why ridiculise your adversaries?

I think it is a proof of bad taste to laugh with a man's obesity.

It is, I admit, obvious to associate the Maire of Brussel with Mr. Creosote from Monty Python's "The meaning of life", but this makes the humour even more trivial.

There is however at least one positive difference between this example of tastelessness and another similar example from the left side: at least this movie is not paid for with tax payer's money.


Freddy is a Brit

I think I've found evidence of Freddy's antics in a previous incarnation,when he lived in Britain and before he moved to Brussels and took out Belgian citizenship.He was a joke and a failure then and nothing seems to have changed in the interim.In fact,they wrote this song about him:




Scroll down to: Right,said Fred. 



I try to fly on 9/11 as my own personal protest. Rather than just jumping up and down and ranting I would suggest acting.

1) ban all new mosque contruction (this would pass a vote easily if the sheeples were ever consulted)
2) ban all Halaal and Kosher butcheries because of animal cruelty
3) ban the Koran as hate speech (if they can ban Mein Kampf and Kuifje in the Congo they can certainly ban the Koran)

That will really piss them off.