Capital of the EUSSR

I just returned home from the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels. The Belgian police beat up the peaceful demonstrators in what even the Belgian public television call "an extremely violent fashion." Here are some video images. The grey-haired man whom we see being attacked by the police first is Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, the Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament. Shortly afterwards we see the police maltreating Frank Vanhecke, a member of the European Parliament and the party leader of the Vlaams Belang. We see how he is handcuffed and pushed into a police bus. Afterwards we also see the police "taking care" of Filip Dewinter, the VB group leader in the Flemish Parliament. We see how his arm gets caught between the closing doors of the bus. An Italian MEP and a French MEP were also arrested. The demonstrators were kept in cells for seven hours and released this evening.


One of our readers who wants to stay anonymous sent us this personal impression of the SIOE demonstration:

A Day in Brussels, A Fifty Yard View 

Around 10:45, driving around the Luxembourg and Berlaymont areas in Brussels it became obvious the demonstration was en route to become “a whole lot ado ‘bout nothin’ ”. It’s hard to say whether there were 12 or 15 dozen demonstrators near the Europarliament Buildings, come noon, how many there were at the Luxemburg plaza or in between, I can’t say, but what was abundantly clear, was that these particular Brussels areas were under siege.

However much the Belgian media portray the SIOE demo as an anti-islam ralley, I wanted to be there because I’ve started reading the Koran about three years ago. I challenge any or other rational opponent of the demonstration to do the same and not be concerned. I happened to be in Brussels, since it matters to me personally, apart from the fact that 9/11 left a profound impression, and to this day still does, that is...

I wanted to see for myself how the authorities would react. Seeing is believing. As soon as I saw the might of the police and recognised the efforts the authorities had taken throughout the neighbouring communes, it was pretty clear most of those unorganised individuals who would have wanted to attend simply decided to do a 180 and got the hell out of Dodge. Police outnumbered demonstrators by some 300% (guesswork).

Impressive it was, and although throughout the surrounding area police forces kept to themselves, acting as inconspicuous as pink elephants near the north-pole, the cordon policiaire that had been thrown in front of the demonstrators, (keeping to the stairs of the roundabout opposite the Berlaymont-building), the flashing policecars, the horses, the dogs, and the riot-police stood their ground; in the side-streets numerous riot-cars went to all lengths to be overtly and utterly visible. Police in combat gear stood within shouting distance.

No crowds in their tens of thousands, not all too many banners or cards, some flags here and there, and most of the time the demonstrators were hidden behind the press-camera’s clicking away at God knows what. They didn’t wear combat boots, they didn’t carry any sticks, there were no baseball-bats, they didn’t wear face-masks, and they didn’t rip open the pavement, no window-panes shattered, no refuse-cans were lit, the café was open and sold cofffee and sandwiches, business as usual. The demonstrators probably just voiced grievances, although I can’t tell since I didn’t hear any of it. They may not have shaven their heads, they didn’t wear orange, or off-white sarongs, they didn’t fold their hands in front of them, and they didn’t seek any of their heads to forcefully meet with truncheons, yet…

Yet yes, the demo had been banned, and yes there’s probably laws against unlawfull manifestations, and yes, all those in the midst probably knew what to expect, if push came to shove.

However, … For some or other reason police made a dash towards selected demonstrators and singled out those, who for all intents and purposes didn’t in any way seem ‘aggressive’ from my 50 yard away-off-to-the-side view. All those that were brutally manhandled suffered the hyper-adrenaline anger of some eager roughshot-riding police, and although they put up with the assault, they didn’t as such retaliate. Although they did not quite “resist” the person in authority, one was hard put to tell whether the struggles that ensued, were not caused by the ‘brute way’ in which they were thrown to the ground, or it jus may be they simply wanted to prevent their three-piece suits from being torn. And when they voiced their disagreement with the way they were manacled, they protested the fact that they were manhandled. Some protesters even involuntarily ran in to 2-foot truncheons, that happened to be in the way.

It needn’t have come to that. There was simply no momentum. This was unnecessary. An overreaction to an out of control fenomenon. If the police hadn’t acted as they have,… they would have come out tops. As is the case, and under orders, they’re the losers,… Brussels lost face. If one is treated the way these politicians today have been treated for peacefully protesting against a ban on being allowed to peacefully demonstrate, then there’s something wrong. Acutely and perversely wrong.

For, for example the United States as constitutional democracy, specifically allows for peaceful demonstrations to address social and/or political grievances and specifically allows the freedom of assembly to express these grievances. In the ‘New-Europe’ Capital it is now abundantly clear one has no such rights.

Standing to the side and keeping an ear to the comments numerous french and english onlookers voiced, I happened to overhear a conversation between a tanned, rather curly haired, charismatic young woman and her friends. Obviously foreign, probable Euro-civil servants.

