Living Free: Not an Option in Europe?

The fourth "Die Hard" movie starring Bruce Willis is to be released in the U.S. next week, and one week later in Europe. We managed to collect the movie posters as they will be shown in the U.S. (left) and in Europe (right). Spot the differences.

U.S. version International version

Yes indeed, two different titles for the same movie! I guess the "live free" part of the title was considered to be too sensitive outside of North America? I know that "Live free or die" is the state motto of New Hampshire, but that is hardly an excuse. A second difference is that The Statue of Freedom in the background on top of the U.S. Capitol is a lot closer to Willis' ear in the international version. Because the voice of freedom is much more faint?  (Hat tip: JamesH)

Republican Bruce

All of the weenies in Europe who published this poster must have gotten the message that Bruce is a die-hard Republican and a Bush fan. They just can't take it to think that in Hollywood there are just as many American patriots as there are traitors such as idiot Sean Penn (who never even finished high school) and who grab the publicity every chance they can.

Live free or die hard!!!!! 

@ Yitzhak

Your response appears to me to smack of argument for argument sake.


Fact: You claim to support the continuation of the Atlantic alliance,in order to confront a common enemy,and I (STILL) agree with you.


Fact: Steyn DOES fear for the future of  his native Canada.He also fears for  the future of his adopted country; the United States of America,and he fears for the future of Europe,too.He cites Europe's particular plight in an effort to warn the peoples of BOTH continents who face a common threat,from a common enemy,to their common heritage.


What is so hypocritical about that?  .


That you consider it understandable if Brits speak condescendingly about my American English speaks volumes.

@ Frank Lee

Well I am not showing any hostility or anything against Americans I am just simply pointing at facts further more I just refuse to accept Europe bashing from anyone. Same thing so many Europeans claimed who travel to US or lived in US temporarily. Yes some European might feel superior but lot of Americans shows the same attitude too.Well I would say if a Brit had said something about your English that’s understandable. But if a German, Italian, French etc would say something about specking English that would be ridiculous.

Now as far ending European American Alliance well I would not want to see that. But if it’s an American wish so let it be done. Perhaps you would be able to fight war on Terror more effectively without European Cooperation.

@ Atlanticist911

Well shouldn’t Steyn worried more about his own country Canada then Europe? Why doesn’t he raise these questions about Islamofascist in his own country? Canada is facing as much immigration problem as any other Western Nation. Some estimates shows that Ontario will be Islamofascist majority province by 2015 Muslims are allowed to have Sharia laws in Ontario. I am sorry but I just refuse to accept hypocrisy from Pundits across the Atlantic.

@ Yitzhak

If you'd care to read my previous posting again you'll see that,on the question of the need for trans Atlantic cooperation,I'm actually in agreement with you.Nor,incidentally,did I accuse you of being  anti-American.However,I'll readily admit that on the broader issues,my personal views are much closer to those of a Hanson or a Steyn than the majority of individuals on this side of the pond would,in all probability,wish them to be.And,to be perfectly honest with you my response to their disapproval might best be summed up in a single word,"Diddums!". 


My point is that America should end its formal alliance with Europe.  Your counterargument is that both sides benefit from the alliance and it should be maintained and strengthened.  But you make this point rudely, snidely, and in emotionally hostile language.  How does showing open hostility toward Americans help you convince those Americans to remain in an alliance with you?


And I must take exception to your assertion that most Europeans love the United States and are grateful for the American efforts in WWII.  I have spent a good deal of time in Europe and in other parts of the world with European expatriates, and I have never seen signs of gratitude.  Indeed, I have never been treated by Europeans with anything other than condescension and rudeness.  It is clear from the moment they open their mouths that they consider themselves my superior, even to the point of informing me that they speak English better than I do and understand American culture much better than I do, despite the fact that I have lived in America most of my life and hold a Ph.D. in American literature.  Bruce Bawer in his most recent book relates an anecdote in which a European tells him that the difference between Europeans and Americans is that Europeans can speak four languages fluently and Americans can't speak even one.  That is, I'm afraid, the typical attitude that Europeans take toward Americans.  Yet, like you, most Europeans expect the Americans they insult to join them in an alliance.  Unbelievable.

@ Atlanticist911

Yes there are some Europeans who are ideologically Anti-American. But most European’s LOVE USA voicing legitimate concerns don’t necessarily means anti-Americanism. Gun touting don’t work always we have to fight this war rationally not emotionally.

@Frank Lee

Well Americans need some hearing aid or something if they are hearing such things. I don’t think rocket science is required to understand “we can win this war by sticking together”

Facts are very different then your “if you don’t protect us perfectly without any bloodshed” fantasy. Its classic American ignorance I don’t think I need to remind anyone how many terror- plots Euro law enforcements had disrupted against US. Iraqi regime was not attacking Europe but we still are in Iraq fighting side by side with you. That sick son of ***** attacked you on 9/11 our Le monde headline was WE ARE ALL AMERICANS I am sure you don’t remember that. All these brave Dutch, Danish British Italian and other European soldiers scarifying their lives for the chicken hawks of USA setting in comfortable offices reminding every European how they should just shut-up and obey mighty American wisdom.

