Save Germany: Stay at Home, Mum

A quote from Spiegel Online, 15 March 2007

A new wave of anti-feminism is taking hold of Germany. Former career women-turned-housewives are spreading the word about a "new femininity" which encourages women to stay at home and embrace motherhood.

The anonymous letter makes for heartbreaking reading. "Dragging myself from job to job, I used to feel so useless. I wanted to be special but didn't know how -- I was neither fish nor flesh." For this angst-ridden career woman, salvation finally came in the full-bellied shape of motherhood. "With my husband and daughter at my side, I'm so happy and free now," she proclaims.

The face of the anti-feminist revolution: Eva Herman, author of "The Eva Principle" and its follow-up "Dear Eva Herman" (pictured).

What sounds like a scene out of a 1950s TV sitcom is in fact a letter written to Eva Herman, the German author of the controversial bestseller "The Eva Principle" ("Das Eva Prinzip"), sub-titled "Towards a New Femininity." The principle in question rests on a series of tenets so old-fashioned they seem almost revolutionary again: Motherhood instead of emancipation, child-rearing instead of career-climbing, devoted marriage instead of egoistic self-fulfillment.

The 262 pages behind the pink cover of "The Eva Principle" are full of anti-feminist anger. Herman feels that nothing less than the survival of the country is at stake – Germans will "die out" if women don't change their behavior, she says. She sees herself as courageously breaking a "taboo" by criticizing women's liberation.

"Let's just say it loud," Herman writes. "We women have overburdened ourselves - we allowed ourselves to be too easily seduced by career opportunities." She recommends women exchange the cold sphere of work for the "colorful world of children" and discover their "destiny of nurturing the home environment."

A woman's place is at a man's shoulder

Finally, someone figured this out. What took so long? Sigh...

But, i will tell you that so much damage has already been done by the thirty-long-years of feminism, especially more recently.

For the most part, however, it is still going on... The feminists are continuing to hurt their spouces, their children, and therefere the society at large. At the end they hurt themselves the most. And now some enlightened ones are realizing it.

Oh, how wonderful is mass brainwashing.

Good Luck.


This is the best news I've heard yet...I hope it's a trend that takes hold and spills over into other European nations. Thank you Eva!


Nice try to smear Schlussel. Let me tell you Pal no-one here is going to buy your crapy views. I don’t believe you are Jewish if you really are Jewish then tell me this when we (the Jews) hands kitchen knife to someone what side of knife we suppose to hold while passing that to other? 2nd why do we say Minchah? What is so unique about Talmudic marriage and divorce law?

If you can’t answer then I suggest you should leave this forum and go take care of your Camels & goats with your fellow Islamo-fascists.


leave him...
He is a Muslim for sure......
and which Muslim fellow is missing ? whats his name... Oh yes, Sam Iqbal...

Open Borders and open registration many times attract paradise seekers in land of kufirs..


Here is wisdom for those who can find it. Listen to my words slowly.

The power behind the word 'racist' works only on Euros and their peeples who have scattered all over the world. That includes Amerca, Australa, Canady, everywhere. That power works exactly the same way on those in Europe as it does in Amerca.

Now I will say this too. perfectm (Debbie) teaches Africans mans to hate White (or Euro mans). Specificlly White Christians. But why can she do this?

Now suppose this that I tell you that I even I am Jewish. But differences between Debbie in me are this: there are no one who loves and cares for Jewish peeples like Christians. Over 7 million Christians died in the Holocaust to. Rivers of Christian bloods flowed out to kill satanic Hitler to help and save Jewish peeples and other peeeples.

So why the hate so much from perfectm (Debbie) ? Why spit in tehir faces when they love you and you know they loves you.? Whay teech African mans to hate them ?

There is an evil here I have found. And she too uses the power of that word 'racist' for rong reesons that only seems rite to her. So she hurts not only Jewish peeples with thees games but all Euros too. And must stop. And there is much more...

More on Debbie Schlussel

So who inciting hatred? This is but one of Debbie Schlussels websites. Scroll down a bit and look at the fake photo used as propaganda by her.

One thing you must knows about Debbie is that she hates christians as much as she does Muslims. She calls Christians "Biblehumpers". Sick.

More later on a deeveint mind my brotherrs. BTW Michael Regans will be given tips. A Christin should knows who hes deeling withs.


First of all I am not your brother so don’t call me that.  2nd Why is it racism if a woman wants to have a Caucasian baby? 3rd if you think we European’s are racist then why don’t you and your brethren leave Europe and go back to where ever ya’ll came from? People like nembegi make me sick of this immigration mess. The sooner we sealed European borders the better. And lastly I am very surprised to see that a Congolese man know what Caucasian means. Word Caucasian only specifically used in US  that means you are just a fakester.

@ Yitzhak @ Perfektm

He has got you guys singing to his tune, if both of you believe he is a 'fake' and no doubt he is then stop engaging him and giving him the platform to air his vile poison, by you guys embroiling yourselves he is succeeding in his attempt to stir up unnecessary hatred towards people who possibly don't deserve it.

Like 'Bob' I think that although he has said a lot but his comments have lacked any intellectual substance, he is reciting like a parrot without any meaningful desire to enhance the debate.

For eg., he mentioned in one of his replies to perfektm that in 'Hinduism' only 'Gurus' were entitled to translate the scriptures, was a clear indication that he was reciting from whatever source he reads, he has little intellect to understand the actual underlying deeper meaning of it, and if we broaden his argument further, then why in this modern age of higher intellect and technological advanced do we need to send our children to schools, and why indeed do we need 'Teachers' to impart knowledge to them, any fool can read a book but is he intellectually apt to comprehend the message contained within?

