars.

We want a complete enquiry to get to know, which American company are setting Industries in Mars, and destroying beautiful Mars environment. We also want to know that who is sending money to Bush Adminstration from Mars.... and why ice poles are melting on Mars.

we want to assign "Al Gore" the father of Man Made Global Warming theory to visit Mars, and find this out.... because we belive in him. if due to any accident or something happens to you Mr. Al Gore.... we assure that, we the Greens will mount you as a Martyr.


Oh Prophet of Greens...

Oh Herr Al Gore....

Prove that Greens can't be Wrong....


The Climate paranoid nuts

Die Klima-Paranoiker spinnen