An Inconvenient Truth … Or Convenient Fiction?

The Pacific Research Institute's new film, “An Inconvenient Truth ... Or Convenient Fiction?” will have three premieres across America, in San Francisco (12 April), Washington, DC (18 April), and New York City (24 April). All are invited.  

“An Inconvenient Truth ... Or Convenient Fiction?” is an entertaining, fact-based look at the climate change issue featuring Dr. Steven Hayward, PRI Director of Environmental Studies and F.K. Weyerhauser, Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Common sense

While definite proof of global warming is difficult, it makes sense to minimize fossil fuel consumption, i.e. by being green.  Fossil fuels were accummulated over a 150-million year period, but being consumed up in literal smoke in just 200 years.  Common sense says such unbalance will lead to something bad.


Time magazine Jun.24,1974

TIME Magazine Archive Article -- Another Ice Age? -- Jun. 24, 1974  
"However widely the weather varies from  place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe  they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend  shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive,  for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age."

But now, the scare is about global warming. To convert from the first scare to the second, all you have to do is substitute "the coldest weather recorded" with "the warmest weather recorded". Replace the icicles hanging from oranges in California with melting glaciers on Mt Everest, and the shivering armadillos with sweltering polar bears. We were going to freeze but now we are going to fry.

What facts have emerged to make this dramatic reversal? Well, none really. The most reliable measurements show no change whatsoever in global temperatures in the past 20 years. What has changed is the perception that global warming makes a better scare than the coming ice age.
One of the real threats to mankind is the danger of collision with a large asteroid. It has happened in the past with catastrophic effect, and it will probably happen again. But there are no conferences, resolutions, gatherings, protests and newspaper headlines about asteroid impacts. The reason is that you cannot find anyone suitable to blame for them. If you could persuade people that President Bush or the oil companies were responsible for the asteroids, I guarantee there would be a billion-dollar campaign to "raise awareness" about the asteroid danger, with sonorous editorials in all the papers.

Greenland, now a frozen wasteland, was once a habitable Viking colony. There were vineyards in the south of England. Then temperatures dropped to "The Little Ice Age" in the 1600s, when the Thames froze over. And they have been rising slowly ever since, although they are still much lower than 1000 years ago.
We are now in a rather cool period.
What we can say, though, is that if Europe heats up by 1C it would do it a power of good. We can see this from records of 1000 years ago. Moreover, increased carbon dioxide makes plants grow more quickly, so improving crops and forests.

If the global warming scare has little foundation in fact, the ice-age scare is only too solidly founded. For the past two million years, but not before, the northern hemisphere has gone through a regular cycle of ice ages: 90,000 years with ice: 10,000 years without. The last ice age ended 10,000 years ago. Our time is up. The next ice age is due.
A new ice age, unlike global warming, would be a certain calamity.

It may be that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are actually warding off the ice age. In this case, we should give tax relief to coal power stations and factories for every ton of carbon dioxide they release.
When the global warmers tell us the stakes are high, they are quite right. Global warming has become an immense international gravy train worth billions of dollars. It is now one of the largest recipients of government research money in the world.
It finances jobs, grants, conferences, international travel and journals. It not only keeps a huge army of people in comfortable employment but also fills them with self-righteousness and moral superiority. It enables the green movement to say: "The end is nigh unless you give us more funding, repent, and do what we say."

Global warming scam = follow the money

This is a new religion funded by Marxists and socialists, led by charlatans followed by fools with less sense than a bag of rocks.  These fools would follow any loudmouthed fool who calls for the total destruction of the planet in the guise of saving it. 




The earth needs no saving.  It has been here for 4-5 billion years and will continue long after we are gone.   Global warming is supported by dubious people with fictional data leading to a fictional conclusion that will in the end go the way of global cooling.



This is a blatant grab at both political and economic power by the Chinese.  Why else would the Chinese be exempt from all agreements.  Al Gore has been in the Chinese pocket for a long time, just as many other politicians in a lot of other countries.  There is a lot of indirect funding for deniability, but follow the money. Do your own research for the truth. 


Here is some of the correcting information. Al Gore through corporations is not only getting rich but is stealing from the people who can least afford it.

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Dear Mr. Trevino:

Taking your heading "An Inconvenient Truth … Or Convenient Fiction?" as a kind of question on your part, I would say, that given the various ties of the the Pacific Research Institute and the American Enterprise Institute (and its member Steven Hayward) to Big Tobacco, Big Lumber, Big Oil, and the like, I would inclined to answer that the film "An Inconvenient Truth … Or Convenient Fiction?" must be a convenient fiction.

A look at the money behind it leads one to believe that PRI, AEI, and Hayward are little better than the whores of big business and the foundering Bush administration. But, hey, thanks for asking!

Yet another.....

....item to aid in refuting the "inconvenient farce" put forth by Ozone Al Gore and his band of limousine liberal hypocrite snob cronies.....We need more people to stand up to these environazis and now!.....Oh, by the way, just so you all know....The day time high in Pittsburgh, PA USA (where I am at) for today, APRIL 7, 2007 (spring time???), the day before Easter Sunday, 0 Degrees Celcius with SNOW FLURRIES........Stay in Brussels, Al...Just stay there, please!.......

Socialist/Communist Power Grab

The Neo-Communists are drooling at the idea of finding a popular way to take control of ALL of the worlds economy. I think one of the reasons that China was exempted from Kyoto is because they are communist already (therefore good).