This is a blatant attempt to incite hatred not to debate issues, and most of it is the worst form of diatribe anyone has ever witnessed on this blog or for that matter anywhere else.

also perfectm

I have and always do go my own way silly. And like 'Nariz' (the charakter you created at Jihad watch who was banned) you always revert to calling peeple racist when you canm no longer argue with facts.

Now you are Hindu man right? Then repost your last comment in Hindi language for us. Also see Fjordmans last article he did for Frontpage magazine. You will find he talks about the word 'racist' used against Euro peeples. It is. Also I hereby denounce stormfront and all others you lie on me with. Keyword for you: LIE.

Nariz or what so ever, what

Nariz or what so ever, what ever u have to think think about me, you can think
We also think something about you, that you are a jihadi thug, came here to create problem
between those who are integrated here in Europe....

In case, People to whom i know here, they also know my real identity too...
but what for should i release my real identity to you ?

To tum kya poochna chahte ho nambegi.... mere pass hindi keyboard nahi hai, lekin tum ye pad sakte ho...iss se aage mai angrezi me hi baat karunga, ksoki mai yaha hindi me baat karne nahi aaya hu.

more fools applecrax

Much talk and say nothing. I live in west and know much. When did I say of Jews anything fool? Furthermores perfectm knows some about me. Can no one adress my points on racism? No istead you focus on my riting skills.

>>and in case of racist.... i judge a person not with his race, but his fundamentals....

No you do not do this. You lie. You hide behind many names on the internet. You deceeve peeple. Peeple do not know you but need to. The word hypocrit describes you best. And I will inform of you.


I see that you still will not answer my original comments on racism. You will not and maybe can not. It is because you do not understand the power behind the name 'racist' and how thius power is only powerful on one peeples - Euro peeples. Many Euro mans do not understand the power that name has over them. But immigrants do. And it is useful.

>Hope you got what i am trying to say, Europeans >love to integrate.... but you should not forget >that respect is a 2 way policy....

Yes. Euros love to integrate so much that they allow the Muslims into their lands. 'Yes my Muslim brothers come here and live with us as you are just like us. But problem was found out later that no they are not just like us.' But power of 'racist' name works on Euros. Orianna Felaci tried to wake Euros up and now you guess what - she called as racist and must go to courts and maybe thrown in prison for 'hate speech' called 'racist'.

And even now, you still do not learn from my words. Think slowly on what you have said:

>Europeans love to integrate....

But do immigrants? And not only Muslims but other immigrants to. You do not see the problems of what I say because you fail to take human nature into accounts. That peeples are by nature tribal creatures. But peeples do not want to see this or even speek of it because it is now evil. Euro laws on 'hate speech' say it is evil. Professors say it is evil. Politicens say it is evil. Barristers and judges say it is evil. Peeples in 'Left' say it is evil. It is evil becase of power in word 'racism'. We must all be the same just like womans in story I gave.

Even yes many womans say it is evil. Because they must be equals or even more equals than mans. To feel free they must beleeve that sexs with any mans they choose is good becase all mans are equals and the same. I am in agreement on this with you and yes as a mans I see blue eyes womans and want her to. I am glad she thinks this way and will agree with her on racism. I think like a mans and not like a womans. So I am glad she thinks this way. And even there is nothing wrong with Euros dying out, and they are.

But, I find only one problem with our beleef on this which I do not want to say but will. If the Euros die out what will other peeples do on economy and way of life that they built and we all want?

Where did the usefulness of oil, that makes Muslims rrich, come from? Where did electricity come from? Where did telephones televisions medicnes and most all that we want and need come from? They came from Euros. We profit from their way of life and laws. And I even I git rich from Euros way of life and so I do not really want them to die out. But they are. And to not be racist we must let them die.

And, you still do not think correktly on some things:

>I had forgiven Christians of 17th to 20th century >for all those insane...

It is not in your power to forgive them. Those peeples are dead and did nothing to you persoanlly. You cannot forgive them for something they did not do to you. But you will now say, but they did those things to my ancestors of old...
And so you show that you want and need to be in a 'victim group' forever. Because you profit from beeing in one. You also use the power behind the word 'racist'. The power behind the word...

>>It is not in your power to

>>It is not in your power to forgive them. Those peoples are dead and did nothing to you personally. You cannot forgive them for something they did not do to you.

When you see people close to you missing there relatives (like i saw always in my grand-ma and uncles eyes), who were missing the brothers and sisters due to a mistake made by British in 1947... how will the whole family feels..
still i had forgiven them... because i know they had changed...

right way to live is... "To learn from history, and design your future"...

and what you are doing is "live in history, and close eyes towards future"...

and in case of racist.... i judge a person not with his race, but his fundamentals....

your words tell that you are using "racist" tag against West....
and my words says i will follow the steps of my ancestor by defending west.....
because i know, by inventing in west i m invest in good... but by investing in Islam, i will invest in evil AL-WAHAB mentality...

so in short, where you are the person, who understand that Europe is burning and fire had started... but still is behaving as which fire....

i am a person, who thinks that if one close eye towards a burning village, and say there is no fire... then he is committing a sin .... which even god will never forgive...

so you go your way, i am happy with my European Friends....

also perfectm

On a different topic not to discuss here, perfectm, if a persons do not care about what happened to my family, should I care about what happened to theirs? Maybe and maybe not.


>>On a different topic not to discuss here, perfectm, if a persons do not care about what happened to my family, should I care about what happened to theirs? Maybe and maybe not.

