Brussels Demonstration Update


Hugo Coveliers, the lawyer of the organizers of the pan-European anti-Islamization demonstration which is planned to take place in Brussels on 11 September, is taking his appeal against the ban of the demo by Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels, to another court. Earlier the organizers brought an appeal case before the Council of State (CoS), Belgium’s highest administrative court. Last Wednesday the CoS refused to overrule the ban, claiming that the organizers are unable to prove that their interests have been harmed by the refusal to demonstrate on 11 September.
Mr Coveliers has now decided to bring the case before a civil court. He is going to argue that the “subjective rights” of the organizers have been denied. If the court agrees with that argument there is a possibility that the organizers can claim damages from the Brussels mayor if he does not allow the demonstration to go ahead.

Mr Coveliers, a member of the Belgian Senate, was shocked at the CoS ruling. Freddy Thielemans, the Brussels mayor, is a Socialist. Judge Roger Stevens, the chairman of the three CoS judges who refused to overrule his ban, happens to be the co-author of a book with Johan Vande Lanotte, who until last June was the party leader of the Socialists. Judge Daniël Moons, one of the two other judges who ruled in the case, was appointed to the CoS in 1997 by the same Mr Van de Lanotte, who was Belgium’s Vice Prime Minister at the time. The superior of the three judges, the recently appointed CoS president Marie-Rose Bracke, is the sister-in-law of former Socialist minister Luc Vanden Bossche and the aunt of Freya Van den Bossche, the current Belgian Budget Minister, also a Socialist. As TBJ reported earlier, the lawyer of the Brussels mayor is Marc Uyttendaele, the husband of Laurette Onkelinx, who is the Belgian minister of Justice. Mrs Onkelinx, a Socialist, is responsible for appointing, promoting and suspending judges in Belgium.

In Belgium the ban of the demonstration has led to widespread indignation among non-Socialist citizens. A student organization linked to the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Verhofstadt, who is governing in a coalition with the Socialists, is calling its members to “go for a walk” in the European district of Brussels around noon on Tuesday 11 September. “Freedom loving citizens should agree that banning a peaceful demonstration, every demonstration, violates the principles of our free democracy and the rule of law, hence it is totally unacceptable,” the students write.

Owing to what seems to be a lack of coordination between the British-Danish-German organizers of the banned demonstration it is not clear where the demonstrators are expected to meet. Some say that people should assemble in front of the European Parliament (EP) at the Luxemburg Plaza, others are distributing maps indicating the back entrance of the EP at Wiertz Straat, yet others are telling us to come to the Schumann Plaza in front of the headquarters of the European Commission.

Perhaps, since all these places are within walking distance from each other, Europeans who are concerned about the Islamization of their continent should just stroll from one place to another. Stay on the footpaths and behave as if you are a tourist, but wear a white ribbon or white shirt or hat, or carry a white balloon, white banner, anything white, to make clear that in post-democratic Europe politicians and judges no longer allow citizens to speak their minds. Demonstrators are advised to come to Brussels by train or plane. The Belgian police might intercept buses, especially convoys of buses from the Netherlands and Germany, on the highway and prevent them from driving on.

Meanwhile, following the example of The Wall Street Journal and my own piece in The Washington Times, major international media such as the BBC, The International Herald Tribune (via Associated Press), Polish radio, the Italian paper Il Giornale, the Czech newspapers Hospodarske noviny and Lidove noviny, the [British] Muslim Weekly and even The China Post have begun to mention the banned demonstration.

For the Chinese Communists it must be a consolation to learn that the jackboot Socialists in the capital of Europe also ban demonstrations.

In Response to Chinese "consolation"

Paul Belien: "For the Chinese Communists it must be a consolation to learn that the jackboot Socialists in the capital of Europe also ban demonstrations."


I would still prefer to live in Europe rather than China. Moreover, Chinese communism has been transformed into some variant of fascism, wherein the whims of shy bureaucrats behind closed doors are the official ideology as opposed to Marxist, Leninist or Maoist principles. Never has a government appeared so illegitimate as the current one in Beijing does today. Although maintaining a nationalist stance, Beijing is less concerned about the welfare of the Chinese masses then when Maoism still held sway. One day soon, the ordinary rank and file members of the PLA will lose their ideological raison d'etre and refuse to play glorified policemen as the universally feared Red Army did in 1991.


