Europeans Are Bigots (Except Freddy Thielemans)

A quote from Reuters, 17 September 2007

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said on Monday that bigotry and prejudice, especially in regard to Muslims, were common in Europe and called on governments to tackle the issue. […] Europeans "are shocked at times when it is pointed out that bigotry, prejudice and stereotyping is still sometimes very present in their attitude to others," she said.
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Do not go willingly

For her apparently, Europe has committed the worse sin...rather than Iran who hung a bunch a people the day after she left their presence.  She had no condeming words for them.  This woman is on the so many in the UN these days. 

She has thrown out any 'standard' on human rights.   Using her reasoning.....cultural relativism,  it is ok for the Sudan to kill off millions of people because it is their 'human rights culture' to do so.  Unbelievable.

The UN is dead...


My advice to Europeans.......go outside and yell your affirmation, "I AM AN ISLAMOPHOBE!"   DO NOT ALLOW THOSE WORDS TO INTIMIDATE YOU!  They are counting on you being intimidated in order to silence you.  It only makes it easier for their eventual takeover.  Do not go willingly.


UN Human Rights Chief takes Front row seat to hear Ahmadinejad in Tehran


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, traveled to IRAN this week to take a front row seat and listen attentively to Holocaust-denier Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The occasion was billed as a HUMAN RIGHTS MEETING of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), currently chaired by CUBA.
The DAY AFTER Arbour left Iran the government felt sufficiently buoyed by their UN stamp of approval, that they EXECUTED 21 PRISONERS.  People are executed in Iran for charges like "enmity against God" or "being corrupt on earth."
Arbour is quoted by Iranian news sources as telling participants: "The NEW method of considering issues related to human rights is comprehensive and not selective and the UN Human Rights Council is ready to present technical and consultation assistance to Iran."



My advice to

My advice to Europeans.......go outside and yell your affirmation, "I AM AN ISLAMOPHOBE!" DO NOT ALLOW THOSE WORDS TO INTIMIDATE YOU! They are counting on you being intimidated in order to silence you. It only makes it easier for their eventual takeover. Do not go willingly.

Absolutely! It is time to take everyone of these words meant to intimidate and silence and cram them up their collective asses.

Can you hear me now?

Louise Arbour


Louise Arbour, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights does not "have an opinion on  bigotry, prejudice and stereotyping in, say, Saudi Arabia" because her double standards do not allow her to. In other words she's a bigot.

The one good Bigotry

Come on Europeans, focus your bigotry on the only politically correct form of bigotry, which is Anti-Americanism. No one will criticize you for that.


Of course we Iranians were

Of course we Iranians were Bigots when an army of the most bloodthirsty -lizord eater Arabs brought the killer Islam to us ,just imagine more than three thousand years ago ,a pergnant Iranian woman would be entitled to full state benefit during her pregnancy,with no disrespect 3000 years ago Europe was in total dark age,so what happened i may ask the world? who were the bigots? us or the killer Arabs?

Surely to describe Euopeans

Surely to describe Europeans in that way is a massive generalisation and therefore could the statement itself be an act of bigotry? Is hatred of western civilisation a form of bigotry, even when the person who exhibits such statements is western? The UN itself seems to be tinged with anti western bigotry these days. The UN is an institution of tyranny and we should ask our governments to stop funding its attacks on our culture and our dignity.

European Bigots

The lady is canadian which makes her a definite specialist in european bigotry.

She was also prosecutor for the Yougoslav Tribunal in "The Hague" which makes her a definite specialist in bigotry against moslims, serbs, croats and slovenians, or did she only see one side?

Saudi Arabia

Does this Canadian Lady who apparently knows so much about Europe and its aboriginal inhabitants, also have an opinion on  bigotry, prejudice and stereotyping in, say, Saudi Arabia?

Of course I am the bigot...

Lets see, I have been help up at gun point by Algerians in France.  Of course I am the bigot letting this event color my future perceptions of French immigrants.

European Bigots

It is astonishing to realise for the umpteenth time that highly paid UN officials are actually totally unaware of the real world.

This lady speaks of bigotry in Europe whereas the european attitude is just a reaction against the attitude and the bigotry of the european muslims who absolutely refuse to mix with the european society and while being the recipients of the european largesse, which they claim as their divine right, they declare themselves openly in conflict with that same society.

It is true that the welfare society of europe is stupidly distributing their gifts whilst apologising for it and for their culture which made them rich.

I don't know what the home-country of this lady is, could anybody tell me?