Does Anyone Still Think Eurabia Is a Conspiracy Theory?

Does anyone still think it is a conspiracy theory to say that there is a coordinated campaign going in Europe to destroy the established nation states and surrender our countries to Muslims?

Government Advisors: Dutch Should Adapt to Muslims

Tolerance for Islam is too low and question marks on the sexualisation of Dutch society are justified. In the report, the WRR also says that the integration debate is not helped by the fixation on the concept of 'national identity'. The report says that there is nothing wrong with the dual nationality held by most immigrants in the Netherlands. The WRR already produced a controversial report last year (Dynamics in Islamic activism) when it complained that many Dutch politicians are involved in "Islam-bashing" and urged dialogue with "moderate movements such as Hamas." According to newspaper Volkskrant, the WRR will also advise that primary schools should be encouraged to have ethnically mixed pupil populations. They should be given the statutory commission to create a 'link' between population groups, said WRR member and Labour (PvdA) Upper House member Pauline Meurs in the newspaper.

British history ‘needs rewrite’

British history should be rewritten to make it "more inclusive", says Trevor Phillips, the head of the new human rights and equality commission. He said Muslims were also part of the national story and "sometimes we have to go back into the tapestry and insert some threads that were lost". He quoted the example of the Spanish Armada, which was held up by the Turks at the request of Queen Elizabeth I. "It was the Turks who saved us," Mr Phillips told a Labour fringe meeting.

conflicting trends

I wrote here a lot, just want to conclude. There are two conflicting trends: the (natural) expansion of capitalism and also the attempted expansion of EU on one side, and the demographical (and probably spiritual) contraction of the Western population on the other side. So I believe the measures should be:
- Protectionist national laws, including immigration restriction, dismiss EU.
- Promote spiritual and physical growth of gentile population by returning to conservative values.

wayward Brits

BD: "I thought it was the English (and Scottish) weather."

Whatever saved the English didn't save Trevor Phillips, since his ancestors are not English. He is rewriting history in more ways than one.

It's a pity the Spanish did not succeed in their civilizing mission. They would have brought you back to the Roman church. Now the English would be EU fans.

Perfect storm

""It was the Turks who saved us," Mr Phillips told a Labour fringe meeting."

I thought it was the English (and Scottish) weather.

what's wrong?

I only want to say that everyone is doing his usual job, but using muslims as their object. They seem to have given up on gentile population. Why is that, what's wrong with the gentile population - that is the question.


"What I mean is that everyone seeks his own profit and does not care about the society as a whole. That is more or less the essence of free market. What those people fail to understand is that the free market is good only when applied to law-obiding and demcracy-oriented native europeans"

I don't quite agree with that.  What does "law abiding" mean? What if the law says to kill Jews? Is that okay? 

No, a free market works only when Judeo Christian ethics and morals are the foundation of a society, not atheism or secular humanism, which is the problem with Europe, and towards which the Democrats in America are steadily marching.

I don't think there is a "conspiracy" to "Islamize" Europe. I think there is a conspiracy to maintain oligarchic power in Europe, and that power is kept by distributing largesse to Muslim immigrants who in turn will vote for that elite few.


The Democrats in the USA are doing the same thing.  They want immigrants and they want to give them goodies like free health care and education so that their grateful constituents continue to vote them into power. And that thirst for power overrides any concern for their country and their culture. It's shameful and treasonous.

spontaneous process

West now is the random collection of forces acting in different directions. each forse wants to use muslims for its own purpose. For example, minister for immigration wants more immigration, because he is paid for it. Amsterdamski and his friends want to use immigration to attack jews. Jews support immigration because they are afraid of Amsterdamski and his friends. Chrystians support immigration because they hope that muslims will help them to hold against atheists. Atheists want to use muslims to destroy the remnants of Chrystianity. Companies want to increase their market, parties want to get new voters. Silly random forces are competing for muslims. And clever leftists who captured universities and media promote the process because they want destruction.