ALSO, I don't know what happen to your family... but i know that Europe had changed a lot after 2nd world war... every one make mistake, and so do Europeans had. But if Europeans had realize the mistake and also apologize for that... so what we should do then?

remember eye for eye will really turn the whole world blind... but also remember that pacifism means suicide.... you have to maintain both things....

I had forgiven Christians of 17th to 20th century for all those insane they made in India during colonial era, ..and i can not accept the way every one is blaming modern Europeans....

we do blame them... but why we don't see the love the Europeans give to every minority in Europe.... the way they contribute in every human help around the globe... i have many friends .. which people say are from far right wing.. so does really right means Nazism or fascism? .... I will say Not any more... the concept to divide peoples on right and left is just a convention left from WW2.... though it was left that had supported Nazis after WW2. even Nazi ideology peoples are accepting Islam now a days in Germany.. so this speak itself who is at which side...

though there exist black sheep's everywhere, and by us you will usually get a pseudo-secular left at this place.. which do everything on name of political correctness... nearly all evil in 3rd world countries is due to left politicians around the globe, but not west... and left politicians also include left politicians in our native countries..

anyways, let me tell you that i will even forgive Muslims too, the day they will stop supporting terrorism, and live with peace with non-Muslim world... but Muslims are blind in al-wahab theory... ignoring that the blitz of al-wahab will even fall on them ....because the mentality of al-wahab will only give birth to the cruelest devil human civilization had never seen...

beside this, As i said... your theory of sex is more full of lust, and miss what is known as respect to others....

No one is opposing you... but reality is that the topic of womens is a bit emotional, and everyone is attached with the respect of womens... East as well as west.. and you can't say no to this..... a picture exist about west that every one is sex hungry.... but the picture is false...

people do look for sex, but the day they find parter.. they live with each other, and they dont put the nose every where, this you should remember....

anyways i also know about high divorce cases... but give a chance to the newly developing democratic world, it will evolve from its failures.... but when you compare it with Islamic world... then think 10 times.... what you will decide for your daughter/son ?

a family where she is like a prisoner, even the mens family can kill them in so called honor killing for there hate, can divorce her saying 3 times Talaq... or even beat them brutally, leaving her helpless...

or a family, where your daughter had a right to choose her partner, a right to enjoy her life as you are doing, and is free to choose her life...

See, people know high divorce rate in west is, but they are developing further.... believe me really democracy is far better then any other way of living.... but the cultural differences between democracies can only be removed by cultural integration....and we have to bridge the democracies... so they defend each other instead of fighting each other...

sorry, but at this very topic of sex, i will not agree with you......

If you might have said that you want to come to Europe and want to go and participate in a Swinger club... no one might had objected..... but your words were a bit extra full of lust.
I do understand that peoples in Africa and Asia love blue eyes... but really believe me... your way of expression is really like you are putting a needle through self-respect of westerners.....

Hope you got what i am trying to say, Europeans love to integrate.... but you should not forget that respect is a 2 way policy....

Hope you got it my brother.... Just try at least once.. to apologize for your comment will not make you short but for sure you can gain a lot of new friends here in this blog, with whom you can understand what democratic values are all about. and i am sure, "Yitzhak" and "Kapitein Andre" will be one of the best peoples who will guide you, and thus will help both sides to understand each other......

@perfektm @Yitzhak @Kapitein Andre

Sorry my brother perfectm for not answering befor now. Very busy. I must tell you I now think you do not beleeve in any god. Just like me. Like me you belleve all relegens are basically same (except Islam) and that all peeple are same too. I think you also beleeve in evolution and in no moral absolutes. That mans is mainly just animal with needs and have NO control over needs like animal. Again we agree! :D

You are partially right my brother. But you needs a small amount of instructions. Less than others I think. But I do not lie about Shussel.

Kapitein Andre and applecrax
I am not American White Nationalist and not stormfront fools. I hate no one. You are trying to stop me from speeking because you do not want to face what racism really is. You do not like to hear what I say and neither do Europe. So Like you, Europe has problems and getting worse.

I tell you a story about a caucasian womans I know so that you will be helped on understanding the racism:

This womans wanted to have a baby since she was very young. She loves the childrens and is happy to be a mother which she likes very much. Here is problem so pay attention:

This womans wanted to also have a caucasian (or Euro) baby. She wanted to have babys like herself. In other words, she chose to prefer her own peeple above all others. So she chose a caucasian (or Euro) mans to have a baby with. But by doing so she is racist. Can you see why? She chose a Euro mans and by doing so she refused all other mans - Hindu Indians, African, Japan, all other mans she refused. So now we must say she is racist because of the, how you say, 'political correktness.'

She preferred her own peeple over others so she is racist. How can she not be called a racist? haha this is easy and she must do it to not be called a racist. She must say that she give all mans equal chances for love and sexs and have a baby with but that she just happened to fall in love with a Euro mans and had baby with him.

She must say this or she is racist. Why? Because she chose and preferred a Euro mans over all others and yes we know this is racism.

Now I think she is racist and I do not beleeve in god. But my teecher disagrees with me. He says that god created all mans and womans and that god loves each of them from all races. But that god made them different for his reasons and saw that it was good. And god loves all of them. That yes god made the dove and the crow and loves both of them but they are different. And this is good not bad. That all mans should be kind to each other and yes even help each other. And that each peeples should be happy and glad to be as god created them.

But, I must disagree with my teecher. I still think the womans is racist and so do most Euro peeple. And most do not beleeve in god either. I admit that my teecher is much more knowledge than me so I will ask him to visit and teech. Maybe a good topic would be on the new article by Belian about "Christendom" and his lecture in Amerca? I think teecher can answer much more than I so I will email him.

