Not Welcome at Conference on Islamic Radicalism. Thank You, Belgium

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is holding its Annual International Conference in Brussels from 29 June to 1 July. ICSA is “concerned about psychological manipulation and abusive relationships, especially as they manifest in the interaction of individuals with cults, new religious movements, and related groups.”

Preceding its conference, ICSA was planning a special day on Islamic radicalism. They proposed me as one of the speakers but Henri de Cordes, president of a Belgian government organization, the Information and Advice Center on Harmful Sectarian Organizations (CIAOSN in French, IACHSO in English), vetoed me.

Cordes wrote ICSA the following e-mail:

This guy [Paul Belien] is definitely a right flemish nationalist extremist. His party – or at least his wife’s party, she is a member of the Chamber [of Representatives] – is the Vlaams Belang (Flemish interest), formerly Vlaams Blok (do I need to translate?) which is the second flemish party; most democratic party are doing their best to avoid VB member in their majority. Beside their nationalist views VB has a racist (or rather white suprematist) speech.
Personaly, if I were invited to a meeting with this guy on the panel, I would refuse the invitation.


Cordes’ CIAOSN does not consider Islamic fundamentalism to be problematic. Its list of sects, however, includes several Christian groups.

While Islam is officially recognized as a religion in Belgium, the Scientology Church was refused official recognition by the Belgian authorities. A Mormon girl was prohibited from attending meetings of her church because according to the Belgian authorities the Mormons are a cult.

Other groups of “cultic” organizations on the CIAOSN list are the Venerable Chapel of Our Lady of Antwerp Cathedral (!) [too loyal to the Pope apparently], Opus Dei, Anthroposophy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, various Catholic and Protestant evangelical and pentecostal groups.

In divorce cases Belgian courts often refuse to place children under the care of a parent belonging to an organization which CIAOSN considers to be a sectarian group. According to CIAOSN homeschooling is an indication of belonging to a sect, which makes all Belgian homeschoolers suspect.

In 2003, the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights criticized Belgium because of its lack of religious freedom and tolerance. The IHFHR wrote on page 17 of its report [pdf]:

[G]roups and members of groups included on the [CIAOSN] list have reportedly been subject to harassment and discrimination both by authorities and by private actors. Victims include, inter alia, members of Adventist, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness, Sahaja Yoga, Spiritual Human Yoga, Raelian and Church of Scientology communities.
•    Some Belgian municipalities have made it a requirement for civil service positions not to belong to any “harmful sect.” [while civil servants are allowed to belong to radical Islamist groups]
•    Religious associations mentioned on the official list of groups suspected of being “harmful sects” are often denied the right to rent public meeting venues.
•    In divorce cases, courts sometimes deny child custody to a parent on grounds that he or she is affiliated with a “harmful sect.” In some cases, courts also grant a parent who is a member of a “sect” visitation rights on condition that he or she does not “expose” his or her child/children to the teachings or lifestyle of the religious group in question.
•    The tax department has denied the Japanese religious group Sukyo Malikari the right to exemption from property tax for its place of worship because it is included on the list of groups suspected of being “harmful sects.”


In 2004, I wrote a column in a magazine criticizing CIAOSN for its religious intolerance – something which they apparently have not forgiven me and which may explain why this government organisation depicts me as a “white suprematist.”


What's the bodycount for agnostics? Anyone know? I know I don't.

What's in a word?

<i>I would still bet Christianity has the highest body count.</i>

& Yahya Khan alone would cost you that bet, though religious
theocracies in general still come in well behind the atheistic
theocracies of socialism, the socialists' historically brief dominance

Cocieties with true religious tolerance do
much better, orders of magnitude better, than any of the above. The
historical record is consistent on this, at least for those who can
acknowledge that atheism is a faith that, like many others in history,
competes and tries to drive out the other faiths and install itself as
ruler. It is empirically the most dangerous of all theocracies as
measured by the body counts.

Freedom of religion. Freedom from religion. What's in a word? Quite a lot, actually.

Harmful sects

"In divorce cases, courts sometimes deny child custody to a parent on grounds that he or she is affiliated with a “harmful sect.”

I can agree with Mister Beliën. There is no clear difference between an religion and a sect.
But in your opinion, mister Beliën, aren't there any "harmful" sects (religions)?
And if there are, isn’t it the role of the state to protect his most vulnerable citizens, the children, against these sects?
Indeed home schooling is often a sign of parents trying to isolate their children from the rest of society, and is therefore an indication that indoctrination from some harmful sect could be the case. That doesn’t mean all home schooling is bad. That doesn’t mean either that all sects are harmful. But just like I totally understand that the police in an airport is somewhat more vigilant when a person looks like a Muslim, I understand that the police is suspicious in case of home schooling.
Each judgment has of course an arbitrary character. What is a harmful sect, and what is not is open for discussion. But somebody has to draw the line. It’s easy to criticize, without to give an alternative.
Personally I would qualify the people’s temple as a harmful sect, would you?

@Paul Belien I think Paul,

@Paul Belien

I think Paul, you should go in that meet.. and give a speech, which hold the voices of all of them....

As a south Asian, if you wish... i can come to Brussels to Support you... and surplus, with a lot of data to shut the voices of the leftist...

