"dethule" said: 

Having Wallonia flooded would suffice

but Wallonia is generally on a higher elevation :-P

@"Conservative Swede": the map above makes me think of novelty maps sold in Sweden with Norway absorbed by the sea... I guess inverse maps are popular in Norway too...

Re: Flood

As an equal opportunity Europhobe I must insist upon a comprehensive inundation :-) As for Australia,hands off! (Her survival could yet prove critical in an ever diminishing Anglosphere).

I meant the purpose

I meant the purpose Australia was originally used for by the Britons.

P.S. Inundation would be fine by me ;))


Having Wallonia flooded would suffice (or make it a vast prison similar to Australia, respectively)

Mythical maps

Wasn't the mythical continent of Atlantis supposed to have suffer a similar fate to this? With that idea in mind,perhaps it would be more appropriate  if the map showed the entire EU  under a couple of hundred fathoms of water and good riddens to it!


This one gave me a really good laugh!

I had just described at Gates of Vienna how I'm not at all proud to be Swedish

"I'm not at all proud the be Swedish, which I think I have made abundantly clear. The "Swede" in my moniker is merely descriptive. Swedishness is something that sticks to me like a crummy leg"

The guy who made this map cannot be too proud of his country either :-)