"Chrystians support immigration because they hope that muslims will help them to hold against atheists"

That's absurd. Well, at least in the US it's absurd. I can't speak for Europe, but most Americans who are Christians oppose massive immigration and also fear Muslim immigration because they do not want Islamic law and customs to influence our society whose freedoms are based on the US Constitution and is inimical to Sharia Law.

2 absurd

As far as I know, the main promoters of muslim refugee flow in the US are chrystian organizations. That's what modern chrystians became, and maybe it's atheists' fault.

Atheling: you couldn't be

Atheling: you couldn't be more wrong. The whole Dinesh D'Souza wing of the Republican right wants to make common cause with Muslims, who they feel will serve as a moral antidote to the current state of cultural and moral collapse.

I'm not claiming that D'Souza supports more Muslim immigration, but he creates of the Muslims currently here imaginary friends.

Democrats, OTOH, will certainly seek more Muslim immigration, for the same reason that European leftists do: more voters and greater "cultural diversity". The left here, as in Europe, is totally out to lunch when it comes to understanding Islam. In their eyes, Muslims are akin to American Indians or Guatemalan refugees: poor persecuted victims of American imperialism. Silly, silly leftists.

Not a Majority

D'Souza and his ilk are blind academics who parrot pc, multi culti monologue. They are fast becoming irrelevant. Most Americans are disenchanted with those types of Republicans and are turning more to the hard nosed types who will fight against Islamism. Remember, 9/11 woke many Americans up, myself included. And the Bush Admin was a pre 9/11 one. Unfortunately, Pres. Bush has not shaken up the party or his admin since 9/11, hence his low popularity.


"By The Associated Press – 1 day ago

DENVER (AP) — Negative opinions about Islam are on the rise, Mormons are viewed as Christian but different and Pope Benedict XVI trails his predecessor in popularity, a poll of Americans released Tuesday said.

The survey of 3,000 adults from Aug. 1-18 was conducted for the Pew Research Center and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The number of Americans who say Islam has little or nothing in common with their own religion has spiked to 70 percent in the past two years from 59 percent, the poll found.

Another significant shift has taken place: In 2005, 36 percent of the public said Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence among its believers. That number has risen to 45 percent..."

This rising will continue, and eventually, as in all things, the upper echelons of American politics will reflect the will of the people. You see, unlike a centralized form of government, American politics still does not change from the top down, from politicians to the common man, it changes from the bottom up, from the common man to the politicians.

@ Atheling

If he's reading this he can be safe in the knowledge that at least  two people will be purchasing a copy.I just hope he writes a follow up article to the one I just posted.

Evidence #2

Amsterdamsky wrote: "I think...".


There he goes again with the wild and unsubstantiated claims.




Where is the evidence for some of your wilder assertions and accusations? You appear to have great difficulty distinguishing between proof,evidence,hearsay and the blatant deformation of the truth.




Your self-imposed silence when challenged on these dubious assertions and accusations does nothing for your credibility.  

Evidence #1

Excerpted from a newspaper article in today's Daily Express:


Mr Philips claimed the role of the Muslim Turks in "saving" Queen Elizabeth I from defeat by the Spanish Armada in 1588 was one such important omission which should be written in.


He added the country would face "stormy times" if history was not rewritten to be more "inclusive".


But it emerged that comments by Mr Phillips - which could potentially revolutionise the teaching of history for future generations - are based on flimsy evidence uncovered in letters which fail to prove the Turks actually helped the British Navy at all.


Researcher Jerry Brotton at London University found a letter from Elizabeth I's  security chief and spymaster,Sir Francis Walsingham,to her ambassador in Istanbul requesting the Turks "harry" the Spanish armada.


But there is no proof they carried out her request...  



Dr. Thornton's article at Hanson's website is on target, as always!