Lets look at the facts of Kosovo war if 95% sorties were flown by US whose troops were and still are on the ground? Who pushed Serbian military out from Kosovo and controlled Kosovo Jihadies on the ground? You don’t remember or what happened on the ground or still is happening irrelevant to you?

Plz don’t go to this refuge crap. Sweden and Europe is paying the price for your Iraq adventure. Our cities are flooded by refuges from Iraq. Thousands brave wounded soldiers are alive coz Ramstein exists in Germany. Mutual benefits shouldn’t be named as babysitting it’s annoying the way ya’ll act.

We are not pretending we are looking at you with genuine concerns. Sweeping problems under the carpet is not healthy its very troubling. Survival of Europe and US is dependent on each other. The annoying thing US pundits bashing us about EURABIA but in your own country you had given a virtually free pass to immigration from Muslim countries I don’t remember what that prevision is called but that law priorities family immigration from Muslim countries. And there are so many restrictions for Europeans+ Israelis wanted to migrate to US. Why special treatment for Islamofascist? Isn’t it hypocrisy?

I wish ya’ll come out of this holier then thy bubble I wish American president come to Berlin and say ICH BIN EIN BERLINER and not send some old hag lecturing us about OLD EUROPE & NEW EUROPE…

We are Thankful for American sacrifices during WWII. That’s why even with disagreements we stand shoulder to shoulder with US.

Not the only different poster

I'm sorry I don't remember where I saw it, but the movie on the US Olympic basketball team that surprisingly won a gold medal has different posters for the U.S. and Europe as well - and quite more striking ones: While the U.S. poster shows a player with front of his jersey having "USA" printed on it, the European poster showed a jersey with the number "40" instead!

End the alliance

When a European says, "We can only win this war by sticking together," Americans hear:  "Do everything for us."  With an addendum:  If you don't protect us perfectly, without any bloodshed, we'll condemn you and compair you to the Nazis."  Europe and the United States "stuck together" in the Kosovo war like this:  America flew 95% of the sorties, though Europe is larger than America in population and GDP, Europe was much closer to Kosovo, and the refugees were threatening Europe, not America.  America is stuck with the most thankless babysitting job in history.  If Europeans like Yitzhak are determined to pretend that it is America, not Europe, that is demographically doomed by low birthrates and Muslim immigration and conversion, then it is really past time to end the official alliance:  Europe can only drag America down.  Sweden and New Zealand are not military allies, but they aren't enemies either, and I'm sure they cooperate on anti-crime and anti-terrorism measures.  Let Europe and America follow that example.

Back To The Future (or) Forward To The Past?

@ Yitzhak


"We can only win this war by sticking together.Europe and US needs each other."


Just to clarify: Frank Lee is an America.I am NOT an American but I am PRO American. I AGREE with your statement [see above] about America and Europe needing each other. I just think that all the anti-Americanism we've witnessed since 9/11 has been 'over the top',and has been detrimental to this vital relationship.Check out the following article,written by Victor Davis Hanson,and judge for yourself.

A Letter to the Europeans - Cry the beloved continent.

@ Frank Lee

Well I am sorry to tell you the reality and facts are quite contrary to your fantasy land. First of all you got more then 6 million IslamoNazis living in your own country.  I am not off or anything just look at facts do you have any idea how many non-white American had converted to Islam after 9/11? Numbers are very troubling. On the other hand white American conversions to Islam can be counted on finger tips. So tell us why your own fellow Americans are lining up with Islamofascists? Why non-white Americans are converting and why white Americans are not converting same numbers?

  Enlighten us why Christian Mexico is not on the same page as Christian USA & Canada?

Reality in Europe is that Islamofascists are not indigenous European mostly they are not even citizens they have little impact on national elections. Legally specking we can pack them up and ship home anytime. Yes we are facing immigration problems but we are also taking concrete steps to handle this mess. Thank G-d our citizenship laws are not as stupid as yours. Our immigration problems are short turn VB in Belgium going to win National election sooner or later DF in Denmark effectively halted immigration madness.

With a non-white majority what are ya’ll going to do?

Gone are the days of 1940s we are living in 2007 come out of your fantasy world and look at the reality on the ground  with all this awesome power why do you need Europe in Afghanistan and Iraq? We can only win this war by sticking together Europe and US needs each other.  My message to pundits in US is come out of past and lets look at present and pay attention to future.

The Coming (W)reckoning

@ Frank Lee


"Personally I feel happier now that we have no more allies to be polite to and to pamper".

- KING GEORGE VI, 27 June 1940.


How long will it be before we (in Europe) hear those words repeated by a sitting U.S. president? Not long,I fear,not long.

