How the West Lost the Cold War

The girlfriend of a politician from the Sweden Democrats, a small party critical of mass immigration, was recently attacked at her home outside Stockholm. The young woman was found bound with duct tape in the apartment block where she lives with Martin Kinnunen, chairman of the youth wing of the SD. Three men had forced their way into the couple’s apartment and held the 19-year-old at knife point. Kinnunen tells of several threats and anonymous phone calls to the family. He blames the media for systematically portraying the SD as monsters and thus for legitimizing aggression against them, and claims that the Swedish democracy is a sham.

Antifascistisk Aktion, a group that supposedly fights against “racists,” openly brag about numerous physical attacks against persons with their full name and address published on their website. Only a week after this group harassed a Swedish judge and vandalized his house, members demonstrated alongside the Swedish police, the Swedish government and the Swedish media establishment during Pride Week, Stockholm’s annual gay celebration, in August 2007. At the very end of the Pride Parade marched a group of black-clothed and masked representatives of AFA. Adjacent to them marched a number of policemen, including members of the Swedish Gay Police organization.

At their website, AFA claim to have beaten several homophobes during the event, at least one of whom ended up in a hospital. They are Socialists, and as Socialists they are convinced that progress can only be made through struggle, and it is implicit that they mean violent struggle: “If we want to fight against capitalism, the working class needs to be united, and in order to be so intolerance cannot be tolerated. However, if we want to fight against intolerance we have to defeat capitalism as an extension of that struggle. Hence anti-fascism, feminism and the struggle against homophobia go hand in hand with the class struggle!”

According to Politikerbloggen, AFA have produced a manual about how to use violence in order to paralyze and hurt their opponents, and they encourage their members to study it closely. Meanwhile, senior members of law enforcement are too busy waving plastic penises to care. It’s all for tolerance, and then there is this small group at the back, behind the police, the media and the cultural and political establishment, ready to assault, beat up and hospitalize anybody deemed to be insufficiently tolerant.

Several of the Centre Party’s offices were vandalized before the elections in 2006 in protest against a proposal for new labor agreements. This was done by a coalition of left-wing extremists calling themselves the Invisible Party. AFA participated, as they proudly proclaim on their website. The centre-right coalition government which gained power that year consists of four parties including the Centre Party. A year later, representatives from this government walked alongside the same group which had attacked their offices a few months earlier.

Broderskapsrörelsen (“The Brotherhood”), an organization of Christian members of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, has decided to establish a network for people of other faiths, which largely seems to mean Muslims. Its leader Peter Weiderud says that “I’m incredibly happy that a unanimous congress now leaves the door open for Muslims and others to work together with us in the Brotherhood; this is going to enrich us all and help the [Social Democratic] Party to better influence the Swedish society.” For Abdulkader Habib, active within the Muslim Brotherhood, the decision is a historic step which shows that the dividing lines in society do not go between religions, but within religions: “Faith and politics are intertwined for many Muslims, which is why the decision to create this network is a key to the crucial work for integration that we need to do.” “We shouldn’t disregard the importance of people’s [religious] faith,” says deputy leader Cecilia Dalman-Eek. “At the same time, this is both instructive and inspiring for us Christians within the Brotherhood. This is about an exciting growth of new mass movements and is a part of the new Sweden.”

The Social Democrat Ola Johansson, a member of the Brotherhood, has referred to the book Social Justice in Islam by Sayyid Qutb, the notorious Muslim Brotherhood member who has become the spiritual guide for Islamic Jihad terrorists worldwide, as a proof that Muslims support the welfare state and can thus make common cause with the Socialists.

According to writer Nima Sanandaji, the Social Democrats have started fishing for votes with the help of radical Muslims clergies such as the influential leader Mahmoud Aldebe. In 1999, Aldebe proposed that sharia, Islamic law, be introduced in Sweden. In 2003 he involved himself in a heated debate regarding an incident of honor killing where a Kurdish girl was murdered by her two uncles. Aldebe forcefully defended the perpetrators and viewed the debate regarding honor-related murders as an attack against the Islamic religion.