(paraphrasing) “I might not agree to what they do and say, but this is no way to threat people, this is a disgrace”.

This about wraps it all up as far as bystanders go.

Just another day in Brussels,… one to remember.

The demo as such was but a ripple in a pond, strategically however it couldn’t have made a more significant point, mainly because of the way neutral bystanders next to me, reacted to the use of force only to become concerned, which is, above all,… no longer neutral or no longer unconcerned… at least.

I heard but one comment, but through the windows of the adjacent glass-sided buildings a European audience silently stood,… looking, looking.

A day in Brussels,… a fifty yard view


Here's one aussie who sympathsiers with the Belgians plight. The greatest lie the tyarrants have perpetuated is that we are free. ..Free to obey.

Defining Moment?

A few questions come to mind:


Is this event a 'defining moment' for Europe?


When and where is the next one!!!!?


Bodissey at has suggested one will happen in Marseille at a later date to be announced.  Good.  The dates should always correspond with an Islamic terror event against Europeans or one of its Allies.  Lord knows they have plenty to chose from.


You can tell if someone is a moslem by the face mask, loud and violent screaming and by the large sign he/she is carrying that states if anyone criticizes islam in any way they will be killed, usually by beheading.

I live in liege

No seriously, i do.

Cops from here are the most obnoxious, abusive, dirty sons of bitches you can find.

I bet even stalin's death squads weren't such dirtbags.

Evil U.S.A.

And the evil American authorities let a woman camp out on the driveway of the President of the United States for months.  Gee, it makes you wonder why we even let European governments preach to us at all.

Much to the chagrin of many of my colleagues here, I try to keep an open mind about everything and look at the facts; then try to analyse them with some common sense.

They took the legal route for this demonstration and were denied.  Whether justifiably or not, it is a case of law.  They then proceded with the demonstration knowing the police were going to be there in force.  A police force that is highly francophone and, despite the European presence there, saw this as an opportunity to take apart their nemesis, the Vlaams Belang.


Anyone who didn't see this coming is either completely näive or just plain stupid.  It was scripted this way from the moment the mayor said no.  The only questions to be answered is how Europe will respond from this point.  Will the European government come out and claim it is an internal matter for Brussels and Belgium to handle or will it start to take steps to treat Brussels as a true capital of the Union? 


In my humble opinion, they should insist that matters of E.U. interest are protected by rights of free speach and that the Brussels mayor was acting outside of E.U. interest by first banning this protest and then by allowing the police to handle it so forcibly.


That's precisely why the Democrats want porous borders and unlimited immigration in the US.


Belgium: game over

Whenever a belgian foreign minister or diplomat will use the word "democracy" or "freedom" in a speach, the public will break into tears. Or burst out laughing. One of both.

What happened in Brussels yesterday is the perfect excuse for any dictatorial regime in the world to justify their acts. "Belgium is worser" will be a standard excuse from N-Korea to Iran, Cuba or Venezuela.

Do you mind i post a link to this article on the Chinese political blogs ? Or should we keep up appearance towards China ?

To govern a big country is like cooking a small fish.
Stir as little as possible.
- Lao Zi, Daode Jing 256 BC

@ Saharian

This is not the begining of the end. Nor the ending of the begining. I would say the begining of the bigining. And ballot boxes have still their value. We will use them.

A Freedom Not Worth Having

"Free speech includes not only the inoffensive but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative ... Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having." -- Lord Justice Sedley (UK) in
Redmond-Bate v Director of Public Prosecutions, 23 July 1999 (q.v.).

It's high time for the Europeans and Americans to come together

In fact it's way past the time!


Gentlemen please visit a site called, where you can post messages.


Most Americans don't know what's going on in Belgium because the Liberal media agents of CNN, MSNBC, etc, will not publish stories that contradict the Socialist/Communist lie.  By the way, make no mistake, the Communism in your EU empire is very real.  If you cannot freely exercise your right to protest, you are ruled by budding Communists.


I have been visiting the Brussels Journal for several days and still am worried about common European resolve.


Visit and talk with Americans.  We are very direct, immediately forceful, and rude.  I believe you all need much of this 'ugly American, cowboy' quality in you.  A very real and virulently fierce strain of independence.


I am not affiliated with that site.  But after months of visiting and talking with people on it, you will, after a few days, understand exactly to what I speak of.


Start visiting that and other American sites and encourage your American cousins to visit European sites.


It is time we brethren across the Atlantic come together again to defeat and vote out or overthrow your Communist government AND throw back the Islamic invaders that is slowly conquering our ancient Continent.

