Tiananmen Square, Brussels

Picture courtesy of Sweden Democrats

A quote by John-Henry Westen at LifeSiteNews.com, 12 September 2007:

A September 11 demonstration against the "Islamization of Europe", where protesters planned a moment of silence to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy in the United States, was banned by the Socialist mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans claiming he feared "chaos and security threats".  Despite the ban, over 200 Belgians went ahead with a peaceful demonstration and joining them were the several prominent pro-life politicians. What then transpired is something reminiscent of Tiananmen Square. (...)

To express concerns to the Belgian government:

Embassy of Belgium in Washington, United States 3330, Garfield Street N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 United States Phone: +1-202-333.69.00 Fax: +1-202-333.30.79 +1-202-333.54.57 Email: [email protected]

General Consulate of Belgium in Toronto, Canada - 2, Bloor Street West, Suite 2006, Box 88, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3E2. Tel: 944.14.22, 944.14.23, 944.14.24 Fax: 944.14.21 E-mail: [email protected]

For Belgian embassies in other countries see this list:


"Reminiscent of Tiananmen Square"???


Now, now! Isn't that just a little over-the-top? One million demonstrators, a few hundred killed, a lot more beaten to a pulp...



Brussels was disgraceful, but comparing it with Tiananmen doesn't do any good for the credibility of your article.


@Leo Norkens

I remember when Tienanmen Square happened, and when I watched the videos of the Brussels demonstration and the subsequent brutality I was reminded of it.

You're right in that the numbers don't coincide and that there were no murders, but for a nation that is supposed to be "free and democratic" it is appalling...

What is worse is that this will be buried and there will be no consequences for it.

Today: Roald Dahl's Birthday

Read Dahl,think Freddy:


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'Bite your head off with what? said Grandma Georgina.' I didn't see any mouth'.


'They have other things to bite with',said Mr Wonka darkly.


I hope Dr. Ulfkotte understands now how much he stepped into Belgian internal politics by requesting his demonstration. He stepped right into the smoking dog crap turd of Belgian internal politics and now it stinks all over the world.



@ whiteelefant


Forgive my cynicism but I think we have more chance of witnessing PINK elephants flying over Brussels before anything positive results from this.


As Saudi Arabia has religious policemen, now Belgium apparently has ideological policemen.

An Idea Who’s Time Has Come

The European governments can't suppress an idea like this.


It is not enough to say that the concern about the Islamization of Europe is restricted to the 'far right' - when you can talk to European non-Muslims of any colour and any race and everyone is saying the same thing.


In protecting Islam in the name of 'openness' - all other voices are being suppressed. And now that suppression is being backed up by force.



It is not that we have to accept Islam - Islam has decided that it does not want to accept us.

civil war

Civil war was THE SOLUTION for the West as soon as Iran was invaded by Evil Islam in 1979 ,thanks mainly to Britain and ofcours EVIL CARTER.

Follow !

I sent the links and videos to Glenn Beck, he likes to bash at anti-free speech and pro-muslim scum ;-)

Plus he hates the pussy-type gov's of europe.


Europe is headed toward civil war

As the "leaders" destroyed the ex-communist countries in Eastern Europe, the EU bureau-commies are destroying the entire Europe now.

They are working with the islamofascists to create a "new"multicultural society the same way the communists in Eastern Europe and USSR tried to create the "new" man.

Do not let this happen!

Fight for our western civilization!

Why bother?

No offense, but why would an American care enough about what idiotic things Belgians do to write to an ambassador?

I'm not interested in saving you from yourselves. My Grandfather already did that. I follow this blog, but that's strictly for the schadenfreude.