Islamization Is Not Inevitable

A quote from Diana West in The Washington Times, 16 March 2007

Why don't our leaders face [the likely transformation of Europe into an Islamic continent]? This may be one of those questions our children will ask some day. But if such natural curiosity isn't expressed until the next generation, the civilizational struggle for Europe will certainly have been lost. Better to question our politicians now.

Europe, as we may readily observe, is very far along in an accommodation with its still-increasing Muslim immigrant population that is resulting not in the Europeanizing of Islam, but rather the Islamizing of Europe.

[…] Is such a revolution desirable? After writing nearly incessantly about Islamization since September 11, I won't surprise anyone by saying no – not if freedom of conscience, religious equality or women's rights are your bag (not to mention the glorious representational artwork Europe's museums are stuffed with). Besides, the strategic implications for the United States are, in a word, bleak.

In multiculturally totalitarian Belgium, however, you make such judgments at your own risk. […] If convicted of the "crime" of "Islamophobia" ("1984," anyone?), the [Vlaams Belang] party would lose its state funding. In a country that effectively prohibits private political fund-raising, Vlaams Belang – the largest party in Belgium – would ultimately cease to exist. And so, too, would free speech in the center of Europe.

Before I met Vlaams Belang's Frank Vanhecke and Filip Dewinter in Washington, I believed Europe's rush to Islamize itself was a stampede, its transformation all but inevitable. Now, I think these men have at least earned Europe the benefit of the doubt.

Why We Lost Detroit

I'm originally from Detroit, too, and regarding its destruction...economically speaking, I believe it's due to the utter hubristic lack of innovation of the car companies; especially after the original oil crisis. I drive a Honda Insight hybrid -- I only wish there were American-made cars that matched the quality and innovation of Hondas and Toyotas.

If you're talking about "Dearbornistan," it's simply where a large group of people who have no intention of joining the "melting pot" of America have congregated.

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What crime?

From Diana West's article:

"Vlaams Belang, a conservative, free-market party that stands for Flemish secession from the French-speaking part of Belgium and opposes continued immigration, now stands trial in a Belgian court for a comment -- a comment! -- Mr. Dewinter made in 2005 to a New York publication, The Jewish Week. When asked why Belgian Jews should vote for a party that espouses "xenophobia," Mr. Dewinter replied: 'Xenophobia is not the word I would use. If [it] absolutely must be a 'phobia,' let it be 'Islamophobia.' Yes, we're afraid of Islam. The Islamization of Europe is a frightening thing.' If convicted of the "crime" of "Islamophobia" ("1984," anyone?), the party would lose its state funding. In a country that effectively prohibits private political fund-raising, Vlaams Belang -- the largest party in Belgium -- would ultimately cease to exist. And so, too, would free speech in the center of Europe."

Precisely...WHAT is the exact crime?? Pissing off the left wing?

re: What crime


The crime is not just pissing off the left wing, it is being white and pissing off the left wing.

'Phobia' comes from the Greek verb 'fobein' which means to fear. In Belgium, it is now illegal to have a perfectly human and natural feeling. It is the state who decides what feelings one is allowed to have "("1984," anyone?)".

It is ok to have USAphobia (a feeling felt by the Belgian political left), but Islamophobia is not allowed.

If Islamization is not inevitable...

...what would this look like, practically speaking? What would be the result if Western European governments sealed their borders to non-European immigrants and refugees and pursued assimilationist policies with regards to foreigners already residing in their states?


Firstly, the non-Whites, particularly Muslims would accuse these governments of racism and ethnocentrism for preventing their co-religionists, family members and compatriots from joining them. Secondly, they would largely refuse to assimilate. Thirdly, this would result in a state of emergency in Western European countries as violence between indigenous Europeans and foreigners became epidemic.


Victory in the struggle against Islamization would entail massive population movements as approximately 30 million European Muslims are "repatriated" to their ancestral homelands. This would require the power to forcibly conduct the population transfers in spite of protests from both European Muslims and their homelands.

The Future

Is anyone taking thought for the possibility that the demographics do turn out as feared? The modus operandi of Islam is to destroy the former culture totally. The Buddhist statues were considered art as well as religious artifacts.


I must agree with the negativity of the comments that came before me. Being a native who fled the dead city of Detroit--no questions were asked --and no questions will be asked by the post European Eurabians.

Only when Europe returns to its Christian heritage will there be a resumption of hope. Hope does not lie in secularism, self loathing and blind tolerance. Hope will resume when Europe returns to the faith and in turn rejects birth control, and all other vices that go against the natural law. We do not know better than our creator what is best for humanity --all of our social experiments are born of pride and not wisdom--and this is why they are doomed to fail.


the PC grip on our minds

I'll tell you a personal story: I was in my last year at law school at Duke University in NC, USA. This was last year. The lacrosse team hired two African-American prostitutes for a party (what exactly for isn't clear). What ended up happening is that one of the prostitutes ended up claiming she was raped. The school administrators rushed to condemn the lacrosse team, canceled the season, some professors refused to have the boys in class, and one was caught trying to fail him, but the grade was eventually changed. The 3 boys who were eventually charged with the crime were expelled from the school. The national press took up the story and labeled them as basically demonic, an example of the meta-narrative of white privilege exploiting poor black folks (and the prostitute became a 'dancer' who was courageously working to support her kids). The charges ended up being bogus, and now the school is in serious legal trouble for basically treating the charged students as if they were already guilty. The rest of the students (those who were not demonstrating for these boys to be castrated) didn't know what to think, so most remained silent, stunned at the fact that the administration charged to protect them had turned so viciously on their fellow students.

To me, this seemed like a metaphor of our larger situation. The university was willing to commit a sort of suicide (at least to the point of opening itself up to the very likely possibility of huge payouts in law suits to these boys) in the rush to prove to everyone that it conformed to the politically correct narrative. There was no pause for reflection to look at the facts (there was no DNA evidence, the accuser had a history of mental problems and had made the same accusations against others previously, for example), there was this seemingly overwhelmingly urge to prove that they were on the politically correct side of the issue, to, in a sense, prostrate itself at the feet of this narrative of guilt.

In the end, the school was hurt much more by not standing by the students it had a legal responsibility to protect.

Detroit is the future

" This may be one of those questions our children will ask some day."

Naa. Do you here people asking why and how we lost Detroit? Of course not. The PC education/indoctrination of children will make sure the question is never asked. Ah the glory of multiculturalism! You can only assign guilt to white westerners.