SIOE Praises Thielemans' Thugs

Freddy Thielemans's private militia, a.k.a. the Brussels Police Department, seems to be on good terms with SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe). On its official website SIOE praises the police for its efforts during last Tuesday's demonstration in Brussels.

SIOE points out that those molested by Thielemans's thugs have themselves to blame. According to SIOE the demonstrators who were beaten up and/or arrested by the Brussels police had not followed SIOE's guidelines, either by coming directly to Schuman Plaza, the place where SIOE intended to have its one minute of silence for the 9/11 victims, or by waving non-SIOE-approved flags (such as the one of Flanders, but also, apparently, Israel's), or by carrying non-SIOE-approved slogans.

During the demonstration, Anders Gravers, the Danish SIOE organizer, was wearing a bullet proof vest under his suit. When he entered the European Parliament (EP) the metal detector went flashing and the head of the EP security staff had to be called in to get Mr Gravers through. That was rather embarrassing for his hosts, since, so far, no-one ever tried to enter the EP in a bullet proof vest. Mr Gravers made history there.

However, as Mr Gravers says: "I do not want to share Pim Fortuyn's fate." Perhaps next time SIOE comes to Brussels it can warn all demonstrators to wear bullet proof vests. No-one wants to share Pim Fortuyn's fate, and not all of us are good friends of Brussels' thugs.


Mr. Gravers wasn't grabbed by the b*lls...

..because, unlike the gentleman from Flanders he seemed to have forgotten them, as he forgot the fate of many ordinary citizens from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium et c., who were brutally arrested by Thielemans' private stormtroopers.

It seems Mr. Gravers c.s. have become enthusiastic about organizing these demos, so nxt time he brings his bulletproof garment, he'd be well advised to bring a sturdy helmet as well, because Pim Fortuyn was shot in the head.

Speaking about 'impact'.., I don't think the SIOE organizers will share the fate of Fortuyn. He had enormous impact and therefore was shot, so when SIOE carries on like this, their 'leadership' doesn't have to worry about a thing.

Except for ordinary citizens to stay away, nxt time they hear of a SIOE manifestation, supposedly concerned about their wellbeing ;-)


SIOE's disingenuous statements give cause for wariness.

How can they disassociate their cause from politics?

I think this organization has taken a wrong turn.