Who Said This?

“We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!”

A quote from?

Adolf Hitler in his May Day Speech, Berlin, 1 May 1927
(quoted by John Toland in his book Adolf Hitler, 1976, p. 306.

When this quote is told in a Belgian school

Even if the quote taken off its orginal context may appear a little demagogic when we reveal the speaker, it worked hell good when I asked it to my angry capitalist-hater teacher.

I just quoted it as it's written in the BJ, my - how beloved enemy of opinion - teacher answered as we could expect him right : he said something like "a wise and good man I suppose..." while he was looking a strange smile being drawn on my face. Then the class was starting to pay a little attention - not as usual during the propaganda lesson - when I finally told him, my eyes in his ones, that his socialist hero was Adolf Hitler in his May Day speech.

Trust me, showing the brainwashed classmates that anti-globalization is a part of nazism, just after 2 weeks of lessons over globalizated economy, it spread a certain doubt in their enslaved minds.

NB: Please forgive the pitiful English I used to witness the local situation of belgian students slavery and last isolated resistance.


Hitler said a lot of things, many of which were contradictory. Furthermore, not only is the political left-right spectrum problematic because it does not distinguish between social and economic values/policies, but this spectrum is in fact a band - national socialism and stalinism are quite similar to one another.


However, to take this above quote and use it to argue that totalitarianism is inherently "leftist" (whatever that means) is folly. National Socialism differed from socialism in fundamental areas, principally in terms of social values e.g. ultra-nationalism vs. universalism, race vs. class, messianic totalitarianism vs. "the dictatorship of the working class," and German supremacism vs. the workers' revolution.


Politics is far more complicated than assigning "right" and "left," which have increasingly little meaning in today's adaptable world e.g. New Labour. Moreover, it is inconceivable that Hitler would have favored current immigration levels merely because he was a so-called "socialist."

And they said that.....

.....Nazi-ism was a right wing ideology? Yeah, right! Responsibility and Achievement? Like you Sociailist wrote the book on that! Again, yeah, right!