In 2006, the Muslim Association of Sweden demanded in a letter, signed by its leader Mahmoud Aldebe, separate family laws regulating marriage and divorce, public schools with imams teaching homogeneous classes of Muslims children their religion and the language of their original homeland, and a “mosque in every municipality to be built through interest-free loans made available by the local municipalities.” This to demonstrate “Islam’s right to exist in Sweden” and to “heighten the status of and respect towards Muslims.” The demands were rejected by the Social Democrats then, but it now appears as if they have recognized that they need to cooperate with the fast-growing Muslim community if they want to regain power, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see calls for the use of sharia law in family matters by an otherwise officially feminist party.

The Social Democrats narrowly lost the elections in 2006, and appear to have decided that the way to regain and maintain power is to import voters, a strategy adopted by many of their sister parties in Western Europe. The Muslim Association of Sweden is generally viewed as ideologically inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The current leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin, thinks that “the Sweden Democrats are a right-wing party. It is a misogynistic and xenophobic party.” The “party is a threat to a Sweden that I believe many of us love — an open, unprejudiced and tolerant Sweden.”

Whatever else one thinks about that party, I’m not so sure the Muslim Brotherhood are less “misogynistic.” According to journalist Kurt Lundgren, Sahlin, expected to become the next Prime Minister, was a participant in the Pride Festival where she was graduated, after several questions, to the F***ing Medal Award. Has she given some thought to what effect this will have in a country with exploding rape statistics? According to the blogger Dick Erixon, the number of reported rapes in Sweden is now three times as high as in New York. NY has roughly the same number of inhabitants, but it is a metropolis, whereas Sweden is a country with mostly rural areas and villages. Swedish girls are called “infidel whores” on a regular basis and are increasingly scared to go outside, yet the nation’s arguably most powerful woman takes the F***ing Medal Award. How will that be perceived by Muslim immigrants?

Moreover, how will her views on sexual liberation be reconciled with her party’s cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood, since several of its senior international leaders have indicated that gays should be killed? The Swedish Church has recently announced that it will allow gay couples to marry in church. Will Sahlin and the Social Democrats also make sure that gay couples should be allowed to marry in mosques controlled by the MB? More interestingly, will AFA attack them for homophobia if they refuse?

Marcos Cantera Carlomagno in 1995 published a PhD thesis at Lund University describing a series of letters sent by Per Albin Hansson, leader of the Social Democrats and Prime Minister between 1932 and 1946, who worked for the establishment of “Folkhemmet,” the People’s Home, as the Swedish welfare state model became known as. Hansson was a dear pen pal with Italy’s Fascist leader Mussolini and praised the corporate, Fascist system where the entire economy and each individual were intimately tied to and subordinate to the state. Hansson was positively disposed to Fascism and saw his welfare state as a related concept. After mentioning his work in a local newspaper, Carlomagno was called by his supervisor who stated in anger that his scholarship would be cut off. Carlomagno’s work was totally ignored by the entire media and political establishment in Sweden when it appeared in the 1990s.

Why did this information meet with such repression? Because the power of the political and cultural establishment is not based on reasoned discussion but on shaming opponents and branding them as evil with words loaded with emotions and taboo. Terms such as “racist”, “Fascist”, and “Nazi” automatically shut down any rational discussion of a subject. The irony is that a similar strategy was employed with great success by.....the Nazis.

Adolf Hitler described how to use “spiritual terror” to intimidate and silence opponents, a technique he learned from watching the Socialists and the Social Democrats. He understood “the infamous spiritual terror which this movement exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks; at a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked persons break down and, just to have peace again, they sacrifice the hated individual… Conversely, they praise every weakling on the opposing side, sometimes cautiously, sometimes loudly, depending on the real or supposed quality of his intelligence.”

