.. following-up on the comment made by @Geraldo, I think you might benefit from reading George Watson's eye-opener The lost Literature of Socialism. The political Left from the very beginning never really stood for the things you mention. For over a century (1840-1945) they stood for genocide in the name of 'progress', beginning with Marx' buddy Engels. Elitist intellectuals with a blue-print for an ideal society.. Lethal hybris ;-)

Curious to hear from you what you think of Watson's work.

Kind reg's,


The lost Literature of Socialism

Thanks Sagunto, I have just ordered the book. I am always on the lookout for new reading ideas I appreciate you pointing this book out to me.

Literature found

You're welcome Aeneas. Let me know what you think about Watson's work. He's got a very nice chapter devoted to Orwell.


We may have strong

We may have strong disagreement and still speak with courtesy.

No, not when the positions you advocate for are population replacement, the end of free speech and the utter destruction of whole cultures.

anyway you will find them elsewhere..everywhere in the media

Of that I have no doubt...

@ Aeneas

"The political left had betrayed its own roots. It used to stand for decency, equality, and progress."

You join it, left it bus did not understand it.

It is all about power.

Make changes to get in power and fossilize when there.

Its legally acceptable... if

Its legally acceptable... if you want to hold on to power  and stop any attempt from the people to voice themselves.


We are in the same war.  It is a war for Communists to consolidate it's power over Europe and take over power in the United States.


Its soldiers are the Muslims.

re: SprayNasal

OK Spraynasal, you expressed a rather pointless opinion. It would be more interesting if you would further opine about the important part:

Was it appropriate and acceptable to legally ban these protesters from publicly expressing their opinion, and to engage in obvious police brutality to halt the protest?

(That's a yes-or-no question. One word reply will suffice.)


No,it wasn't appropriate...

No, the suppression of the event wasn't appropriate...And I agree that my comments are rather pointless on this forum, anyway you will find them elsewhere..everywhere in the media. We may have strong disagreement and still speak with courtesy. I am not conservative.

Secret Agent spotting...


anyone familiar with the middle-aged man in the brown jacket (front, video #2) wielding a camera, shooting as many protesters as he could? Almost certainly an undercover agent as someone at GoV remarked. 

@ spraynasal

And what can you tell us about the agendas (agendas: plural of agenda, in the cas you were to miss it) of those who forbid the demo?

And about the agendas of those who violently agressed a party leader that was giving a press conference?



spraynasal clearly demonstrates that he is a fascist at heart who does not believe in freedom of speech for those whose opinions differ from his own.

Joke of the history

This is ironical that when post-communist countries broke the chains of iron curtain the west became bolshevick. 

When I first saw the videos

When I first saw the videos from the demonstration I couldn't believe what I saw. When you watch them twice you get really angry about how peaceful people are treated there.

And it really looks to me like "someone" had some open issues with the Vlaams Belang leaders. Why were they picked out and treated like criminals?

This whole case shows the ugly face of the socalled demorcatic europe.

I hope there will be a new demonstration soon, so I could attend there and see with my own eyes how peacefull citizens are treated.

And the feedback in the media is equal to zero here in Germany. But that's not suprising as only some "right wing extremists" were arrested. Unbelievable.

Freedom ... yeah, right!

"Freedom must be earned".

Good to see my YTube'r (#3) on display here.

Give it a high five on YT folks and link it! I'm still appalled by what I witnessed in 'el Bruss' even though the brutality of practical shariasocialism didn't surprise me.

Kind reg's from Amsterdam,


I Want To Be Free!

If at least Britain, France, Italy, and Germany were to have a Revolution AND

abandon and renounce the EU and go back to there own systems and currency AND join

America in the War on Terror, your Islamic Invasion and our War would be over

quite soon.


We need to help each other and work together.  Americans speaking strongly about

the new Communist repression in Belgium and organizing with Europeans, and

Europeans speaking strongly about winning the war and organizing with Americans.


Europe, you have a lot of hard work and sacrifice ahead and so do us here in



What's at stake is the West.  Europe, the Americas, and Australia/New Zealand.


For you Europeans, you face a growing repressive and revealingly more Communist

government.  And a massive Islamic Invasion.  You must somehow overthrow your

governments and re-establish yourselves as free market-republican style

governments, taking the responsibility of your own defense again and weaning

yourselves off of Americans defending you.  You must throw out with force if

necessary your Invaders, re-writing laws with stricter punishment, maybe a return

of the death penalty. 


Us Americans must somehow convince half our country that the Democrats are led by

far-Left coteries of Communism, and there uber Communist, the wealthy George

Soros.  He is one of the masterminds.  Also, our young, national, rough and ready

'cowboy' culture is under invasion, by the Mexican poor.  We need to throw them

out before we absorb more and more welfare sucking, and a violently corrupt narco

-culture infected society.


