Saudi Arabia Lectures the EU on Human Rights

The “Human Rights Commission” of Saudi Arabia, a country where slavery was formally abolished as late as the 1960s and is still practiced more or less openly (it is allowed according to sharia law), now lectures Europeans on Islamophobia. Notice that this is not an isolated incident; it is part of a sustained, ongoing effort with the explicit goal of surrendering half a billion Europeans to Islam.

The Euro-Arab Dialogue, which this is a part of, was established in the 1970s and is rapidly progressing towards the goal of merging Europe with the Arab world. The European Union is thus formally negotiating the surrender of an entire continent, without asking their peoples about it and without even mentioning this in the major media. It is one of the greatest betrayals ever recorded in the history of Western civilization. The EU is quite simply an evil and criminal organization which must be dismantled as soon as humanly possible. I don’t care whether some readers think this is “too harsh.” Europe’s future is being decided now. By the way: I’ve just demonstrated that these so-called “Arab contributions to science” were largely bogus.

HRC to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) will urge its counterparts in the European Union to ask their governments not to link terrorism to Islam and also to issue regulations to protect Muslims from prejudice and discrimination because of their faith.
According to a source at HRC, the government-funded rights body will also address various human rights issues in Europe: when Muslims are unjustly interrogated, treated with disrespect, physically or mentally abused, or not allowed to practice their faith freely such as Muslim girls being prevented from wearing the hijab (head cover) in some schools.
The points are expected to be addressed during HRC’s official participation in the Second Arab-European Dialogue on Human Rights and Terrorism, which will take place in Copenhagen on Oct.21-23. “The dialogue is significant because it is being held in Denmark, where the controversy started over the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cartoons,” the source told Arab News. […]
Among topics up for discussion are “Islamaphobia” and the fear Europeans have of Muslims or Islam as a religion. People’s general attitudes toward Muslims will also be on the agenda. Another topic the rights body is expected to address is the history of Islam in Europe, specifically in Spain where Muslims contributed to the prosperity of humanity at a time when most of Europe was struggling through the Dark Ages.
According to HRC, this second dialogue is expected to come up with several recommendations similar to the first dialogue held in Amman on April 18 and 19 this year. The Amman conference concluded by backing the international bill of rights and other human rights instruments, emphasizing that states are obliged to ensure that anti-terrorist measures comply with human rights standards, and stressing the importance of national human rights agencies in advising governments and monitoring anti-terrorist legislation.
The delegates urged governments, politicians and the media not to resort to discriminatory ethnic stereotypes in their battle against terrorism. In addition, the delegates recommended the establishment of an Arab-Euro working group, consisting of representatives from Arab and European human rights organizations.
These working groups would be able to enter into dialogue with governments and politicians as well as professionals employed in the police force, intelligence services, the courts, civil society and the media.

H/T Danish blogger Snaphanen.

Re: Trust your leaders

Wel then,what's the solution,Sharia? Take your time.Mull it over with someone you consider to be your intellectual equal  -perhaps you'd care to confer with the kid in the cartoon -  then get back to us with your joint plan of action.I'm sure Fjordman ,like the rest of us,just can't wait to read it.

Trust your leaders

1. "Slavery still practiced": let´s not get too proud shall we? Go one click back on the link you gave and marvel at the list of European countries in trafficking and slavery...


2. "...formally (WOOOHAHAHAHA...sorry) negotiating the surrender of an entire continent"...

Lets call on Cap´n America to save us! They know how to deal with this! FOLLOW YOUR LEADERS!


Funny that the GOP symbol is used in the "trust your leaders" part...

They should be donkeys, since the Democrats think that government is the answer to all problems:

Sick? Universal health care provided by the government. Suck on Hillary's teat and you'll be okay!

Poor? Welfare provided by the government.

Here's something for you to read. Unfortunately, it's not in cartoon format but I hope you'll be able to slug through it anyway.

Re: Brilliant Commentary

I can't speak for Atheling but the LAST thing you could accuse me of being is 'diplomatic'.Now,while you're feeling chatty,how about a few answers to those questions I put to you?

Islam equals submission

Fjordman is correct, and Bat Ye'or documents it.

We don't even see what is going-on. Or, to put it more accurately...we are not allowed nor able to see.

The slow poison of post-Christian relativism has done its work, and the only Big Player in town to feast on the remains of Europe's carcass are the Muslims and Arabs who have been enriched by the oil we buy from them.

After the Nazis, the Communists, Nihilism, and drugged-induced multi-culturalism...there is precious little left of Europe's true self-awareness.

All is clouded by the hypnotically sustained egalitarian and universally naturalistic relativism that masquerades as chic.

Europe, and much of the West, is Mesmerized...many of the rest are simply seduced.

I am awaiting Europe to re-embrace both it's divergent cultural past, as well as it's singular Christian one. We will not have the energy to prevail until this is done and the infatuation with Mohammedian barbarianism and demonic Islamic political theology is openly challenged.

What's so hard about that...Europe? I ask you...YOU, the home of the Voltaires, the Russeaus, the Luthers, the Hus's, the Calvins and Cromwells and Zwinglis and the God-is-dead-Superman and Sartre and Marx. Where are they now, when you really need them?

Where layeth now the soul of Europe, if not with the corpse of Inferno's "prophet?"


Re: Amsterdamsky


If my hunch is correct and he is one of those self-hating Jews we all know exist then all I  can assume is that at his bris the mohel removed the wrong part of his anatomy and gave him a lobotomy instead.


We owe the Saudi Royal Family

We really owe the Saudi Royal Family.  Reagans deal with the Saudis after overcoming some bad P.R./war crimes by Israel appears to be that the Saudis would pump just enough oil to keep the Russians from exporting profitably during the 1980's.  This along with out other muslim friends in Afganistan brought down the evil empire.  Immigration into europe is a different issue really but relations with muslims did not have to be this bad.

Makes me think on

Makes me think on al-qayda/Osama: they have speeches for an non-muslim public in which they talk about 'Palestine', Iraq, american foreign politics, racism in Europe, Kosovo, and so on... But they also have speeches for a muslim audience and there they only talk about "kufr" (unbelief) and fighting the unbelievers.

This is tesame. SA knows that the left en all eurocrats/VNocrats like this kid of language, but they only want the submission of Europe to islam.