In 2006, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported that following recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, priests in the Swedish Church applied German race laws from 1937 onwards. According to Lund University’s Professor Anders Jarlert, who led the research, any Swede who wanted to marry an Aryan German was forced to sign an affirmation stating that none of the German’s grandparents were Jewish. History Professor Stig Ekman told DN that Sweden’s culture of silence and secrecy is one reason why this is appearing only now, generations later. In 1937, the Swedish government was controlled by the Social Democrats, yet despite this evidence that they applied Nazi race laws, party members still get away with denouncing critics of their immigration policies as neo-Nazis, racists or Fascists.

In the book The New Totalitarians, the British historian Roland Huntford in the early 1970s pointed out that Socialist professor Gunnar Myrdal and his wife Alva, both highly influential ideologists in developing the Swedish welfare state, had intimate connections with the German academic world during the Nazi age. Gunnar Myrdal served as both a member of parliament and later as a government minister for the Social Democrats during this period. According to Huntford: “The professor was then a Nazi sympathizer, publicly describing Nazism as the movement of youth and the movement of the future. In Myrdal’s defence, it must be pointed out that, whatever his other propensities, Hitler did have advanced ideas on social welfare, and that the social ideology of the German Nazis and the Swedish Social Democrats had much in common. Until the mid 1930s, Nazism had considerable attractions for those who favoured a benevolent and authoritarian state.”

Gunnar and Alva Myrdal promoted the idea of positive eugenics and forced sterilization programs against those with “weak genes.” This started in Sweden even before Nazi Germany, and it continued longer.

The Nazis called themselves national Socialists, and they took the Socialist component of their ideology quite seriously. They never nationalized all assets of production as the Communists did. They left nominal ownership in private hands, but production was in reality controlled by the state. The Nazis were thus to the left, economically, compared to many of the labor parties in Western Europe today. As Adolf Hitler stated in 1927: “We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!”

The Muslim Brotherhood were also fans of the European Fascist and Nazi movements in the 1930s, as they are of welfare state Socialism now. In Origins of Fascism, historian Walter Laqueur notes similarities between Islam and Nazism: “A German Catholic émigré writer Edgar Alexander (Edgar Alexander Emmerich) published an interesting work in 1937 in Switzerland entitled The Hitler Mythos (which was translated into English and reprinted after World War Two) in which he compared National Socialism with ‘Mohammedanism’ (...) He referred frequently to Hitler’s ‘Mohammedanism’ but made it clear that this referred only to external organizational forms (whatever this meant), to mass psychological effects and militant fanaticism. Alexander believed that Mohammed’s religion was based on sincere religious fanaticism (combined with political impulses) whereas Hitler’s (political) religion and its fanaticism had different sources.”

In Laqueur’s view, Fascism was less monolithic than Communism, as there were significant differences in theory and practice from country to country. The French Marxist Orientalist Maxime Rodinson wrote a polemic against the influential philosopher and fellow left-winger Michel Foucault who welcomed the Islamic Revolution in Iran. According to Rodinson, Khomeini and Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood constituted a form of “archaic fascism.” Ibn Warraq has used an outline of the Fascist ideology made by Italian novelist Umberto Eco and found that most of its defining hallmarks are shared by Islam.

German sociologist Theodor Adorno was a member of the Frankfurt School and was influenced by Georg Lukács, one of Gramsci’s fellow cultural Marxists. The Authoritarian Personality, a book carrying Adorno’s name but in reality produced by the combined efforts of a number of people from the Frankfurt School, was extremely influential in the United States in the generation following WW2 and contributed to the Allied denazification program in Germany. Working at the University of Berkeley, California, during and after the war, Adorno and others such as the German-Jewish thinker Max Horkheimer through a large number of interviews tried to establish that what led to the rise of Nazi Germany was the predominance of a particular kind of authoritarian personality, which happened to be closely tied to conservative viewpoints. In their view, this was not just the case in Nazi Germany; there were large numbers of potential Fascists all over the Western world.

