Again we see a perfect example of the self loving jew. One who is blind to the perfidy committed in their name while always quick to point out the failings in others. If we had the courage to face the hard truth we would see that All races and religions carry the stain of atrocities committed at some point in their history. The convenient excuse is "The other guy does it so we can too."  We can continue down this path to our eventual destruction or we can try and find new ways to work our problems out. I love my children and grandchildren enough to want to give them a better world. I've been in a 40 year battle fighting for the shat upon. I started on the side of the jews. Their treatment by the Germans in WW 2 was a war crime rarely equaled in history. Then I fought for the Palestinians because of their brutalization by the Israeli's. Frankly I expected better from the jews. I'm willing to swallow my anger if I just see a sign If both sides just start talking in earnest and hold off on the killing for a month. I don't like it but I feel like I'm asking the impossible. 

Europe and the jews

60 years ago the Europeans got rid of almost all jews living in their midst, crowning a long history of antisemitism. Now they don't seem to want them in Palestine either. What do they want then?

And don't tell me that bs that Europeans are worried about the "poor palestinians". Why don't they worry about the poor darfurians then? And the poor thai buddhists?

European politicians are afraid of muslims, and react by attacking those who fight against them, i.e. Europe and Israel. Luckily the people are smarter than its politicians. Or are they?

Typical Israel Hater

She should be forced to apologize for that comment. Sounds like something a child would say; certainly not someone in any kind of a power position. She is truly showing her hatred of the Jews. She like so many socialist Europeans are guilty of sending all that money to Palestine, and instead of the Palestine govenment helping the people, that money has gone to buy more guns to put into children's hands and groom future hate-filled Palestine terrorists.   


She requests to stop the EU-Israël agreement but when there is a demonstration or rallye for Darfur, Tibet or other regions in the world, the she is absent.When will she also critisize the 2700 km wall in westeren-Sahara and the ethnic cleansing ther by teh Maroccans.

REPLY: They reason she does not criticize these atrocities is because they are being conducted by her Marxist brothers.  The Socialist Governments and or Islamic Fascist states that oppress the people of those regions witht their Sharia, and iron hand.  Against the people who probably show resistance to such actions.  It's no different then when people like her were quick to rush to the defense of Saddam Hussein.  Can't go to war against one of our Socialist brothers!  And you are surprised by this?

You just gave the proof yourself

@Amsterdamsky, by your contribution, you just showed your own racism. Genocide of Palestinians? You must be really indoctrinated by "Mein Kampf"!

@ Rudi

The "indoctrination" which you talk about is twofold. Radical Islamists polluting the minds of young Muslims and radical anti-European Zionists polluting the minds of the political right where the glass is half empty; no, no, it is altogether empty, and it is those immigrant Muslims in Europe, and those Jihadis Muslims in the Middle East, and those post-Communist conspirators around the world, who have drank it, and as a consequence of this, war is the most likely outcome, so let’s all prepare for the forthcoming apocalypse.

Invoking Nazi slurs will never detract from the fact that Zionists are stealing and looting Palestinian resources and land, humiliating and murdering them whilst at the same time claiming THEY are the victims! This is what most Europeans object to and this is what Ms De Keyser was objecting to.


Véronique De Keyser is already known for her antisemitic action

From Rudi "Véronique De Keyser is already known for her antisemitic actions. '

So if you oppose the genocide/ethnic cleansing of Palestinians you are now an anti-semite?  You zionists never cease to amaze me with your twisted and self-serving logic. But then I suppose being the "chosen people" you are held to different standards then the rest of us and since Palestinian land was promised to you by G-d then you have every right to reclaim it by force.


Genocide by a few million Israelis of a few billion Muslims--if that were attempted by Israel they would really be crazy! Or perhaps the Jews do have it straight from God that they are so superior that they can do this?

