Amsterdamsky wrote: "I always wanted to say it in public...I find it odd and a bit of a shock I agree so much with Novak and Buchanan as of 2007".


Interesting.(Robert) Novak has been accused of anti-Israeli bias...Novak claimed that Hamas supports a two-state solution,something which the Hamas Covenant explicitly forbids.


Is Amsterdamsky telling us that HE supports a two-state solution?


Novak was born a Jew...


No comment.



(Pat)Buchanan opposes legalized abortion,for any reason.


That doesn't sound like Amsterdamsky to me.


Buchanan has said that "Homosexuality is not a civil right",He calls it unhealthy and described sex between two men as "not only immoral,but filthy".


Neither does that.


Buchanan has been accused of anti-Semitism multiple times (but) says he favors "a strong,independent state of Israel" Buchanan's opinion,"The Israeli people are America's friends and have a right to peace and secure borders.We should help them secure their rights". He believes that the United States has a "moral commitment" to recognize Israel's right to defend itself,"But U.S. and Israeli interests are not identical.They often collide and when they do,US interests must prevail".


Does  Amsterdamsky  hold the same opinion?


Well,Amsterdamsky,this is your opportunity to "say it in public".Is this your position,yes or no?


[All quotations excerpted from wikipedia].   

The Netherlands?

It might even be The Netherlands, although Belgium does seem more likely. However, we're facing the second Coup d'Etat within 5,5 years, and judging by blogging NL, we're fed up. Somebody already called for the army (Dutch) to intervene if the coup goes through. Low chance of it happening, though.

McLaughlin Group

I always wanted to say it in public. The McLaughlin Group has great commentators but is horribly moderated. After everyone starts screaming over each other I normally turn the channel. I find it odd and a bit of a shock I agree so much with Novak and Buchanan as of 2007.