*** Crisis in Belgium: Read the Only Book Which Explains Why ***


“A Throne in Brussels,” my history of Belgium, was published in 2005. The book predicts that “Belgium will collapse in the next ten years.” It also warns that “Belgium’s past might be Europe’s future.” The collapse of Belgium has begun. International journalists who would like a review copy can request one from the publisher [Imprint Academic in Exeter (UK) and Charlottesville, VA (US)] here.
My book is a history of Belgium since its foundation until today. It is the ONLY English-language history book that explains the causes of the coming collapse of Belgium and its implications for Europe. Read a sample chapter (pdf) of the book here.

The sample chapter relates how the Belgian King Albert I conspired with the Germans against the Allies during the First World War, only switching to the Allied side when it became clear that the latter were going to win the war.

Polish translation?

Does Polish translation is planned in the future? Somehow reading long text in English makes me tired.  There are Polish conservative publishing houses that could find this topic interesting.

The rest is more interesting

Of all chapters, I found the sample chapter "reluctant ally" one of the least interesting. The rest of the book is even more exciting. Of course, as an appetiser for an english speaking public, the reluctant ally story is one of the most shocking ones, given the number of English boys that died on Flemish soil.

By the way...

"Such subversive ideas have made him something of a hero among British Eurosceptics..."


Which is one of the major reasons I decided to sign up to the BJ in the first place,so you can all blame Paul Belien for that.


By the way,buy the book.