You and I, Europeans and Americans must come together to overthrow Communism and

repel invaders.  Your continent and ours, to be sure have done evil things in our

history.  But, by far, our histories and traditions have spread freedom and

prosperity throughout the world.  Any one can point fingers and say "But you

Europeans created Hitler, or you Americans killed the Indians."  Quite right,

however it has been also because of our societies, Christian heritage, cultures

and traditions that have made us great.  Any one who believes that we as the

larger, Western Civilization, cannot fall does not understand history.


Egypt was conquered by Rome.

Rome conquered by the Barbarians.

Napolean was conquered.

Hitler was conquered.


All had superb militaries, however that is not enough in struggles of the



And that is what we are all in now.  We are in a titanic struggle of civilization.

 It isn't enough to say war or ideology.  Think of it:

Multiculturalism has spread throughout Western Civilization.

Guns are banned (a means for the citizen to defend himself against tyrranical

oppressors) in most of our Civilization except in the U.S.  And even now our right

is under relentless attack.


(More Below)

Free Speech in Europe has

Free Speech in Europe has now been unmasked as a lie.  Your speech is regulated,

because they now designate what is or isn't legal to say.  Anything that they do

not wish for people to talk about is instantly labeled 'hate' speech.  And that is


Your ancient nationalities are ridiculed and debased and now you have one super

continent of authority.  This same authority watches every move you make

throughout the continent.

Your Islamic Invaders were brought in from your Communist governments as a

perpetual 'voting bloc' to keep them in power.  You are now faced with an invader

that has absolutely no intention of assimilating but anihilating you all.  We have

a third world invader, brought in by our Communists (democrats) as a perpetual

'voting bloc' to keep them in power.  Some may assimilate, however our

Multiculturalists are making that harder for that to happen.

Your Communists and our Communists repeatedly tell us that we face little or no

threat from Islam.  They push forward the 'Big Lies' of:

Global Warming will kill us all, not Islam.

Corporations will put us all into poverty, not Socialism or Communism.

Rightists are racists and therefore morally evil.

Christianity is as evil or worse than Islam ever was.

Loyalty to the party first, the family unit is repressive.

Our movie studios, TV news media, Print media, and schools have been taken over,

for years now, by Communists masquerading themselves as 'progressive'.  They have

been indoctrinating our children and society at large for decades now.

(More below)

So much of what is happening

So much of what is happening to Europe and America in a broad sense is very

similar.  This is a coordinated attack on every level of government, media, and

education as ever seen before.  This is nothing less than a subversion and

subjugation of an entire civilization by radical Communists.  I know this sounds

crazy, but this is what we face.


We have referred to these problems before as separate or just vaguely connected. 


It is not.  This is a Worldwide takeover by Communists in Europe and America by

there foot soldiers in Europe as Islamic Imams, terror-cells, and Mosque's as

military schools, the same in America plus the Mexican poor invasion, and the same

Islamic problem in Canada.  In S. America, Islamic terrorist cells have

established themselves there, alongside Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  In the Pacific

the Philipines and Thailand face Islamic rebels and Malaysia is home to a very

large Islamic population.


We can not afford any longer to allow ourselves to separate these conflicts.


We are all in the same conflict.  Communists attempting to either gain supreme

power or consolidate it and using Islam to dilute and destroy our base of power. 

Our homelands.


You and I are all in the same war.  It is Global.  We must fight hard now to win. 

The enemy has done a very good job in destroying our traditions and spirit.  But

if we are to survive we must face the truth now and join together.  We are all so

late in coming to this global conclusion.  The enemy is Global.  We are already in

the early stages of either being completely taken over and subjugated or we fight

World War III.  And win, not for glory, not power.  But to survive and to live how

WE want to live.  To raise our families how WE want to raise them.  To be able to

SPEAK FREELY again.  To be free.  And not worker slaves that work to pay ever

increasing taxes, with ever shrinking freedom.


Not one more step.  I want to be Free.


I think we need to encourage these folks to continue resistance. They're in an advanced stage of conquest by Islamic occupation and we need a revolution to break out in the West.

I hope it does in Europe, so that perhaps it'll will happen as well in America.

50 years of Liberalism and now Western Civilization is teetering on the edge of disaster. Something must be done.

And soon.

video production

x_dhimmi did a good job turning the tables on the soixante-huitards by appropriating the music and idealism from this now decadent movement. It brought back memories of my student days in Washington, DC circa 1969. Now, if only a movie like The Graduate could come out of it. Unfortunately, being a responsible boring conservative isn't as sexy as being a Che Libertine so I don't think Hollywood would go for it. But you never know.