The strategy of these Jew haters is to accuse the Jews of just the evils that were committed on the Jews--straight from Goebbels, the big Lie which can never be caught up with. These are people who have made Mein Kampf a best-seller for years, who talk about the 'Protocols' as if they were a known fact rather than the 100 year old forgery they have long been known to be, who regularly broadcast the Medieval blood libel against the Jews on their TV programs, whose political parties were created and nurtured by the Nazis pre-WW2, call it 'murder' when Israel shoots at 'militants' who daily send off terror rockets into Israel and schools and then hide behind women's skirts, who talk peace in English and terror in Arabic, who teach babies to hate and kill Jews, who sacrifice their own children--pagan sacrifice revisited--to camouflage car bombs, who kill ten times more Iraqis and US soldiers, and on and on, no end to their stupid perfidy.

It is a sign of Europe's decadence that these demented people are at all supported by the Europeans.

Re: Sagredo Post

Good afternoon professor.

Just an pursuing a petty anti-Arab/Islamic vendetta with scant regard for objectivity is hardly befitting of someone of your profession is it?

Read this. Remarkable journalism. And these people from the lovely JCDF are just 'normal', assured American Jews who just so happen to believe that they were 'promised' some land by a bronze age caveman.

freedom of speech

In your logic, Iqbal, everybody should be allowed to shout that Mohammed was a pedophile and a mass-murderer. OK? We already saw what happened with a few cartoons...

freedom of speech / responsibility

Igbal, the "responsibility" of freedom of speech is due to contractual obligations, either implicit or explicit. Yes, freedom speech is one of the most basic human rights, but this doesn't mean that it should triump basic property rights or contractual rights. I do not have carte blanche to say I should be able to exercise my freedom of speech everywhere, as for example, at your home, because this will infringe upon your property rights.


Véronique De Keyser is already known for her antisemitic actions.

She requests to stop the EU-Israël agreement but when there is a demonstration or rallye for Darfur, Tibet or other regions in the world, the she is absent.

When will she also critisize the 2700 km wall in westeren-Sahara and the ethnic cleansing ther by teh Maroccans?



Miss De Keyser is just

Miss De Keyser is just reflecting the views of the overwhelming majority of Europeans, who are sick of Israel's holier than thou mentality.

Despite the terrible acts commited by the Palestinians, Israel always trumps them. Most Europeans recognise the single biggest barrier to peace is the settlement program. It was devised in order to tie the hands of future Israeli Governments, and to make a negotiated peace impossible, and it has done its job. The settlements don't just make Palestinian lives intolorable, they provide an impossible hurdle for Israel to clear, before they can offer a viable Palestinian state. Their creation was a war crime.

Thus, if Israel want peace, then they should dismantle all settlement programs and return to its 1967 borders. Simple, no need for ambassadors to travel the world selling yet more war and sanctions.


You are too much. The typical Palastinain apologist. If you want to blame someone for Israel, blame the all caring all feeling touchy-feely United Nations. Besides, dont' the Palastinians have a homeland? Isn't Jordan that homeland? No, that's not enough. Typical of the Muslim attitude. Moan an whine for more, and if we don't get it, we are oppressed. Again, you are truly too much!

@ Oiznop

Dear old Oiznop!

You are too much. The typical Israeli apologist. If you want to blame someone for the Palestinians, blame the uncaring, unfeeling Zionist infiltrated US plutocracy. Besides, dont' the Jews have a homeland? Why can't the Palestinians who have lived there for centuries have a homeland? No, that's not enough. Typical of the Zionist attitude. Moan an whine for more, and if we don't get it, we sell our lies to our friends in order to start yet more wars, death and destruction whilst lining the pockets of various defence, ammunition and military hardware lobbyists. Again, you are truly too much!


One cannot just make an attack on a diplomat of a befriended nation. She should be reprimanded by the Belgian government for her comment.

Freedom of speech

As stated numerous times on this forum, freedom of speech is the cornerstone of Western democracy. She should be entitled to say what she wants without being censored or reprimanded.

freedom of speech

Igbal, by your standard I would be able to shout fire in a packed cinema when there is no fire, and yet should be free from being sued by the cinema's owner who is trying to recuperate his losses because of my negligence. De Keyser is a Member of Parliament; part of that job description means not talking foul about diplomats of befriended nations. If she wants to talk foul, she should become a private citizen.


She forgot to wear her scarf. Luckily she didn't threaten to throw stones at him.