The authors developed the so-called F-scale (F for “Fascist”) to measure the psychological indicators of an authoritarian personality. They identified several key dimensions of a protofascist personality, which included favoring traditional morality, close family ties and strong support of religion. It also included aggression, stereotypes, a preoccupation with oppression, dominance and destruction and an obsession with sex. The solution to root out this authoritarian personality was above all to be found in the breakdown and transformation of the traditional family structure..

It is striking to notice that these writers were inspired by a Marxist worldview and consistently refused to see the heavy Socialist influences on the Nazi ideology. Adorno and others argued that “late capitalism” had developed tools to resist the rise of a Socialist society, above all the use of popular culture and education. They apparently concluded that what led to the rise of the Nazis were traditional and “conservative” viewpoints.

But the Nazis weren’t conservatives. They should more properly be understood as a revolutionary Socialist movement, albeit one with powerful racialist and anti-Semitic overtones. Judging from the death toll produced by Socialist regimes both prior to and after them, it is tempting to conclude that the destruction brought by the Nazis owed at least as much to the Socialist as to the nationalist element of their ideology. The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, published in 1951, a year after The Authoritarian Personality, was somewhat closer to understanding the commonalities between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

However, since the Nazis have by now been dubbed a “far-right” movement, anybody considered to be a “right-winger” or conservative is thus supposedly closer to them than Socialists are, which automatically makes them suspect. Much of the power of the political Left throughout the West is based on such guilt-by-association, which is why it would be a disaster for their power base if it were to be demonstrated that the Swedish Social Democrats, the darlings of the political Left internationally, were close to the Fascists and the Nazis. They now display great affection for Islam, another thing they have in common with the Nazis.

Many of the stories in the famous The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), though frequently based on much older Persian and Indian tales, are said to have taken place during the rule of the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid in Baghdad in the late 8th and early 9th century. Few seem to remember that the first prototype of the yellow badge for Jews employed by the Nazis were developed by him, based on the regulations for dhimmis in Islamic teachings. He ordered Jews to wear yellow belts, Christians blue belts. This practice was later imported to Europe via medieval Spain and Portugal under Islamic rule.

Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Arab nationalist leader, a leading force behind the establishment of the Arab League and a spiritual father of the PLO, was a close collaborator with Nazi Germany and personally met with Adolf Hitler. In a radio broadcast from Berlin he called upon Muslims to kill Jews wherever they could find them. Dieter Wisliceny was the deputy of Adolf Eichmann, the organizer of the Holocaust and reportedly the inventor of the phrase the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” During the Nuremberg trials, Wisliceny stated that the Mufti “was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz.”

Serge Trifkovic in his book The Sword of the Prophet documents how al-Husayni recruited Bosnian and Albanian Muslims for Waffen SS units in the Balkans. Yugoslavia wanted to extradite al-Husayni for war crimes after WW2, but he fled to Egypt and continued his war against Jews. Orthodox Christian Serbs had to wear blue armbands, Jews yellow armbands. This clearly demonstrates that for Muslims this was a Jihad against disobedient dhimmis, and thus a continuation of the Turkish and Kurdish genocide against Armenians a few years earlier which was one of the inspirations for the Holocaust. More than a quarter of a million Serbs, Jews and Romani people (Gypsies) were killed by these Muslims troops. The leader of the Nazi SS troops Heinrich Himmler was impressed and stated to Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels that Islam was “a very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.”

He was far from the only person seeing a close correlation between Nazism and Islam. Karl Jung, in The Symbolic Life from 1939, stated that: “We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. (He is already on the way; he is like Mohammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god). That can be the historic future.” In The Second World War, Vol. I (The Gathering Storm), Winston Churchill wrote about Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf: “Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”

Medieval anti-Jewish pogroms in Europe could be brutal, but still normally of limited scope. To commit evil on a truly monumental scale, you need the support of ideology backed by bureaucrats, jurists and the machinery of a totalitarian state. Since Socialism generally leads in a totalitarian direction, which has also been facilitated by technological and industrial advances, a Socialist society will make large-scale massacres more likely..