For now I love you my brothers and do not be racist.

@Bob Doney and "Nembegi"


That's what I've been talking about, Nembegi is a WN from pretending to be a congoman.(see my earlier post)

He does a poor job wearing the mask: he purposefully mis-spells certain basic words to try and convince readers of his ignorance, but then correctly spells other words that are less well known and "more difficult" to spell. Moreover, he then displays an above average knowledge of other cultures quite distant from what you'll find in the congo and surrounding areas. You'd think his ability to spell would increase with his knowledge.

All of his arguments are basic arguments seen time and again on! These arguments are used (in reverse) by White Nationalists on stormfront repeatedly. I recognize a bunch of them in "Nembegi's" arguments. I know, because I visit the site! And look at him blaming the Jews! How many congomen are exposed to conspiracy theories about Jews?

Though many immigrants have realized the incredible power of the "racism" charge, how many of them will expose its ridiculousness to Europeans?

How does a congoman know so much about Europe's integration problems and their absurd political correctness?

What's a congoman doing on

"Nembegi" you can take off the mask you're not fooling anyone. It's over dude, just speak normally.

In Reply to Yitzhak

While there seems to be significant fetishism for European females (esp. the Nordic variety) amongst non-White males in Europe, I agree with applesnax that nembegi is not for real. Reading between the lines, nembegi's posts are designed to incite hatred: they accuse dark males of conspiring to miscegenate with European females and accuse Jews of encouraging miscegenation, both of which are claims found in various strains of American White Nationalism.

@Kapitein Andre

high possibilities... after all provocation works many times...
we need to go very carefully...


nembegi seems to be living in this fantasy land where he see European women obsessed with non-Caucasians. Wake up to reality. I say that every female have her own personality and emotions. Feminism, Political correctness Multi-Culturism is destroying our society. African Men are not same as European Men every race got its own uniqueness. I am sick n tired of this Feminist supremacy. Equality, Equal rights for women yes but giving them Blank Check is insanity.

founding a family in spite of the far-left

lodjur wrote: "stop this relentless propaganda that mothers don't want to, should not, will not stay at home with the children. If some want to work in factories, offices etc. that is fine, they are free to do it. But stop the propaganda and the financial pressure (tax, pension systems) against those who do not want this."

I think what we need is conservative televisions and newspapers. Most of the media are now dominated by the extreme-left. They want us to think that choosing family over career is weird.
We also need to keep the feminists away from schools, as one of their objectives is to push women into the same career paths as men, and the same overlong studies, just to make a point, with no regard for women's aspirations.

However, feeling part of society when you do not have a job is harder than it used to be fifty years ago. One possible solution is to encourage part-time jobs. We could also help women get job training after they have had children, instead of before.

perfectm sexs

Yes my brother perfectm! We are in perfected agreements! Except on Hindu relegen which I will teach you again.

But we both agree on sexs! We agree that sexs is for recreations and to releeve stresses from working to hard like robot. I wish more blue eyes Euro womans would agree with us and Debbie to. And not like racist Eve...

Sexs without any comitments free of old fashon marriages. This is why I love the west! Where I come from it is tradition for mans to impregnate as many womans as possible. This is a sign of manhood and can be bragged for. Many Africans in Amerca and Europe still beleeve this way. I never want to leeve the west because like you have said I love sexs with blue eyes Euro womans. They give sexs freely to all. So we agrree on that it is good. And must releeve stress. That is dangerous. So Euro womans know this to. And Euro womans will even call there own Euro mans racist Like Debbie if they try to interfere with there sexs with us!

>the other thing one achieve form sex is power to reproduce,but let me know how much of us really think of reproduction when getting involved in sex.

No one does but if god was to describe why he created sexs for how might he describe the reasons ? But I have heard some try to describe how god would see it not how they see it exactly. But I do not beleeve in god. He is racist. Not like Debbie and Euro womans who freely give sexs to all to releeve stress and have a good time after 5 days of hard work.

And if Muslims just change there ways on sexs then she can give them sexs to. But the point of my original comment still stands. Any Euros who beleeve as Eve ... do are racist. Who cares if Euros are dying off like racist Marc Stein thinks. No one can chalenge my earlier comment and lecture on racism. Euro mans must get used to beeng non racist and free with sexs and let anyone come into Europe. Euro mans must see all African, Hindu Indians, Japan, and all other mans as Euro mans but only with dark skins as Debbie teeches so sexs can be easy and without love. Muslims must stop treeting womans badly and just have more sexs with Euro womans. That is Debbies teechings. She is right on that about sexs. Do it in the rode with a snake baby! Otherwise you are racist. When I go to Amerca this summer I will hope to see her. ;) More on that later.

Now let me give you more instructions on Hinduism (below) which you must be reeding from some old book. Your knowlege is week. Maybe you need sexs to releeve some 5 day work stresses? haha But do not try to play with a master even though my riting is poor. I will try to use dictenary this time:


Hinduism forms a broad category of relegus beleefs almost all are pantheist. One of the oldest froms of pantheism is found in the last sektion of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures. The final section is called the Upanishads. Because these Upanishads come at the end of the 4 Vedas, the Upanishads came to be known as the Vedanta, meening the end or goal of the Vedas. That is why when a modern Hindu speeks of the Vedanta he refers to the last part of the Vedas and there reason for exsistance - they are the highest wisdom for the Hindu.