Looking forward to his new book coming out this fall:

Decline and Fall

Europe's, that is.

disease of the time

Cogito: " the evolution of life and species seems to imply a shepherd, but actually has happened bottom up, not top down. "

I think the leftist minority has colonized our institutions from the bottom up. But leftism is now spread from the top down, in the media, schools, subsidized organizations...

What we need is to create our own institutions: private schools, right-wing radios, anti-immigration trade unions...

I think most of our politicians are secretely against immigration, but they do not care enough to take risks. There is also the philosophy of "après moi, le déluge" (= if you think things are bad now, wait until I'm gone). At the same time, a number of politicians clearly support mass immigration and those politicians are endorsed by the media.

You fail to give an explanation for the immigration madness. I agree that industry seeks cheap labor, and government does not really care. But immigrants would not be cheap labor if employers were asked to pay for the full cost. African immigrants live in subsidized appartments, raise their families on subsidies, ruin the schools, and commit a huge amount of crime. It would be cheaper for society if our governments paid half the wages of European minimum wage workers, and it would make no difference to the employers. How come our governments have chosen to subsidize immigrants and make life harder for Europeans with small wages? I think the decision has been prompted by the leftist media, not by employers. Immigration is caused by ideology, not by the pursuit of self interest. Even the trade unions now support mass immigration, although it can only hurt their members. In a similar way, school parents associations are now trying to destroy school through mass immigration (a great way to help their children!).

nobody cares

What I mean is that everyone seeks his own profit and does not care about the society as a whole. That is more or less the essence of free market. What those people fail to understand is that the free market is good only when applied to law-obiding and demcracy-oriented native europeans. When our liberal elites encountered muslims first time, they decided that there is another potential subject to their rule. But the problem is that muslims are not so easy to digest - this time they ate something that can be lethal.

Re Eurabia

Most of what Europe is suffering is a result of not winning the cold war, cultural marxism (political correctness), white guilt, socialism, Islam and immigration, topped off with a massively totalitarian European Union and massive amounts of Saudi and other Islamic finance.

The plan is to destroy anglo-saxon supremacy and hence it is centred upon northern Europe. Islamisation is just one symptom. All institutions are under constant threat, the Church, Universities, the educational systems, government, military, financial and social cohesion.

In the U.K. there was a cultural project to select "english icons". The project was manipulated by the "hidden hand" and unlikely black and ethnic icons were entered and selected, their voting figures were massaged by the "hidden hand". The truth came out but the guilty were not named, due to a "technicality" with the freedom of information act.

Black and ethnic people, now appear to be over-represented in certain areas of Television, government, "think tanks", quangos and non governmental pressure groups. While many of these people are talented, capable and charming, a quick look at their biographies, reveals they have been fast-tracked through their careers with very few notable achievements (although this is common for many politicans).

Time Spirit

There is a time spirit responsible for these fenomena, a paradigm handled by a nowadays generation of politicians, resulting in an emerging flock behaviour seemingly implying a centrally coordinated conspiracy, but the latter is not true, like for example the evolution of life and species seems to imply a shepherd, but actually has happened bottom up, not top down.

If you really believe in a coordinated conspiracy, show us the head quarters, give us the names, functions and connections, so that the gang can be rounded up.

But the reality is worse: if there just were a conspiracy, the fight might be easier. Now we have to fight a time spirit as strong as Catholicism in the Middle Ages.


deliberate islamization?

I think, the Western elites just don't care about Islam. They are fixed on their traditional aims and struggle with each other. Each group sees the muslim as an additional opportunity for reaching their partial goals. Eurocentrists want to restore Roman empire, which included North Africa. Leftists feel that Islamic agenda is similar to theirs (Global government, no borders, no capitalism). Industry seeks cheap labor. Other groups think same way. Some of them (industry, politicians) think short-term and don't care about what will happen later. Technocrats are just incapable of seing the importance of culture. There are also marginal leftist groups that promote islamization because of their destructive nature, but they could not do that alone, without help from others.