The Hungarian author Imre Kertész, Holocaust survivor and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, writes in the magazine that “the genuine novelties of the twentieth century were the totalitarian state and Auschwitz. The anti-Semitism of the nineteenth century, for instance, was as yet barely able, nor even would have wished, to imagine a Final Solution. Auschwitz, therefore, cannot be accounted for by the common-or-garden, archaic, not to say classical concepts of anti-Semitism. (...) Eichmann testified during his trial in Jerusalem that he was never an anti-Semite, and although those who were in the courtroom burst into laughter, it is not inconceivable that he was being truthful. In order to murder millions of Jews the totalitarian state had need, in the final analysis, not so much of anti-Semites as good organisers. We need to see clearly that no totalitarianism of party or state can exist without discrimination, and the totalitarian form of discrimination is necessarily mass murder.”

Kertész also warns, timely in these Multicultural days, that “a civilisation that does not clearly proclaim its values, or which leaves these proclaimed values high and dry, is stepping on the path to perdition and terminal debility. Then others will pronounce their values, and in the mouths of these others they will no longer be values but just so many pretexts for untrammelled power, untrammelled destruction.”

Following the Cold War, the West was stuck with a large fifth column in our media and academia of people who were disappointed after the sudden collapse of the alternative to capitalism. They are slaves emancipated against their will, desperately in search of a new master. Their hatred for the Established Order never subsided when Marxism suffered a blow to its credibility. On the contrary, on some levels it increased. Although their attacks on the Christian, capitalist West are less ideologically coherent than in the past, this does not make them any less passionate.

They have decided to pursue the course of a gradual transformation of society through the education system and through destroying the family structure. The radicals have renewed hope of a violent upheaval. With the mass importation of Muslims, who have displayed such a wonderful talent for violence, and with rising ethnic tensions within the West, maybe they can finally get the armed revolution they were longing for.

The Swedish Social Democrats were pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi during the 1930s and 40s, appeased the Communists during the Cold War and cooperate with repressive and violent Islamic organizations today. They have consistently supported or appeased some of the worst societies and ideologies in human history, which between themselves have killed more than 150 million people in a few generations. Yet they are the good guys, the poster boys of the political Left throughout the world.

Now they forge an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, another organization with close ideological ties to the Fascist and Nazi movements. At a time when native Swedes are raped, stabbed, killed and chased out of their homes by Muslim gangs, the Social Democrats agree to continue allowing Muslims to colonize the country in exchange for their votes. In the old days this would be called treason. Now it’s called tolerance. It’s remarkable how similar the two concepts have become. Two Fascist-inspired movements cooperate on exploiting and abusing the native population of a country, force them fund and applaud their own colonization and denounce them as bigots, racists and Fascists if they resist. The strategy is as brilliant as it is evil.

Why do they get away with this? How come Socialists can stab their own people in the back, ally themselves openly with some of the most violent and repressive movements on earth and still manage to portray themselves as beacons of goodness? I am tempted to agree with former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky: The West didn’t win the Cold War, at least not as decisively as we should have done. The belief-system we were up against has been allowed to mutate and regain some of its former strength. We haven’t defeated Socialism until we stage a Nuremberg trial and demonstrate clearly that the suffering, repression and massacres caused by Socialist regimes from Vietnam via the Ukraine to the Baltic were a direct result of Socialist doctrines.


OK then to answer your question,I posted first to show how "ignorant leftists" view this subject,then followed it up with the JJRay link which sets out to totally demolish that argument.Reversing the order would have reversed the argument in favour of the "ignorant leftists".Hope that explanation clears things up once and for all.

I am tired of ignorant

I am tired of ignorant leftists.

When I jumped to I just Thought "another one" and shoot without looking to the second link.


Sorry for answering a question with a question but could you please tell me how changing the order would have improved things from your perspective?

To Atlanticist911 OK! OK!

To Atlanticist911


Thank you for the link to JJRay.

BTW, have you thought about changing the order you list them?