The Upanishads along with the Bhagavad-Gita lay the foundation for Vedanta Hinduism which is classsic pantheism. They have a Vedantic view of god. Not all forms of Hinduism bleeve in an inpersonal god though. Bhakti and Hare Krishna do not. But Vedanta Hinduism teaches that only one god (Brahman) exists. This god is infinite, immortal, imperishable, impersonal, all-pervading, supreme, changeless, absolut, indivisibly one, and at the same time NONE OF THESE. Because god is beyond all thought and speech (see Upanishads, 30 and 31). You incorrektly try to view Hinduism thru Judaism and Christianity. It is extreemly different. Not even close.

Vedantic Hinduism teecjes that all is god and god is all. Wrap your mind around that. There is only one reality. The world that we see, hear, touch, smell, does not even exist. It only appears to exist but is instead an illusion (maya). The enttire universe is maya. An illusion imposed by Brahman.

Vedantic Hinduism also teeches that humans are also Brahman. But that maya has deceeved us all into thinking each person is a partikular individual. This must be overcome by meditation on the true self (Atman) and then the realisation will come that Atman IS Brahman, the one true reality.

Having attained Brahman you can say I am life, I am established in the purity of Brahman, I AM Brahman. I have attained the freedom of the self, I am endowed with wisdom, I am immortal, and imperishable.

You must transend the world of illusion to discover the true Self. When a person unites with Brahman he is no longer bothered with thoughts about having done good or evil. You become unattached to your own personal (or anyone elses) past, present, or future actions.

This is explained in the Bhagavad-Gita. Hinduism is at great odds with judaism and christianity. For now I will stop but will teech you why this relegen is incompatible with the western ways.

But let us still agree on sexs with blue eyes womans. :D


i m not putting Hinduism and judeochristian culture in one frame..but i m putting all humans in one frame...

yes Hinduism is completely pantheist, but whats wrong in that..this is hindu view port, the other viewport is of judeo-christian culture.... so not even that viewport is false... this is how we interpret god. the problem we have is with Islam... which teaches to hate on name of god, thought we all other religions don't....

just a small bit of change in theory of reincarnation can also end up with judeo-christian belief.... so neither i will say that i disagree with judeo-christian belief..... as i said, god is like a big source of light, around which humans move like fire moth... so we all describe him in a way we want to see him... Anyways the solution lies when a person come to a point where everyone agrees..

and i disagree again with you, that hinduism had many gods, because i m a vishnav..... so i do study literatures... but i even go in conversation with priest/gurus... which is against your view....

in case of Hare Krishna, i even go to Iskon temples too... and neither they will agree with your theory, and i am sure of it.... and i also go to Church, the problem with you is that if i go to both places, then you will claim i am pagan.. though i m thinking from 1 god viewport, and trying to quest my inner for what god is.... and u r defining more then one God by dividing the belief...

anyways i also disagree with Iskon and Christanity at some place too, because when they say there is only one God... they were not referring to God, but were referring to prophet/incarnation...

But still i will quest, and i don't want to get restricted with one book or belief... because if you do so.. then you are again accepting a viewport where you think, that there can't exist thinking beyond yours....

In short, i want to get restricted with Humanity... for which i will even fight.... but i don't want to get restricted with Hinduism or Christanity.... i think you got what i am trying to say..... even vedants say too to do so... so again you are proved wrong....

I don't know, what your religion is.... neither i know that who really is teaching this thing to you about Hinduism.... but i know half truth is more dangerous then full lie. so i will advice you to learn sanskrit... and read original scripts instead of translations.........

and I still don't agree with your sex definition.... which constitutes more of lust, and lacks respect for other... perhaps now you got why i don't agree with you...

Debbie Schlussel and sexs

Miss applesnax

What is Maybe you just need some proofs. Like the book Debbie Schlussel wrote called "Jew Girl" as pretended to be African mans? Who she loves. Call me lies again and I will show you proof of Debbie Schlussel.

Now perfectm. As ghandi is your master how come he commited adultry many times? I am animist (I worship animals) but really do not believe in gods. Why? becase god is said the Jews are my chosen peeple. So nowe god is a racist. Which I learn from Debbie Schlussel is racist. All peeple are exactly same. African man is Euron man but with black skins.

Now Debbie say Hindu Indian (because she found a few wfo likes Jew) is good. But perfectm (Debbie) does not know anything about Hinduism. All that is important is muslim keep out only. But she would approv sexs with muslims if they reject islams.

I will answer more later.

@nembegi ... this is sex

we think in totally different way....

Gandhi is not my master. I am neither Gandhian, nor i believe in pacifisms.

In case of Jewish Girls or any girl, I can't think them as only a sex object. for me they are human 1st, to whom i respect. the viewport you have is really dangerous one. anyways i don't know how to explain myself but i will try here..

sex is just a way to remove loneliness away from our life, the feeling which grasp a person one way or another, or i should say even grasp animals. the other thing one achieve form sex is power to reproduce,but let me know how much of us really think of reproduction when getting involved in sex?

anyways a sharp contrast is here, what i am presenting to you

people say sex is bad, still everyone does it.... people say West is bad, they just get involved in sex anywhere... but have you ever tried to look inside it. why west is so ?

here is my rational... Here in west people work like robots 5 days a week.... after that they have a weekend... on which they want to remove that loneliness they had developed over the week by getting committed to work like robots. anyways this patter had success encoded with in it...

early Hindus and Buddhist have developed such a society, and walls of temples purely represent this pattern... for this i say that we Hindus get more exposer to sex in temple walls then in daily life of largest democracy.