@ Yitzhak

Where to start?  You are way off when you suggest that African Americans (who have been around for some four centuries or more) will be sympathetic to Islamofascists from abroad.  Indeed, you are way off when you imply that recent Catholic immigrants from Mexico and Hindu immigrants from India will be sympathetic to Islmofascists.  The exploding Hispanic population in the United States is indeed troubling for a number of reasons, but those immigrants come from a culture with a European tradition.  In other words, they've heard of and respect the Enlightenment, rational thought, logical reasoning, democracy, the scientific method -- and they don't resent the great gains that have resulted from the Enlightenment or consider those gains to be Satanic, like so many Muslims -- pea green with envy -- do.  Finally, if American pundits seem overly fond of lecturing the Europeans about their Eurabia problems, that's probably because the Americans know that the Europeans, no matter how stupidly they screw up, will ultimately expect the Americans to risk their lives to save them.  It is very much in our own self-interest to scold the Europeans and shame them into solving their own problems for once.

RE: Yitzhak "whites" minority already in California

"whites"are a minority already in California yet affirmative action for non-white non-male businesses and contracts and jobs and college applicants rolls on because despite a state wide vote against it the Washington Superstate has threatened to withhold highway funds (from tax monies actually collected from California) unless California complies with federal anti-white male discrimination laws.  Who is the real Dhimmi country?  I agree the US is way way ahead on this one.

Defer Veil O'er I (Redux).

@ Amsterdamsky


Thanks...but sorry,I'm not with you on the "vote for who Israel says" 'schtick'.So,I'll leave you with another anagram I fear you WON'T be applauding.


"Feed Evil Or Die!"


Most people and especially pundits from US just love to bash Europe and lectured us how Europe will be EURABIA just very soon.

With all due respects I would just like to say ya’ll should worry about what is happing and going to happen in your own backyard. By most  estimates white are going to be a minority group by 2050 ya’ll should be thinking and asking what would USA look like in 2051. One thing I am sure about is with non-white majority things in USA going to be very different. Even today 56% of Hispanic-Americans believe South-West belongs to Mexico. Would there be affirmative action for whites? The fact is non-white American leadership will be sympathetic towards Isalmofascists.   

Most estimates shows by 2050 Islamofascists would only be 20% of total population in EU. No matter how bad it looks indigenous Europeans still are going to be majority. Further more Europe is waking up you can see that everywhere DF in Denmark, FrP in Norway, VB in Belgium, AN in Italy etc and slowly we are taking some kind of steps to handle this problem.

More Blood for Oil!

Atlanticist " "Derive Free Oil..."."  Thats a good one.  I like that more than Bush's plan to bring "democracy" to the middle east.  Vote for who Israel says or starve and be bombed!  Whatever happened to the no-bullshit real-politik of the Cold War?

Defer Veil O'er I

I'm (pleasantly) surprised to see that the crazed conspiracy theorists haven't (yet) managed to work their weird and wonderful anagram magic on the title of this film.


Example: "Live Free or Die..." becomes "Derive Free Oil...".

Santa Monica leads the nanny pack

That's funny about Turkey Kapitein.  Santa Monica California has now criminalized smoking in public.  You can be ticketed and even arrested for smoking on a public street there.  The laws just never stop coming in California. San Diego has a 10:00 curfew for minors. You WILL be arrested and taken to jail for merely being outside if you are under 18. Your parents will pay a few hundred dollars to post bail for your trial. In Texas a clerk at an adult bookstore got jail time for selling a dildo to an undercover policewoman. I can go on and on and on. Land of the Free my ass! I am not sure anywhere is truly free but the US doesn't even come close.

Born Free...Stay Free

Perhaps they should consider renaming the title of the film on both sides od the pond.The US version could be called "Never Say Die",while the Euro version SHOULD be called,"The Die is Cast".(plummeting demographics,multicultural meltdown and an ever-looming threat from Iran etc.,).Later,as Eurabia descends into a full-blown 'Apocalypse Now',they'll release Die Hard 5,which they'll no doubt rename,"Live and Let Die".

And who could blame them?

In Reply to Amsterdamsky

Yes, American paleo- and neo-conservative pundits lament the political correctness that has afflicted Western Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada, however, this concerns free political speech only. When it comes to nudity or sex talk, suddenly Glenn Beck is not so tolerant...Moreover, Turkiye is far more liberal with regards to public nudity (i.e. on beaches) than the United States. Furthermore, American political correctness with regards to affirmative action and Black-White relations is sometimes more extreme than similar legislation and conventions in Western Europe.

The myth of american freedom

As an american I can assure you that the US is also a nanny/police state especially California.  The only thing you see is freedom of speech which the US is still the best.

Delete Those Words !!!

I understand that these two words could harm the sensibilities of millions of peaceful muslims and push many of them (against their own will of course) to violent actions against non-muslims (preferably Jews or Americans, or, if none of these is around, against westernised, open-minded people).
Live Free: How could they accept such a subversive subliminal message susceptible to alienate them from such a nice religion...