Utrecht: Ethnic Riots after Dutchman is Killed by Police

Ondiep, a working class neighbourhood in the Dutch town of Utrecht, is in turmoil. After the death last Sunday of Rinie Mulder, a 54-year old indigenous Dutchman who was shot by a police officer, non-immigrant citizens went on a rampage, burning cars, looting shops and arsoning a community centre in “inverted Paris style riots.” According to our sources the police officer who killed Mulder is a woman of Moroccan origin.

The Ondiep residents have been complaining for months about harassment and intimidation by immigrant youths of Moroccan origin. The Dutch mainstream media do not go into much detail about what is going on. Most of them do not mention the ethnicity of the victim and the police officer, though the riots clearly have an ethnic nature.

Apparently Mulder intervened when Muslim youths harassed a pregnant native Dutch woman. He was able to grab the knife of one of the youths. When the police arrived Mulder was shot because he had raised the knife. Witnesses say Mulder was indicating to the police that he had called for them.

Locals claim the police has failed to protect them for years. They say the authorities are afraid of the immigrants and tolerate their criminal behaviour. After the death of Mulder the indigenous Dutch decided they had had enough and started riots which went on for two continuous nights. The police made 130 arrests: 60 of them are Ondiep residents. According to the mainstream media the others are mainly “football hooligans” from other parts of the country. Annie Brouwer-Korf, the Socialist mayor of Utrecht, has ordered Ondiep to be sealed off from the rest of town to keep non-residents out. She expressed some sympathy for the frustrated Ondiep residents. “I understand that residents are sometimes upset about the nuisance around their own house and neighbourhood.  That does you no good whatsoever.”

The riots are no surprise. As I wrote last January:

The Netherlands are bracing themselves for more [Parisian style] incidents this year. An official report published last week states that the Government has seriously underestimated “tensions between various ethnic and cultural groups of youths.”
The report says that the Dutch authorities fail to grasp the gravity of the problem. If nothing is done the country will soon witness situations similar to the French riots of 2005 and 2006 which led to the police abandoning immigrant suburbs to gangs of Muslim youths. The result of the French ambivalence is that the same gangs have now taken over effective control of more than 750 French urban neighborhoods.

Ondiep is one of the Dutch urban neighbourhoods which seem to have been abandoned by the authorities. It is hardly a surprise that the natives are beginning to fight back. The same thing happened recently in Britain.

About the PSG fan murder...


Some precisions about the murder of the PSG fan that Sam Iqbal is mentionning below: this affair is murkier than what's described here, and the french authorities were here also apparently very eager to "bury" that story and to declare that the responsibility was only on the side of "anti-semites hooligans", and the victim, Julien Quenemer, a young guy from Britanny, was declared to be one of them ; from other testimonies, Mr Quenemer was not really this neo-nazi type of guy. Anyway...

Amongst the "funny" facts in this affair, Mr Quenemer... was apparently behind the guy that was shot at. The name of this guy (who was seriously but not lethaly injured by the bullet)? Mounir Bouchaer. Suddenly, the "racist and anti-semite mob of white young man takes a slightly different meaning...

Also notable, the fact that it seems that the cop, Antoine Granomort (who was not in uniform) did fire without warning.

He said he did so "in order to scatter the mob", because he was on the ground and beatten and felt threatened by a "horde of very agitated and agressive people". But witnesses - including the young jew that Granomort was protecting - all agree that the "horde" consisted of about 10 people, and that the rest of the people around ("the mob" ?) was looking at the events without participating. Also, the forensic analysis showed that a) Mr Granomort, "beatten", actually had no contusion whatsoever and b) that he most likely was not laying on the ground, since the trajectory of the bullet which killed young Julien was apparently "from upside towards downside" ! Strange way to fire in order to disperse a mob, too...

Finally, it should be said that cop Granomort was and still currently under investigation, for affairs older than the PSG one, in which he is accused of "fraud and mendacious denunciation".

For more on this affair, lots of readings are available in French. Two exemples: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=francesoirsa5.jpg (newspaper article about the forensic) or http://villepin.over-blog.com/archive-11-2006.html (detailing a few things I've summarised here)

So, in short, about the PSG murder

- the "hero" is probably a lying bastard

- the "vilain" he shot possibly was an innocent bystander

- and the french MSM and elites cast these people in those role with great speed, and obviously some relief that the positions were not reversed (white cop, black victim) after the burning month of November 2005!....



dishonest journalists

Sam Iqbal wrote: Check this out:

This article is typical of the extreme-left anti-European drivel found in most media. The journalist isn't interested at all in researching the facts. The policeman (who was supposed to be guarding a parking lot) killed someone for no discernable reason. Chasing each other is what some soccer supporters commonly do. Contrary to what has been suggested by the media, the Israel supporter was not in danger of being killed. Instead of gloating over the killing of a white supporter by a black, the media should have addressed the problem of incompetent policing.
Reading this article, we get the impression that the author John Lichfield wants to convince us that French antisemitism is a problem. This is ridiculous. With all the Arab and African immigration, no Frenchman cares about the Jews any more.