@nembegi ... this is sex#2

modern west is not evolved like this suddenly, this is the basic is development pattern... still there exist people who have extra martial affairs... but believe me.... you will find more such cases in East and in Africa..then in west. People are open, the people in west work like robots 5 days a week, and rest 2 days they want to remove this loneliness they had developed in whole week.. they do seek partner for this time... but its not how the picture is broadcasted in 3rd world countries that they just go and seek sex on every cornet... in fact they also seek a stabilize relation with a partner(if one find by dating).. but there exist ditching too...

but that does not make West a criminal, or shameless society... the respect is no where connected with sex. anyway, it is to give honor and taking care of values and emotions of others...

so, in every successful human civilization Freedom and innovation had played a big role, sex had also contributed in it a lot....

anyways a lot of successful figures are gays... so next time when you hear the saying...
every successful man has a women behind him

then think, that it was really not women... it was the Power to win over loneliness and thus achieving dedication to work...

But remember, Humanness should never be forgotten... because without it a person becomes a devil and invites its own destruction...

so here is what makes Islam and us different, and what makes Animals and us different.

Monkies also have sex, but the alpha-male had the only right to sex... other money around just see... even get involved in homosexual acts.. but have to run away from alpha-male money if found anyware getting involved in sex... they just fight for womens...

By Islam, theory goes a bit free when compared to animals... but still restricted... male rules again, treating womens as sex object... but not all, the one with power(of money or any other form ) gets the babe... you have to buy her from the father... or you have to get her by other means. the society is restricted to this belief... and Imams control the sexual behavior of mens ... like alpha males in monkies

we are open to far more extent, giving everyone a equal right.. polygamy & enslavement is ban so everyone enjoys equal rights.. and this is our power, where we get complete chance to find appropriate partner for us... instead of blowing ourself off to fulfill our screwed up feelings and in search of 72 virgins and 26 young mens in paradise.

so in short, this is the freedom of our democracies. which make us rule... its the free flow of idea and everyones right to remove the loneliness away make everyone innovative.

so think from other prospective too... though Debbie might be involved in sex, but it shows loneliness inside her... perhaps because she feel unsecured... perhaps she is searching someone who can make her feel secured... its well know that Death to American and Death to Israel and Jews is openly chanted by Muslims around the globe... so i think its not easy for Jewish girls too to bear this all... after all if everything is repeating after 6 to 7 decades again.... think from this angle instead of a girl standing far away looking for sex with every male...

anyways after this much... i will rather like to ease the tension, with a joke..

where a Muslim will say i will blow you... we will reply, you are welcome to give us a blow job..

hope you got that freedom means a lot... but implementation can differ a bit... but for sure freedom also means to remove loneliness from a person away, Indians use close family ties for this... thus you will find many males as virgin even at age 22,... and west use other way...

so just take it easy... think, but also think the hidden psychological pattern to understand things.


Kapitein Andre

Pleese listen to me and learn what you can. You sound like racist man withy your talk like Bull Conner. Maybe I can share emails I have with Debbie Schlussel. Trust me you do not know her.;)

Now what right do any Euro mans have to close Amercan, Canada, Europeans borders? (racist?) What right do Euros mans have not to accept Euro womans having sexs with African, Hindu Indian, Arab, Japan, Muslim mans? (racist?) What right do any Euro mans have to keep peecful muslims out? (racist?) What right do any Euro mans have to Euro countries as only for Euros? (racist?) What right to keep out anyone? (racist?)

In old times Euro mans needed to protekt and care for Euro womans. Not true any more. Euro mans must allow Euro womans to have sexs with anyone they wish. Otherwise ("do I see a ban coming on"?) you are Bull Conner and yes RACIST.

What right do Euro peeple have to be a distinct peeple? (racist?) To have true peace and harmony all Euros must have sexs with everyone else so that there is only end up with one race. When all peeple become a single yes brown race with no differenss then you will have peace. Because every one will be just the same.

So do not be racist. Share your countries. Share your land. Share your jobs. Share your governments. Change your laws. Have freedom for all religens. Share Euro womans let them decide on sexs with Africans, Arabs, Japans, anyone. Listen to them. Do not boss them. Forget oldin days. You have no right to any of things or yes you are racist. No bans no Bull Conners no Eva Herman no distinct Euro peeples that is racist.

Yes Debbie Schlussel does agree. She have African comments at
Find them. Also comments under many names at Jihad watch and has other websites. I will tell yoiu all later. So for now no racism. I think we all must agree. thankyou my frend.

@nembegi @Kapitein Andre

nembegi and Kapitein Andre

I haven't replied before, because i thought i will provoke some real harsh discussion... but i think it was a wrong decision to don't put a reply back... if you disagree with anything.... I appologize for that from both of you.

What really "Debbie Schlussel" says, i really don't know...
though sometimes her links are visible on lgf...
but from my understand, i think, you both are judging things in wrong way...Perhaps thats why you both are bounded in this discussion.... or it might be that i am somewhere bounded by my viewport, which is somewhere restricted with what i learned from past.

so a Few things i really want to say.... and most important of them is.... Please don't treat women like a object... Euro Womens or any Women.. they are also Humans, and Humans are bounded by emotions; neither will i say that Africans or Asians or Europeans are perfect, nor will i claim that i am perfect. it is our viewport to see the world, but what we see is not a complete picture.. its a part of picture....

