Thank You, Frankfurt, for Digging Belgium’s Grave


A quote from Vincent De Roeck at his blog, 25 August 2007
Belgium currently faces a very serious existential crisis. Some even dare to speak of the possibility of a complete crackdown of the homeland of both, the European Union and NATO.  […] [I]f such a crisis as Belgium is facing today, would have occurred in the nineties, the Belgian monetary system would have simply collapsed. The Belgian franc would have suffered tremendous losses in value, especially in such a vibrant and ever-changing marketplace as the one whereon foreign currencies are traded.
Thanks to the Euro zone, the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the European Central Bank (ECB), the Belgian government can easily go in decay without having to bear the monetary consequences of such a crisis. This kind of political irresponsibility has been made possible by the European Union and its satellite institutions. So, thank you, […] Frankfort [the ECB headquarters], for having dug Belgium’s grave.


Somebody made good money off of the euroscam.  You can't let 10% of your national wealth evaporate without somebody on the other end.

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