Similarly, I find it hard to believe that when push comes to shove, that Belgian policemen and soldiers will turn on their own, unless of course their ranks swell with the majority denziens of Bruxelles.

Re: Not responding



If you think I'm going to traipse around the streets of Brussels wearing nothing more than a pair of white underpants over my head and a large beaky bird carcass slung over my right shoulder,in angry pursuit of that bird brain of a mayor,while simultaneously trying to avoid the unwanted attentions of an unspecified number of overly enthusiastic members of the local Constabulary,"Islamo-zombies",neo-Nazis... 

Blame the neo-nazis!

"The attendance of right-wing extremists was one of the reasons for Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans to ban the protest."


Sounds like total uncomposted bullshit to me.

Wear Something White #2

"I hope those taking part...will...cover their faces..."


It's certainly reached a sad state of affairs when an Englishman can't walk the streets of Brussels in broad daylight without having to wear a pair of white underpants over his head in order to prevent mistaken identity,on the spot reprisal or personal  intimidation.


Seriously though,pet85002,you make an excellent point.

From now on only demos that

From now on only demos that are simpathetic to mayor of Brussels will be autorized.

It just nedd someone of stormfront os else stating they are organizing buses to go there and the demo banned.

What has been banned is democracy!

Freedom of neo-nazi speech?

Right-wing groups to attend protest

29 August 2007

BRUSSELS- Extreme right-wing organisations like Blood and Honour and Stormfront have hired buses to bring people to the banned anti-Islam demonstration in Brussels on 11 September.

City councillor for Brussels Emmanuel Jacobowitz said that the Brussels police have found indications on internet forums that buses are being organised to take people to the protest.

The attendance of right-wing extremists was one of the reasons for Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans to ban the protest.

A visit to the Stormfront website indicates that the organisation certainly does not plan to stay home. "The demonstration and/or manifestation will therefore definitely take place. The buses from Rotterdam will also operate as planned," writes one Stormfront forum poster who seems to be well up to date on the demonstration

Cover your face!!

I do hope those taking part in this extremely important march will have the common sense to cover their faces. There will undoubtedly will be an army of islamo-zombies out there with cameras taking pictures of the marchers so they can visit harm on them in the dead of the night. Also be prepared, the islamo-zombies will be whipped up into a frenzy, those who speak ill of islam MUST be beheaded!  It will also be interesting to see what the Brussels police do, will they protect the marchers, or will they be on the side of the islamo-zombies? I do believe a European wide revolution against the Politically Correct Socialists will hang in the balance.

This spells a world wide

This spells a world wide know word: M A F I A!

Of the worst kind, socialist mafia.

The stuff is anymore on SIOE hands or in belgian courts. The People is coming to Brussels on 9/11.

I will carry some white roses.

Kicking in the wild

Sorry but I don't think that a civil court can overrule the CoS.


Still, I can't see how the mayor of Brussels can violate the German Constitution in his own city.


@ Schaveiger

The CoS refused to overrule the ban. Hugo Coveliers hopes that a civil court will allow the demonstration. Legally speaking, overruling the mayor's ban and allowing the demonstration are two different things.

Legalism !

I suppose you're right Paul.
But I still think that Coveliers is kicking in the wild because he stated to win this even before having introduced the claim.

Not responding

I suppose if the white feather were still joined to a large beaky bird, you could shove it up the Mayor's arse to some effect.

Harmed Interests: Violation of German Constitution

The German constiution, article 20 (on of the "untouchables"), guarantees Germans a "social, democratic and federal" system and explicitly entitles Germans to resist against anybody who wants to eliminate this German Republic.

In another untouchable article, the German constitution guarantees Germans that the construction of Europe will give them "equivalent" protection and rights as the German Grudgesetz does.

By undermining the rights of German demonstrators in a uniting Europe before European institutions, Mr. Thielemans infringes gravely on German constitutional rights. Consequently, there is a legal case against Brussels (town) or Brussels (EU), should this not be righted. Should the infrigement be maintained, German citizens would have the material to discuss article 20, line 4: The right to resist.

Belgium, and Brussels (both), will be worse for it if the German public wakes up to this fact.