Someone is STRANGELY missing

Has anyone else noticed, in all the pictures the members of "If you criticize islam off with your head" group are not visible. Not one moslem anywhere (it's safe to say the chicks with the black head coverings are not moslem). Could it be those running the EU and the moslems are in bed together? The vice-mayor of Brussels is moslem, in the next election could the mayor also be moslem? If so those running the EU should take notice for they may soon be out of a job. 


How can you so easily tell if someone is Muslim or not from the outside?
Aside from that point, the fact that few Muslims showed up is not a vast conspiracy theory, it just shows that they couldn't be arsed to show up for that demonstration, which is a good thing.
The most likely group to show riotous behavior, young teenaged men, apparently had beter things to occupy themselves with, such as going to school.

A Taste of Things to Come

A mere taste the Euro marxist-dominated elites have in store for
Europeans. And what America's euro-envious elites are successfully laying the
groundwork (campaign finance "reform", "hate" crimes, "Fairness"
Doctrine, supressing the right to rebel/bear arms) for in the US. Huxley's liberal critque of socialism in Brave New
World is now coming true: obey the Cult of Conspicuous Compassion, or

When are we in the West going to realize how socialism has completely corrupted our educated elites? And it is us the citizenry who are paying the price for their infamy? What will historians say about this period a century from now?



Exactly why my Flemish husband and I have recently permanently relocated back to America.  We both saw the 'handwriting on the wall' for the future of Belgium and Europe. When you lose your freedom of speech, all is lost.

There is no democracy in Belgium, a place that is beginning to look and act more and more like a third world country.





They are deliberately targeting Flemish separatist leaders, not anti-Islamists. Shame!

Violence isn't Necessarily Necessary

If Nicholas Sarkozy can be elected, you can use protests and strikes and paralyze your countries...


You don't have to use violence... unless the Muslims use violence first.

Start practicing...

...the words 'Europe, Europe uber alles!!'


Nazism, Communism, doesn't matter!


You are now there tax paying prisoner.


All jews must wear a gold Star of David.


All Capitalists must enter re-education.


Muslims can do whatever they want, including raping your wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters.


And you, the white, European male, must shut up and let your son be beheaded and you daughter raped and work to provide the govenment taxes.



I feel bad for the.....

...good people of Europe who had to endure this iron fisted treatment..All because they can see the forest before the trees, unlike their stupid governments....It seems that totalitarianism is still alive and well on the continent, suppressing free speech at the behest of a few....And speaking of that few...I noticed not one of the Muslim "community" seemed to be in any pictures....Did any show up?...Were they instructed by the gestapo to stay put so Lord Mayor Captain Kangaroo (a/k/a Fat Freddie) could appease them some more, as his thugs took care of the demostrators???......I'd be curious to know.....Oh, and just so everyone knows...There wasn't even a peep about this on any American mainstream media web site...Anyone surprised???......


Quote;from the same book and author:


The Taliban liked SUV's but the government and school system they established ensured that not a single Afghan would ever acquire the knowledge to produce such pricey appurtenances.


Sadly,it would appear that 'Talibaniation' has its western variant and our Euro-elites constitute its 'loya jirga'.


However, 'Mullah' Freddy needs to be reminded that when it  is finally  his time to jump on the back of the motor bike and head for the hills,there wil be no equivelent of the Hindu Kush in Belgium for him to run and hide. 

@ Atlanticist911

This highlight the war we missed: at school.

If you want your childs to defend themselves protect them from official education. Very Slooowwwwww but very efectiv Brain Washing 

9/11 #3


No wonder I have college students who affirm that British imperialism in India was no different from Hitler's attempt at dominance of Europe -as if there were gas chambers in New Delhi,as if the Nazi "super race" might have sought to eradicate the cast system,or if Gandhi's civil disobedience would have worked against Himmler...


"Between War and Peace" by Victor Davis Hanson.







Just a taste?

This isn't a taste....


You've finished the appetizers, and are already in the first course of your dinner.  What's the special?  Fried Freedom!


What are you waiting for, dessert?  You'll never reach it because you'll be dead!!





Muzzled press

I like the "no press" comments.  This is just a taste of what is to come if we allow the EU to gain more power.

Good-bye Western Civilization

In the future, we may only be able to whisper about what it was like in the lands of the Free West, and about the peoples and society that inhabited it.


But only a whisper... before we have to bow to Mecca again...

As usual

"The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe." - Tom Wolfe

It seems you had all better

It seems you had all better defend yourselves...


Because your own government won't.


Who knows?  Maybe in a generation, (if the American 'Congress' doesn't kill us), the US Army maybe called on again to Liberate Europe.


Don't let it get to that point.


Do what is necessary to free yourselves of your oppressive regimes and throw back the invaders!


There should be enough soma to go around. Remember, the state is your friend. The state will take care of you.

It sure will.