Update Brussels Demo: Germans Back Out, Danes and British Stay Put


This afternoon Udo Ulfkotte, the German co-organizer of the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels on 11 September, called off the demonstration, which earlier was banned by the Brussels authorities. During the past weeks Ulfkotte claimed that he would bring 20,000 demonstrators to the Belgian and European capital. On his website he announced today that the demo will not take place for security reasons since “extremists prepared to use violence can abuse the demonstration for violent actions.”
The Danish and British co-organizers have immediately expelled Ulfkotte from SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe) and say his decision to cancel the demo is “unilateral.” They announce that the demo will go ahead as planned. Anders Gravers, the Danish co-president of SIOE, who was in Brussels today, was told by the Brussels authorities that there may be “terrorist attacks against the demo.” According to the Danish and British SIOE branches the news that there will be a terrorist attack in Brussels is “the final desperate tactic from the authorities” to prevent the demonstration from taking place.
So far Belgium has never been the scene of Muslim terrorism, although Islamists frequently use the country as a logistical support base for actions elsewhere. The Madrid train bombings of 11 March 2004 were planned in Belgium. It has even been suggested that the Belgian authorities have struck a deal with Islamist terrorists, agreeing to turn a blind eye to conspiracies hatched on Belgian soil in exchange for immunity from attack. In a statement from GIA, the Algerian section of al-Qaeda, addressing the Belgian King Albert II but posted to the French embassy in Brussels in June 1999, the Algerian terror movement explicitly referred to such a deal.
This makes it very unlikely that there will be a terrorist attack in Brussels next Tuesday. Unless the Islamists regard an anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels, even though banned by the Brussels authorities, as a unilateral breach of the deal by the Belgians.

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Validation of prejudice

"Alternatively,you should consider spending a brief vacation in Europe to get those "prejudices" of yours personally confirmed and validated "


I was held up at gunpoint in Par-ass last November by several Algerians.

Attempts in Belgium

According to state security there were also two attempts stopped in Antwerp: one against the opening of the new tunnel and one against a jewish school. Already in the '80 s a jewish boy was killed in the street by a Palestinian "militant" attack against jewish schoolchildren going on holidays.


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Alternatively,you should consider spending a brief vacation in Europe to get those "prejudices" of yours personally confirmed and validated or not,as the case may be.Example:Che Guevara T-shirt,cool,Stars and Stripes logo NOT recommended.And that is BEFORE you meet your first militant Islamist! Like I said before,welcome aboard and welcome to MY world...

bd to bd

Welcome aboard, bd, from one bd to another.

With your apparent desire to confirm and validate your prejudices, you should fit in very well here. Occasionally though be prepared to hear a contrary view.

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Welcome aboard.If you'd care to visit the following link you'll get a good insight into the thoughts of a true conservative view of current events from a British perspective.

btw Peter is the brother of Christopher.Personally,I'm majority inclined towards the views of Peter than to his brother,EXCEPT when it comes to the question of how to deal with global jihadism and Britain's  relationship with the USA.




Title: What is wrong,and how to begin to put some of it right.


Hope you find it interesting.

Thank you. If you'd all

Thank you. If you'd all like to find really inflamed opinion of the War in Iraq go to Patdollard.com. Well put together politics and stories in general, go to Michellemalkin.com and Americanthinker.com.

Hello, I'm new to the #2

Check out  http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/   for more info. Slowly it's not whole areas in Europe are, for lack of a better term, 'Islamicized' but whole countries. When a Swedish politician stated, "We must be nice to the moslems because when they are the majority they may remember this and be nice to us". That's when you know the end is near.

Are you serious? A

Are you serious? A politician said that? I've read on the Internet of Muslim gang rapes going underreported in the Scandanavian countries. Is that true too? Are your politicians doing anything about this?

Hello, I'm new to the

Hello, I'm new to the Journal, live in the U.S., and as an American looking for news outside our terrible newsmedia outlets, is it true from the internet articles I've read that whole areas in Europe are, for lack of a better term, 'Islamicized'?


Welcome. In Europe the lemmings are leading the citizens towards the cliffs. Islamisation is just a very convenient means to their end. I've written some articles on it on my blog Dutch Concerns, including a Free Congress Foundation video on the History of Political Correctness that has made it all come about.

Judging from the info on Gates of Vienna Sweden is by far the worst at the moment, but they were already a super-socialist wellfare state, which helped. You will find that the more wellfare has been institutionalised, the worse it is. This does not bode well for The Netherlands and Belgium either, and possibly the UK is even worse than NL.

Today I received a link in a reaction to an article I put on Vrijspreker.nl that points to a transcript of a speech by Bill Lind on Political Correctness. Very informative.

Muslim gangs

... despite the Arab European League’s official statement that its Muslim gangs will not counter-demonstrate, Muslim gangs are rallying their members to do just that.
You can bet this will be ONE BIG VIOLENT meeting between the religion of peace (islam) if you do not want to be a moslem i will take my sword and slice you into a thousand pieces, and those who don't want any part of islam.
Lets hope the English bring some soccer hooligans with them to even up the sides.
This will either put some backbone into the European bureaucrats to stand up to isalm or the worms will crawl away and surrender europe.