@ Geraldo

Please forgive my confusion but I'm finding it hard to understand whether or not you have a specific disagreement with what I am posting.If you DO disagree with me,perhaps you could commence your reply with the sentence,"I disagree with you when you say ...".

Thanks,Geraldo,always good to hear from you. 

@ Atlanticist911 I mean if

@ Atlanticist911

I mean if you were to understand fascism you have to go to last decades of XIXth Century.

 When WWI began almost all fascist theory were ready, and it came almost all from the left. And dont say that left has nothing to do witrh nationalism.

What fascists learn with WWI was the power of state.

The founding fathers of fascism were George Sorel, a marxist revisionist, many revolucionar sindicalists and people from socialist parties like Benito Mussolini.


Thanks for your unsolicited response.Not quite sure what you mean when you say I need to dig more,unless it means I haven't covered the whole story in depth.If so,I know that.I wasn't attempting to write a dissertation,merely offering readers in general and Nigel B in particular some further reading matter.But thanks again for your interesting contribution,it was much appreciated.




Here's another related link some might find interesting:


Subject: Dr Engelbert Dollfuss - Hero,Martyr and Patriot.

@ Charles Bogle

They realize how stupid they are and cognitiv dissonance make them act like what they are: FASCISTS!


Get Your Mind Right

Try bringing up the fact that National Socialism (NAZI) was socialism, thus of the left, on most college campi. You're likely to be called a racist, fill-in-the-blankophobe, and sent to "sensitivity training" in order to correct your thinking.

@ atlanticist Yo have to

@ atlanticist

Yo have to dig more.

First of all, nationalism was an invention of the left, when being of the left means you were a republican.

Fascism, from wich nazism was only a kind, born from the junction of nationalism and socialism. By the end of XIXth, the failure of utilizing proletariate to make the revolution, and socialism, led revolutionaires to turn to another powerfull sentiment, nationalism, to make revolution. They were to use nationalism to resolve the social problem of proletariat. Mussolini, who was a leader of italian socialist party made that synthesis. WWI and the discover of the power of the state just completed the mixt, but most of its theory were complete before the war, that led to the rise of fascisms in the 30's.

You see, it take it all from the left. Even George Sorel, prime masterthinker of fascism was a marxist who engage in a perfection of marxism.

What is the problem if the trend fascist take led to an acomodation with ruling class? Comunists make the same and they are not less left for that. There is a list at Just apply it to comunism

Lisa weirtmuller (or Lina), an italian cineast, made beautifull movies on fascism, you should take a look at them.


The article states how the Nazi party was a socialist party - a left wing party - but is described as far right and therefore close to conservativism. These people (nazis) are not conservatives. John Gray's new book, Black Mass, is a good read and explains the subject far better than I could ever paraphrase.

The fact that the Nazis are, as their name quite clearly states, National Socialists and that people do not associate them with socialism is astounding. The difference between national socialism (nazism) and international socialism (communism)is the scope of their ambition and their take on scientific racism. Their commonality is in their rejection of democracy, of capitalism, in their use of secret police, the criminilisation of opponents and their rejection of religion. Unfortunately this strange ideology that wants to destroy capitalism and create a new utopic society still exists.

Just think, if I said to you that I could create a perfect society and all of your problems could be solved, and all of mankind could live in peace an contentment; and more than this, that it was an historical inevitability, you would say to me that I was either mad or that I was a liar. However, this is the message of Marxism, the historical inevitability of a utopic future (history as teleology). Anyone who takes this seriously, should not be taken seriously, they should either be mocked or ignored.

Rant over!

New York vs. Sweden

"According to the blogger Dick Erixon, the number of reported rapes in Sweden is now three times as high as in New York."


They can thank Giulliana for that.  I am sure it was much higher before.  Europeons can learn much from him like not having a revolving door prison system and realizing that people that commit small crimes are also responsible for most of the major crimes.  The solution is to get them off the streets and VIOLA!!! You can ride the subway at night again.