Belgian Ministers Quarrel over Al Gore

Last week, a big row broke out in the federal government of Belgium. The reason? Al Gore and his campaign on climate change. But it was not about measures to limit CO2 emissions that the government ministers were quarreling. No, they were fighting about this picture which appeared in the Belgian press:


Some ministers were angry that Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt (right) and Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders (left) were on the picture, but they not. Why hadn't they been invited? They also wanted to be on the picture with Al Gore! Especially Laurette Onkelinx and Freya Van den Bossche, two Socialist Vice Prime Ministers, were angry that the Liberal Vice Prime Minister Reynders was present, and they not. According to the Brussels newspaper Le Soir, the discussion about the Al Gore photo lasted for three hours during a restricted meeting of top ministers, known as the "core cabinet". In the end, Prime Minister Verhofstadt reprimanded Vice Prime Minister Reynders because he had shown up for the meeting with Gore without being formally invited.

The row confirms a few things about the status of climate change and Al Gore: in Belgium, Al Gore is looked upon as a hero, a superman, the only man in the world who can save the planet. And the discussion about climate change in the media and among politicians is not about the scientific data and conclusions, but only about the question whether we are doing enough to fight climate change and whether we are making enough new laws to save our planet. 

Goose and Gander

@ KA

I agree with you that the general state of public education in many parts (not all) of America is pretty awful today, at least at the secondary level of education. That is largely because it is one one of the few areas were (public sector) trade unions can still block genuine 'progress' and prevent serious 'standards'.  

But, your responding to a manifestly silly posting is "not particularly intelligent" either.  A specific response might be of some value if it were to allow for the development of a serious 'argument', but not if it is to repay mindless insults with mindless insults.


"Not-Bill-Clinton" is Not Particularly Intelligent Either

I realize that your statements are telling examples as to the state of American public education and that your discourse on American tourists in Europe is actually regurgitated anecdotes from the experiences of others not yourself, however, I would advise you to stop living vicariously and polish up on your writing skills before you try again to pass off raw sewage as a stream of consciousness.

Al Gore is one of the

Al Gore is one of the biggest jokes in American politics. If you Europeans really worship him maybe there is a bigger divide among us then I thought.

reply to the european who wrote why we elected a cowboy

Because we don't want our president to take orders from Brussels or any Eur-O-Pee-On. While Bush is not the best we have had, he is the lesser of two EVILS. You Eur-o-pee-ons had better stop spitting on american tourist in your countries. I notice that you
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because they study how Nazism is coming back...
though peoples like you close eyes on that part of history...

Some Weighty Views on Global Warming

What I don't understand is - why is Gore so much heavier now? You would expect to put on weight to withstand "Global Cooling" but if you knew that everywhere you went it was going to be warmer, wouldn't you want to be thinner? I always lose weight in warmer climes like most people do - but Gore is never in warmer climes. Everytime he opens his mouth it is in January or February during the coldest day on record in Dubuque or snowing in Malibu. Grow a beard and he will look like Michael Moore in Prada.



anyways Al-Gore weight is due to propaganda...
haven'T you noticed how youtube pulled out the "The global warming scandal" from its website...
though Youtube had no problem from thousand of Jihadi videos and thousand of crap Al gore propoganda on there website....

This is better than Monty Python!

Reading these comments are more interesting than the article! 

I had my share of chuckles for sure (THANKS!).  Not much more I (as a proud hated American) can say, except that Algore does a GREAT imitation of Forrest Gump!  He just doesn't know when to stop......acting.....scary to think of how many SHEEPLE voted for this....person.


Lava on the ocean floor heats the waters, stupid!

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Oceanic Volcanoes ...

>> Lava on the ocean floor heats the waters, stupid!

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but for sure, Algore got a diseases of self hating.... i think its the next step of transformation after "White Guilt".... don't know... we Hindus only got self hating Hindus till now in India... Perhaps Algore generation is still to come...

anyways... tell algore... that he earns some cold water algae in his skull, instead of a normal brain... and tell scientologist that Algore mind is controlled by Aliens :)

Eur-O-Pee-ons have no urinals

Ther second time I read this I too almost fell out of my chair, especially coming from the continent of all knowing, all compassionate, all green, and all stinky.........

You really are a sorry bunch- I understand now that Sweden is banning the urinal, I guess it is too masculine for the Eur-O-Pee-on culture. Now the Swedish men will have to squat like little girls. Ha Ha Ha

@ not bill clinton

It wouldn't be a bad thing for men to squat, as I was reliably informed by a Doctor at the local Hospital during my recent visit, apparently, the stress of urinating standing up causes men to have 'prostrate' problems in their later age.

You have been warned, may be it is not all that funny after all and I would hate to find out in my later years that I had ignored this advice to my own painful predicament. Ha Ha Ha


Hero???????????? Europe is evidently experiencing a hero drought. This man is a self serving hypocrite. Buying carbon offsets from Al Gore is just about as smart as splitting a bottle of scotch with your sixteen year old, then tossing him the keys to the car.


Fell out of my chair laughing at that one. If 'Miss Piggy' started a fake campaign such as has-been Al has done (all political), would the Belgians put her up on a pedestal also? Probably!!! Dumb, dumb, dumb.  

