After Belgium: Europe's New Map

What would the map of Western Europe look like when Belgium has disappeared? Perhaps like one of the maps here.


Am I  sending you messages in my sleep? Correct me if I'm wrong but  I don't believe I've ever broached the subject of Frisian independence.

Re: Atlanticist

My business partner is Frisian.  I think you are wrong.  From what I can tell they would love to have their own country but they are addicted to Dutch welfare very much like the Wallonians.

Scenario 23211 is the Best

Unfortunately, the Luxembourgish regions of Wallonia are not depicted as being ceded to Luxembourg. Moreover, Luxembourg itself should be amalgamated with either Germany, the Netherlands or some mix thereof.


In response to Amsterdamsky's comments, I would say that the Dutch (which includes Frisians) and Flemings are both ethnically and culturally similar enough to comprise a nation together. Moreover, Flanders has its own leftists and Eurocrats.

Or this

Most likely scenario 23211 figure 17, with Flanders part of the Netherlands and Wallonia part of France.

Bruxelles, the capitol of EUSSR, will get a status like Washington DC .

The Belgian policeforce will cease to exist, and will get instant jobs in China, Uganda or Zimbabwe. 

Don't do it...

1 Independence
2 Part of the Netherlands "

1 is good, you will lose you only chance ever at self determination if you do 2. An army of bureaucrats will descend on you from The Hague and regulate you into poverty and subjugation.