I don't know, why European leftist are so much willing to commit sucide...

Islam vs. Other religions regarding violence

I actually doubt that historically Islam has been more violent than other religions just that other religions have reformed a little more from how they were practiced in the 7th century.  I would still bet Christianity has the highest body count.


" I would still bet Christianity has the highest body count."

you loosed, Check Islamic invasion in Indian subcontinent...

according to Muslim documented sources, in north India only.. more then 80 million peoples were killed between 11th century and 14th century... in case of Akbar, there was only one massacre recorded.. with 125 dead.

but there are even well documented facts, that Timor beheaded 100,000 peoples in single day, just because they were not Muslims...

there are too much blood, just west has refused to see.

Where Christain invasion was bloody, but there main focus was conversion... even by enforcing...

In case of Islam, there is also salvation, which Muslims believe they earn by killing Infidels.

PS : this is also referred as Hindu Holocaust, one of the most bloodiest massacre in history...and here Hindu is referred to "natives from hind(Indian subcontinent)" and not the newly formed definition of Hinduism as a religion. the extinction of Buddhist from Afghanistan is also a part of this series...

Body count

OK Perfektm. I would probably buy that but this "In case of Islam, there is also salvation, which Muslims believe they earn by killing Infidels." I think it is/was no different. on the 400th anniversery of Jamestown it has come out that the fist leader (I forget his name) was freshly back from the crusades and his flag was three decapitated muslim heads from muslims he had killed there.

@Amsterdamsky....body count

the problem here is not what human believe,
even Hitler also had believed in the concept of übermensch...
the problem is, this time its a command from god the almighty, not the human ...
and many peoples are already being indoctrinated with this crap

the problem is an ideology, and in Islam its too deep rooted..

Where Hitler thiked of übermensch,
Ashoka was tyrannt because of his power greeds, and his proud on his heritage..

and in case of Islam, every shit is preent, the dream of Global caliphet.. and surplus, they think that its a command from God.
we build our society from our guilt, thus improving from

even Islam had attacked the very basic of human civilization,
which in itself i will say, scariness of human life...

they just kill any innocent, and against Christianity(in the reference you are comparing)..
it was Christians, who raised voices against Nazis...

but in case of Islam, the whole Muslim world seems to be like speading Jihad propoganda...
with nearly no condemnation of Radical Islam, but yes Death to America and Bomb the UK slogans


"the problem is an ideology, and in Islam its too deep rooted.."

Islam is Satan's most evil religio-political system for many reasons:

1. It's based on greed of their leaders for power (and sex, money, etc...). The caliph has all self-interest to impose Islam on the poeple he lords over, in the same way Mohammed did over this group of bandits, to whom he distributed 75-90% of the booty. That gave them reasons to follow him and fight for him. He and his bandits formed an organized group of criminals with their moon god's blessings. Of course the moon god is Mohammed's alter ego, as we all know the moon is made of cheese.

2. brain-washing. 5 times a day of that will change most people into believing any doctrine.

3. Peer pressure: The imman controls muslims by tracking attendance and by spotting the absents, putting peer pressure on them to come to the local mosque.

4. Economic pressure: taxing the infidels and withholding safety net from them, plus other forms of prosecution will force most laypeople into conversion, or it's one against community. How many can withstand those coersions.

5. Violence against infidels: kill them without a shade of remorse when all else fail. That again serves as pressure for the next infidel to convert for saving his own life. BTW muslim violence seems to influence even governments.

6. Use religion of fear and death to rubberstamp homocidal martyrs.

Too bad European governments are in denial of the above items, to their eventual destruction. They're blind to facts and history, apparently.


"I would still bet Christianity has the highest body count."

Correction: it's Christendom. True Christians don't kill, just as Jesus didn't. First century Christians including the aspostles died mostly of murder by the Roman and Gentiles.

Regarding the left, maybe they know the violent nature of Islam but prefer to deny it or ignore it to advance their short term goals. They will reap what they sow.

Just compare the 2 meanings of "martyr"

Just compare the 2 meanings of "martyr" in Christianity and in Islam, that sums it up :

For christians, martyr has always meant dying for refusing to abjure Christ, and thus without trying to defend yourself, and even more, all the while giving your love and forgiveness to the thugs who tortured you.

For Islam, "martyr" (quotes are more suited) means being killed (accidently or by suicide) after killing as many unsuspecting civilians as you can (jews are favorites, but buddhists, christians, hindus or muslims of a rival sect are OK too...).
Mosques around the world resonate everyday with words praising such "martyrs". Islam as a religion is going to the wall. I am afraid that there is no way that Islam can survive its own sef-destructive aura, too many individuals in its midst brew with hate and dreams of destruction.

The most lethal of all religions/cults

It is the utmost comic irony that the world's most violent religion (wouldn't cult be a better word to name Islam ?) can't be evoqued in these politically-correct-minded circles. Are the thousands and thousands of killings everywhere in the world in the name of Allah ignored because the conference participants don't want to upset the brutal thugs ?
Of course, it's so much safer to condemn Anthroposophy or the Jehova's Witnesses, these ones are very unlikely to come at you and slash your throat.....:-)
Can these leftist hypocrites look at themselves in the mirror ?