We the liberal world stands with our principles, bur muslims stands with koranic principles (which are really Barbaric from my viewport, but perhaps muslims enjoys a world where the most powerful imam screw the weakest childerns... ), and leftist think principle of gandhi will help them... but they forgot that Muslims were not even had shown loyality towards gandhis love... so to whom they are fooling by such viewport... india division is what Gandhi had attained.. because saying he deserve the crown of providing freedom to india is not digestable by me...

but i learned a lot from democratic world history and then from integrating in west, Our Freedom is our power, what we got as gift from our ancestors.. the foundation of this new world hierarchy was in a hope that everyone will live equally, and everyone will enjoy the Freedom.

if anywhere this hierarchy structure of the new world is broken.. then all democracies will feal the threat of it.

What i Fear is, what if history is repeating itself......

700 yrs back, hindu womens have to commit mass sucide. the had given rise to sati system... so when ever a small empire had fallen in Muslims hand... and the mens of the village lost the war.... the women had commited sucide, because of the ultimate respect islam gives them...

from where i see, both of you share a view... which treats womens weak... and i think we need to make them strong.... so they can fight... they dont need to commit sucide in future if anything happens due to our impotent politicians...

I just wan't that History does not repeat again... what we have faced in Past...

And i love Jews, as well as isreaelis, as well as Muslims.... but i hate radical mentality, which today world Islam is full of.

the second thing which i feel is lack of trust, Africans are accepting democracies.. but they also fear a attack from neighbouring Muslims states... whoes only goal is to mount a global caliphet...

so i think to fight each other on name of womens, or any other means is really not a good idea.... old hindu states had fallen next to islam.. because the haven't came tougather to face islamic threat.... and if we democracies will not come toughther.. then we can't face this threat.

Isn't it obvious

Isn't it painfully obvious that Nembegi is a regular pretending to be a congoman? I think it's kind of funny.
His not-so-subtle attempt to point the finger at Jews and his phony-looking spelling errors are a dead give-away.

This is Why Europe Needs Its Borders Sealed

As if Europe needs another African with a White girl fetish. As far as I know Debbie is Jewish and therefore has to be fairly discriminating; nor has she mentioned any interest in non-Whites.


nembegi (assorted statements):


  • I to am forener like you. I am from Congo and love Europe and blue eyes womans to. One I know and she likes me is in Amerca.
  • If you are pro Jewish she love you to. and long time for always she love Congo men.
  • I must have to disagree with this womans Eva Herman. I think she is racist woamans because she want Euro womans to only have sexs with Euro men.

  • That is racism! I think so. Debbie Schlussel writes about this on her web and she have sexs with Africans and now Indians Hindus. She agrees that Euros have no right to excude anyones from Amerca or Europe. Everyone else must be acceptable and for sexs to. I love her for trhat!

  • There must only be ONE race.


I must have to disagree with this womans Eva Herman. I think she is racist woamans because she want Euro womans to only have sexs with Euro men.

That is racism! I think so. Debbie Schlussel writes about this on her web and she have sexs with Africans and now Indians Hindus. She agrees that Euros have no right to excude anyones from Amerca or Europe. ONLY Muslims keep out. Everyone else must be acceptable and for sexs to. I love her for trhat!

Dont be like Bull Conners Eva Herman. There must only be ONE race.

At last – ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Waketh # 2

Following on...

I think we should take a leaf out of the Indian joint family system and adapt it to our western society, I agree with ‘perfektm’ about the roles of grandparents’, it is such an under rated and unappreciated role within our society, sadly, we invented ‘old people’s homes’ in the West to discarded our elderly, the Indians cherish them, not for the reason that ‘perfektm’ mentioned, but as the most important and valued members and pillars of the Indian family and society.

The traditional role of grandparents is not to raise the family in their society but to be the strength behind the family, they have so much wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience which they pass on to their grandchildren, it is also an excellent system which not only enhances the bonding process for children and elders alike but also a hot training ground for the children. Children at an early age learn how to relate to the elderly and most important of all in my opinion they learn to respect the elderly, surely a quality much needed in today’s Western societies, furthermore, this excellent symbiotic process, also allows to bridge the ‘generation gap’ so cleverly.

The Parents benefit from this symbiotic process enormously, a/ They have the encyclopaedia of life itself within their midst, secondly the comfort of being together as a family unit instead of being fragmented and scattered, anxious about each other’s well being and most of all the system acts as a safety and release valve for all, the parents do not abuse this process but participate equally in learning the art of raising children and other general life & social skills which might have been missed while growing up themselves, what a genius system.

Whereas, we in the UK within our ‘individualist’ society now have the ‘State Super Nanny’ and teachers trying to teach our children ‘life & social skills’ in schools (not a bad thing per se), though what would one prefer, having a stranger teach one’s child life & social skills or one’s own next of kin doing it (allowing for ability & disability), I know what I would prefer every time. It is costing the State millions if not billions in Social Services costs, children and the elderly suffering but we can’t see the wood from the trees (another invective.. I know), the solution is staring us in the face and we can’t see it, instead we are chasing the costly, the illusionary & the impractical.

It seems that we are hell bent on making matters worse, instead of learning from others and adapting things, we would rather go screaming to our own demise, we don’t have time for our own off spring NOW and LATER ON they won’t have time for us , what a wicked web we weave. Some say it is the modern living and the pressures thereof, but we have the key to change it as it was us who created it in the first place, and KA is so right about the difference in the emphasis on families in the UK and the Continent, we in the UK have made matters worse for ourselves, we live in a 'Rip Off' Britain, everything is definitely so dear because of it.

Birthday present

When is Kathleen Van Brempt's birthday? I think I 'm gonna send her this book for a birthday present.


mr. perfektm:

I to am forener like you. I am from Congo and love Europe and blue eyes womans to. One I know and she likes me is in Amerca.