John Burns of NY TImes

He's about to become the new London bureau chief. He's widely acknowledged to be the best Iraq war correspondant and probably the best foreign correspondant in the world. He's certainly the NY Times best and most famous reporter.

He was asked about the future of Islam and Muslims in Europe yesterday (he's British), specifically whether the Salafist view is gaining ground or retreating in Europe.

He refused to give a direct answer, but then said that radical views are taking hold. I don't think he would leave Iraq for London unless he felt that there was a big story developing in Europe along these lines.

Dutch should adapt ?

If the Netherlands accept dual nationality, I suggest the Dutch-speaking people in the North of Belgium to apply for Dutch nationality. By doing so, they will help the native people in the (present) Netherlands in keeping the native identity and to force through the end of the Belgian regime as well.
White, orange and bleu: a nation once again !

post-"holocaust" anti-europeanism

I think it was post-"holocaust" anti-europeanism.  In the US the forced integration of poor blacks was largely orchestrated by jewish groups (don't mind that the same groups support jews only immigration for Israel).  They might have had some influence in reconstruction europe but I don't really see much evidence of that.  Seems mostly to be communists and socialist as far as I can tell. The desire to destroy white europe and euro-american culture but forced immigration and integration is a common goal for other groups also.  The idea being that when whites are a minority another pro-white anti-jewish anti-non-white government like the Nazis will never be able to come to power.

Most traditional

Most traditional politicians/intellectuals live in their pc-world where christianity and nationalism is regarded as stupid and dangerous. Islamisation is the best way to destroy those two forever: for example, how to be a nationalist in one state with so many people that have no cultural en ethnic affinity ?

EU guides and supports this proces of islamisation/arabisation because an european superstate can't function with people that have strong cultural and ethnic bonds. Race and religion/culture is the basis on which they will resist an undemocratic european superstate. Many politicians of European nations support this policy because it's their way to get rewards of the european system. Most of them, the Belgian J-L Dehaene for example, are just small local politicians, but in the EU-system they are big boys. For them it is a way of promotion, and all other politicians below them have to shut up, because they make the decisons. After a while this situation attracts people without values that would sell their own parents just to get a place in the system.

Europisation and islamisation are two faces of tesame problem.


So, now I understand. J.L. Dehaene is a small local politician. He wants more power, so he comes together in some faraway chateau, with his fellow small local politicians, and they decide bringing in the Arabs and the Turks. As the Arabs lack every feeling of traditional European nationalism, they will wipe out the existing cultural differences in Europe once they have reach the majority of the population. (never mind Dehaene will not live long anough to witness that event.) And naturally in infinite gratitude those Muslims will vote for Dehaene (he being a Christian democrat) and his peers, giving them the undisputable power over a super state. Now that makes sense!
How come, I couldn’t figure out this scenario my self?


"Does anyone still think it is a conspiracy theory to say that there is a coordinated campaign going in Europe to destroy the established nation states and surrender our countries to Muslims?"

Listen; if you’re accusing people of an hideous crime, the least you could do is explain the motives of this people. Those Europeans coordinating the surrender and destruction of their country are obviously all high ranking politicians and intellectuals. This apparently huge group of people, operating in the deepest secret should have some advantages coming along with it, don’t you think? Until now, I haven't heard anything feasible, but believing in your honesty and sincerity, I’m sure you will quickly provide a satisfying answer.




What do you see?

I see dumb institutes raising dumb points in what you refer to. Democratic debate is perfectly capable of balancing such, especially in The Netherlands. WWR gets lots of critical review.
I don´t see any "coordinated campaign going in Europe to destroy the established nation states and surrender our countries to Muslims".

I don´t know what you see, but please do grow up. The issues at stake are too important to turn them into a cowboy story.


"Does anyone still think Eurabia  is a Conspiracy Theory?"


C'mon Yitzhak,let's be havin' yer!