Memo From Mexico

Any patriotic Americans out there who are not that keen on watching  liberals effectively  re negotiate  the treaty of Hidalgo, might care to take a look at this.


Title: Memo From Mexico, by Alan Wall




When I first read it,it occured to me that Europeans (and  I include Britain here ), might also benefit from studying the immigration policies of those countries from whom the majority of Euro-bound illegals originate.If the Mexican example is anything to go by, it might make for  some pretty  interesting reading.

Italy Immigration

Immigrants in Italy are already more then 6million registered. But only very few holds Italian Citizenship. Prodi Governments presented a bill to parliament, which would allow Immigrants holding permesso di soggiorno to vote in local elections. Moroccans had already established a political party, which will be participating in next local elections. But majority of immigrants in Italy are from Romania & Ukraine. I am not sure since both Romanians and Ukrainians are European it would appropriate to describe them immigrants or something like that. What say ya’ll about this?

Tsunami or Invasion?

"Immigrants in Italy are around half of those in Germany but the arrivals in Italy are rising at such a fast pace that in about a dozen years they might reach 7 million, the number registered today in Germany."


Why must we resort to terms for natural phenomena rather than more useful ones such as invasion, colonization, genocide, blitzkrieg, etc., that while filled with equal hyperbole, make more sense...not that I am nitpicking.