Her name is here:

If you are pro Jewish she love you to. and long time for always she love Congo men. :D

@ Kapitein Andre

While agreeing with most of what you say in both your posts below, I think one has to be very careful that the state’s attempts to “alleviate the burden of single motherhood” don’t have the consequence of actually encouraging it – as is the case here in Britain.


Stop feminist propaganda

Feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir stated that

“no woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her
children […] because if there is such a choice, too many women will
make that one.”

That is all we want: stop this relentless propaganda that mothers don't want to, should not, will not stay at home with the children. If some want to work in factories, offices etc. that is fine, they are free to do it. But stop the propaganda and the financial pressure (tax, pension systems) against those who do not want this.

Read node/1908


In Reply to perfektm

The Dutch aside, continental Europeans tend to emphasize family unity more than the British or North Americans; perhaps this is due to economic constraints i.e. real estate prices and the cost of living that limit to a degree the ability of different generations of a family to live independently. Secondly, while grandparents should assume a greater role in the upbringing of children (thereby ensuring their minds remain active), allowing children to be completely raised by grandparents places undue pressure on them (decreasing lifespan) and prevents a substantial bond being formed between the mother and her children. Additionally, the elderly are increasingly seeking to spend their retirement on leisure activities.

I disagree

Isn't that possible that families come closer to each other... instead of asking for women to stay at home...

instead of promotion for old age homes, then old peoples will play a active part in family...

If the family is closer, then  even Grand-Mom can also help the take a look over child, when he comes back from work...

this will ultimately enhance the family bond... :)

 I think Women should work... as the new generation is dependent on women... but if women don't work and play active role... then the problem comes, because new generation will be doof.. as new generation is grown by Womens...


What women need is not to be the same as men and to achieve equality and equity. What women need is threefold: (a) respect as morally equal human beings even if their careers are domestic (which most women tend towards and excel at), (b) equal opportunities i.e. that they could choose to build careers if they want to, and (c) that there exist legal and socio-economic mechanisms to sufficiently alleviate the burden of single motherhood.

At last – ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Waketh #1

@ KA I agree with your points entirely, but would like to add to it.

Although it is some 25 years in coming but it has finally come, I mean the realisation by women in the main ‘the feminists’ that their cause had gone too far to the other extreme, something I used to say in the late seventies to a lot of them that it is fine by me and most men that there be ‘equality’ in terms of opportunities and financial awards and advancements for women and they should not be discriminated against, but the notion of women growing a moustache and a ‘d***’ is ‘equality’ gone too far, call me backward or old fashioned, but I prefer my women beautiful, elegant, sophisticated lady like, not like ‘Rambo’ (perish the thought).

In my opinion, the feminist movement has a lot to answer for in relation to the current depraved and fragmented societies primarily in the West and now closely and blindly followed by the movements in the East, don’t misunderstand me, I am all for the principle of ‘equality for women’ but as KA put it they don’t have to be the ‘same as men’ but of course they deserve respect more so, then men as in my opinion the kind of traditional roles served out by them as ‘mothers’ ‘spouses’ and generally as ‘house makers’ are deservedly the backbone of a happier and successful family and ultimately the society. Here is something I said on a another Blog about on this theme

" Our women don’t want to be incharge of the home Oh no, they want to compete with the men, yes they have achieved it, they are now brawling in the streets like the men, they are boozing more then the men, they smoke heavily and have long since surpassed the men, they don’t want to have children or the responsibility for their upbringing, the feminists have utterly and completely destroyed the fabric of our society, boys and men have lost their role society, misguided women who(mostly single mothers) are engaged 24/7 in undermining our male character and confidence of the boys by feeding them the feminist ideology and I could go on"

Traditionally, it should have been the men who needed to amend their violent and irresponsible attitudes, if we had not oppressed and suppressed women over centuries then there wouldn’t have been any need for a feminist movement, so we should have learned our lesson.

If we want to have harmony in our societies, then we have to maintain the traditional roles for men and women, but not to the detriment of women’s education, development and progress to carry out their vital not only in the home and family but more importantly within the community and 'society building', for instance, an educated woman can perform the dual role of being not only a ‘mother’ but also a ‘teacher’ and ‘trainer’ for the children, and at a later stage get involved in ‘social service’ type roles within the community, so they could still achieve a lot of career orientated goals, not necessarily in an office or industrial environment, this would also take a lot of pressure off the family and society in general, children will have more quality time within the family and community units and there will be more cohesive social bonding, avoiding the ugly and undesired results of the ultra modern societies of the so called 'Technological Age'. Women are the backbone of our society and should be treated with the utmost regard and respect ans deserve our support.

I can’t exactly remember who said it but boy wasn’t he a genius when he said that “man is a social animal”, but sadly in the modern world man has become an unsocial animal. We need to restore sanity within our communities and societies, bring good moral traditional values back into the mainstream, having learned many lessons from the escapades of the past. Today’s society is becoming depraved and we need to instil systems to bring in respect and honour for each other’s roles in our lives. We need to give our children good moral and ethical values and decent role models so we could be the strength behind each other. Wonder how long will have to wait to see this dream come true. Amen!

We and they

Perhaps it's not your intention, but it does sound very much like "we" are men, and "they" are women. Sometimes "we" are men AND women, aren't we?

equality of all

I learn about racisn from Debbie Schlussel. African man exactly same as Euro man. Indian man exactly same as Euro man exactly same as Japan man. All man exactly the same except only skin complexion. No other diference. Read on her movie reviews too

All men exactly same exept Muslim is not because hate jewish peple.