The courage shown by people at the demonstration was inspiring

I was there and was amazed at what I witnessed with my own eyes. The Vlaams Belang politicans showed great courage in face of such barbarous and unacceptable oppression. They are true leaders, I wish our politicians in the UK could make a similar stand for freedom. I think the movement for a free Flanders will have gained many new friends internationally. Does anyone know whether Vlaams Belang has a chapter that is open to international supporters of Flemish freedom?

It's unfortunate...

I publish here this opinion:

"It's unfortunate that a number of innocent but possibly rather naive protesters who simply wanted to express their concern with regards to what they see as the "Islamisation of Europe" weren't allowed to do so. But be in no doubt: many of the organisers had an agenda which is simply the extension of the same anti-immigration, racist and bigoted agenda that Vlaams Blok and other Flemish fringe groups have been pushing for decades prior to bin Laden and his brand of idiots. "

As Far as I Am Concerned The Left Is Always 'Crying Wolf'

Spraynasal. I disagree with the comments you made about Vlaams Belang. I believe the things I experience first hand and tend now to ignore left wing hysteria in all its manifestations. My position in this regard is somewhat of a dramatic personal political transformation because I used to be a member of the left wing British Labour Party. The Danish Cartoon Crisis and the left's blatant refusal to stand up for freedom of expression has turned me against left wing politics for ever.

The members of Vlaams Belang who I have met appear to be very decent and courageous individuals and I witnessed no racist sentiments from them. The left has been using the word 'racist' to discredit anyone who opposes its pathetic and outdated political ideology. Even those who oppose islamisation have been branded racists! Can you believe that, a multi racial religion being considered a race itself? As a result when people use that word I am inclined not to believe them until they present incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. I do not see that in your comment and it comes across as nothing more than name calling. Why should I believe such allegations against Vlaams Belang when those of us who are opposed to islamisation are given the same appellation? It is time to stop misusing words, otherwise they will lose all their meaning. The left has done a great deal of harm to the noble fight against racism by its misuse of the word. This is a tragedy because racism is a great evil.

What is really unfortunate is that the political left is conspiring to make the whole of Europe into an Islamic state. Proof of that is evident when you look at the fact that the demonstration was banned, and the fact that those that did manage to attend were intimidated by the authorities and large numbers of people had their human rights brutally violated. I am not willing to live under Shari'a Law, and what is the left doing to make sure I do not have to?

The political left had betrayed its own roots. It used to stand for decency, equality, and progress. Now it has been perverted into nothing but fascist tyranny and it must be opposed by those who love freedom and equality for all.


I appreciate your candor and found your "journey" interesting, for it resembles mine in some ways.

I woke up from liberalism years ago when I noticed that feminists (yes, I used to be one) were strangely silent about the atrocities committed against women in Islamic countries, China and Africa. Their hypocrisy (which continues to this day) is just an mini version of the blatant hypocrisies which plague all liberal thought.

"The political left had betrayed its own roots. It used to stand for decency, equality, and progress. Now it has been perverted into nothing but fascist tyranny and it must be opposed by those who love freedom and equality for all."

Again, you paraphrase what TS Eliot said of liberalism:

"That Liberalism may be a tendency towards something very different from itself is a possibility in its nature. For it is something which tends to release energy rather than accumulate it, to relax rather than to fortify. It is a movement not so much defined by its end, as by its starting point; away from rather than towards something definite. Our point of departure is more real to us than our destination; and the destination is likely to present a very different picture when arrived at, from the vaguer image formed in imagination."

Eliot on "totalitarian democracy":

"...different but having much in common with other pagan societies, because we will have to change step by step in order to keep pace with them: a state of affairs in which we shall have regimentation and conformity, without respect for the needs of the individual soul; the puritanism of a hygienic morality in the interests of efficiency; uniformity of opinion through propaganda, and art only encouraged when it flatters the official doctrines of the time."

Sound familiar?

@ spraynasal

You miss the point my friend, Bin Ladin was predictable and was predicted by those naive idiots of the VB. Of course not in details and not as it happened but the disaster was just waiting to happen. Why? Because the idiot Bill Casey thought he could open the box of pandora and control it, like you think you can still control what's happening in Brussels.

More cops than demonstrators

Apparently most Belgians are too bourgois chicken to protest against Islamization of Europe. The worst part is some Eurocrats actually want to increase muslim immigration by 20 millions. Are they stupid or blind or both? And their population don't protest. I guess they're too bourgois to do such a thing as protesting or procreating to maintain their population. Poor choice from both the people and the government. Maybe they deserve to perish? (but first by becoming dhimmis)

What would be the root cause of all this?