Here is the end of John Lichfield's article: "* An opinion poll yesterday found that 17 per cent of French people were ready to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front in presidential elections next year."

Le Pen wants to put a stop to immigration. This is not an extreme proposition. The extremism and racism comes from people like John Lichfield, who approve of the population replacement. He suggests that asking for an end to immigration is similar to chasing Jews around to lynch them! In fact, the main danger to the Jews comes precisely from Arab immigration. Putting a stop to immigration would also be a good way to stop racist violence against the whites. The victims of racist violence are mainly the whites, and the perpetrators are mainly immigrants.

@ Armor

Let us assume that everyone is wrong. The policeman made a mistake, the journalist who witnessed the incident, Philippe Broussard of L'Express made a mistake, the victim made a mistake in identifying his attackers and suddenly mistook a North African for a French white guy, the media made a mistake reporting the incident with inaccurate facts, the subsequent police investigation were also mistaken, evidence was fabricated and the police were in cahoots with the leftist political establishment in a plot to undermine Le Pen. The video cameras or CCTV that presumably fimed it all was also fixed to ensure that the right person was singled out,
and finally Sarkozy was also mistaken when he commented on it. Phew!

Who is your apparent source that refutes this story. Surely he should speak out against this terrrible miscarraige of justice!

@ Sam Iqbal

The soccer fan had just been killed, and every one rushed to approve his killing. The Paris public prosecutor immediately praised the courage of the crazy crooked policeman. Why not wait for some information? What about expressing regret that someone had been killed? The police immediately made a declaration backing their colleague even though they had no information at all. I think they were bracing themselves for some harsh criticism from the media. But they shouldn't have worried. The media immediately started circulating their story of a black policeman who had saved a Jew by courageously killing a threatening neo-nazi soccer supporter. Journalists do not care about the facts. You cannot dismiss John Lichfield's article as a mistake. He used a press dispatch by a disreputable agency, but he also added some rubbish of his own.

" evidence was fabricated and the police were in cahoots with the leftist political establishment in a plot to undermine Le Pen. "

They didn't fabricate evidence, but they made up a bogus story, before they had any information. They found inspiration in the usual far-left anti-European ideology.

" The video cameras or CCTV that presumably fimed it all was also fixed to ensure that the right person was singled out "

I wish there was a video.

Nothing to do with football

Whats going on in Utrecht is NOT a soccer riot. Was there anything soccer related in Utrecht in the last days, like a match maybe? NO.

Now, 3 days later, the police has confessed that from the 130 people they arrested only 14 were not local residents. So much for the official media claims that "football hooligans from all over the country came to riot in Utrecht".

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well its a incident happen with my friend a few time back....
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"In April, Amsterdam mayor

"In April, Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen ordered that a trainload of Utrecht supporters be sent home from Amsterdam after their chanted "Hamas, Hamas, send the Jews to the gas" in response to taunts from Ajax fans.

Hooligans often chant anti-Jewish slogans when their team faces Ajax. That is because Ajax, which is the club to hate, has had a long association with the city's Jewish community. And Ajax supporters sometimes refer to themselves as Jews and use the Star of David symbol.

Recently, the police unit that deals with soccer violence claimed that hooligans are increasingly using hard drugs, making them harder to control. Riot police have noted that the eyes of rioters are often "glazed over" and their pain threshold is higher."

Read more here: http://www.expatica.com/actual/article.asp?channel_id=1&story_id=54

So these are the people that BJ bloggers now wish to be allied with.

What heroes. True warriors of liberalism, tolerance and democratic values.

Dutch Three Monkeys MSM

"The Dutch mainstream media do not go into much detail about what is going on. "


Yeah no shit!   This is the first I have heard of the details.  Please keep following this.  We all knew it was coming but maybe not so soon.


I'm an American, only speak English.. I dont understand what you're trying to say. Can you explain?


Muschi means pussy...

anyways in german Mosque and pussy both sounds almost same....

the post had link to english-german dictionary...you can also hear the words.... :p

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RE : Did not Hear this Anywhere

I think Sam forgot to check Brussels journals title bar or Google entry in his 8 week time here...it says.... "The Brussels Journal | news and opinion not fit to print"... so u will not hear this anywhere in print media.

and we developed peoples don't travel like You Muslims for jihad fights, we are settled civilization, and we don't move with black moving tents(Burkha) and neither we move around on camel carring boards saying "Jihad is Hump of Islam" .