A God in Colchester

In "I, Claudius," the emperor, when told that he has been made a god in Colchester, mutters sadly, "A god in Colchester?" Should we now say, "A god in Brussels?"

New Yorker

PT Barnum Gore is the only

PT Barnum Gore is the only person to save the planet!! Europe is really in a sorry state. And now they will be making Bill Clinton angry. Bill was supposed to be their guy. If those two are in the same room alone, one is not coming out. You need to be more careful Europe. Belgians need to remember he is the only contestant to run for American president and not win his own state.

al gore "IDIOT"

i know more about global warming than that fake scientist, al gore. at least i have a masters degree in engineering, many courses and experience in heat transfer and thermodynamics. HE IS A SICK SISTER !!!!!!!

the eur-o-pee-on army

When the EU decides someday to go to battle, will each EU soldier be issued toothpaste, soap, deodorant. It is better to blend in and be covert, than to be smelled ahead of time. The enemy will smell you from at least 10 klicks away.

Will the EU squabble over what color berets the EU army will wear. I suggest is just as good as the blue helmeted UN, what a bunch of fools.....

Who will lead the armies, Hans Gruber from Die Hard fame, or Victor Maitland from Beverely Hills Cop fame?


You Eurabians have some real mental disorders. The barbarians are at the gates, and you squabble about a photo. Boy I hope that when the Islamofacists finally control Europe, you make an effort to ask your biggest enemy, the people and the country you hate the most, The United States to help you out. I just hope that when you Eurabians, cry for help, that the president whomever it may be, gives you what you deserve, the middle finger extended, with both hands. Also webmaster I love your 10 digit password with several capital letters and several small letters. What is this James Bond 007 with your special codes? Funny as hell. I wonder if you will still be able to buy a ham sandwich in Brussels? We Americnas really think your a joke, and keep messing with Israel. If BeBe gets in there, when the chips are down, he will strike you, and most americans would approve..........

AL Gore=Europe

Reading that article makes me thank my parents for having the wisdom to leave Europe before I was born. With very few exeptions Europeans are spineless fruitcakes.

You can't be serious!!

From the article: "Al Gore is looked upon as a hero, a superman, the only man in the world who can save the planet".. Are you frickin' serious?? Save the planet?? This cannot be a legit news article. This MUST be a comedy piece. I cannot believe anyone in Europe is this stupid!!

Did anyone read the article about the ice caps melting on Mars because it's getting too warm? Hmmm, I'm sure you Europeans will find some way to blame THAT on Bush as well.

doctors required

one thing is sure...
European politicians also need some Mental tonic like Indian politicians...
they are the last breed of human to digest new changing world

Rev. Al Gore

He is now firmly entrenched as the self-appointed spokesman of the new religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming (aka Anthropogenic Climate Change).

This man is a deceiver and a liar. His movie is full of propaganda, partial-truths, worst-case scenarios and blatant misuse of the little facts it actually contains. The computer models are based on a premise that they can predict weather many years from now but they can't use these same computers to tell us if it will rain a month from now so we can plan our barbecue! Did these same computers predict Hurricane Katrina or where it would land? HELLO! And he has it backwards: temperatures rise AND THEN CO2 rises!

The IPCC report that he likes to bring up was mostly staffed by non-scientists (ie. bureacrats from governments many of which are hostile to the U.S.) and it was sponsored by the U.S.-hating United Nations. 

What are his motives to bring the United States to a UN-subservient status? Why does he want to turn the United States into a 3rd-world country?

He is a disgrace and a traitor to the country that gave him his birth, wealth and status. He should be nicknamed the Joseph Goebbels of the New Millenium.


America is NOT the problem.

Europe's obsession

This European fascination with Al Gore and his alarmist view of climate change just confirms what I already sense about Europeans: they are obsessed with America, American culture, American power, and American politicians. They rant about the crap that Hollywood produces, yet they run to the theaters in droves to watch it. They villify the American military when it acts, but they expect the American military to come to their aid whenever it is needed. One American politician (Bush) is worse than Hitler, but another (Gore) is bigger than Elvis. What gives? The only Americans who obsess about Europe this much are nitwit intellectuals like the late Susan Sontag, who saw European authors as categorically better than American authors because -- they were from Europe! Will Europe ever become a legitimate entity on its own, with military and political power commenserate with its population and economic might, so that it can stop obsessing on America? There's no reason it can't other than laziness, or irresponsibility, or perhaps distrust by some European nations of another European nation (Germany, obviously). This situation grows more tiresome every year.

@ Frank Lee. Don't worry the Euro Corps[e] are on the way

“Will Europe ever become a legitimate entity on its own, with military … power commensurate with its population and economic might?”

You mean you‘ve never heard of the Euro Army? Brussels‘ lean , mean, killing machine?… You can read about it here in this report from the BBC.

Apparently “one battle group is drawn from Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. The other is Franco-Belgian.”

“Battle group” ha ha ha. Hold on - I can’t stop laughing. I think I’m going to wet myself [as opposed to shit myself - which is one thing an enemy certainly wouldn’t do if confronted by a “battle group” composed of these white flag warriors].

Ah well… they can dream.

not surprised

Big question is, will he run for the presidency in 2008? Now that he has rock-star status he would be a formidable candidate and impose CO2 laws/taxes globally, probably.