Well i will say, one can teach monkey and chimps.... but one can't teach Muslims....
Sam, anyways we are here discussing about Islamic terrorism... not about Dutch hooligans......


"I think Sam forgot to check Brussels journals title bar or Google entry in his 8 week time here...it says.... "The Brussels Journal | news and opinion not fit to print"... so u will not hear this anywhere in print media."

Thats because most of it is crap.

Utrecht and PSG Fans are alliies

Check this out:

"A French football fan was shot dead by a police officer after a mob of young white men, screaming anti-Semitic and racist insults, attacked a Hapoel Tel Aviv supporter outside the Parc des Princes in Paris late on Thursday night.

The plain clothes police officer, aged 32, was under arrest yesterday after shooting dead a 25-year-old man after a Uefa Cup game between Paris Saint Germain and Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Police and eye-witnesses said a mob of up to 300 white men chased a French Tel Aviv supporter after the game shouting "dirty Jew" and "fat Jew", making Nazi salutes and screaming "Le Pen president".

The black transport policeman, on duty to protect buses, intervened to rescue the Tel Aviv fan. The mob of Paris fans then turned on him, shouting "dirty black", "France for the French" and making monkey noises. After being knocked to the ground and beaten, the policeman drew his gun and fired, killing one man and seriously injuring another."

Read more at: http://news.independent.co.uk/europe/article2013261.ece

I now expect Fjordman to come out of his dungeon and denounce these anti-semites.

Hoologans Anti-Jewish ?

>>Hooligans often chant anti-Jewish slogans when their team faces Ajax. That is because Ajax, which is the club to hate, has had a long association with the city's Jewish community. And Ajax supporters sometimes refer to themselves as Jews and use the Star of David symbol.

Still thats competation.... they don't kill eachother saying one another kafir..... till where i know, it was catholic convents saving Jews and Jewish childern when your islamofacist group of amin al husseini and Nazis were killing them.....

and Denmark has already shown in history... that they are not anti-semitics..... so please stop spreading Taqiyya..... we are one, and we know now... who was spreading hate in global society...


What has Denmark got to do with the price of chicken?

i knew.. you will ask this

i knew.. you will ask this Question....

Becuase when denmark was threatend by Islamofacist and Nazis....
it was Netherlands which came in play.... they both joined hand to save Jews....

so here i will use a old saying..... which is perhaps new to islam.... beacuse you only learned to hate....

"Life Saver is bigger then Life taker"...... Muslims can't understand this...

anyways just remember...

Good wins over evil....
Truth wins over lies....
Netherlands wins over Nazis...
Denamark wins over Islam....
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One day I asked the stones..................Tell me............. which country In the whole Middle East prevents polygamy......which country forbids beating wives............which country allows all religions to be practiced on its land.............which country respect all aspects of human rights........................................Even the stones told me it is Israel

After that, I asked the flowers.............why the world can not see the beauty of the most beautiful flower......Israel...........the flower said....because they do not want to see it.

Then I said to my self why should not I ask the birds? ..............tell me.........have you seen any light among the darkness....any love among the hatred.......any peace among the violence in the whole Middle East...........they all answered me YES.......we have seen the light, the love, and the peace in a country called Israel.

The tears then covered my eyes and I said .........Even the stones.... the flowers...and the birds can understand and tell the truth ..............................................but my nation can't!

My nation said we will not shake hands with the Jews and I say I was prvilaged to shake hands with the Jews..........My nation said the Jews are....,.........,........ and I say that the Jews are the flowers of this world.........My nation said......let us destroy Israel......and I say Do you want to destroy the ONLY meaning of love, peace and democracy in the middle east ..........do you want to kill the most beautiful flower........do you want to kill the dream that happened after 2000 years of suffering........


The Moslems Came...

"More Moslems came, and soon a small mosque was built, which attracted yet others. As long as Zoroastrians remained in the majority, their lives were tolerable; but once the Moslems became the more numerous, a petty but pervasive harassment was apt to develop. This was partly verbal, with taunts about fire-worship, and comments on how few Zoroastrians there were in the world, and how many Moslems, who must therefore posses the truth; and also on how many material advantages lay with Islam. The harassment was often also physical; boys fought, and gangs of youth waylaid and bullied individual Zoroastrians. They also diverted themselves by climbing into the local tower of silence and desecrating it, and they might even break into the fire-temple and seek to pollute or extinguish the sacred flame. Those with criminal leanings found too that a religious minority provided tempting opportunities for theft, pilfering from the open fields, and sometimes rape and arson. Those Zoroastrians who resisted all these pressures often preferred therefore in the end to sell out and move to some other place where their co-religionists were still relatively numerous, and they could live at peace; and so another village was lot to the old faith. "
Boyce, A Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism, pp. 7-8;