@Bob Doney

This new quote is still wrong, however completely different from catastrophic delusions of Al Gore. There is no uranium mines in Katowice just coal mines. The only five uranium mines in Poland are in non-polluted mountains and are all closed. Also I doubt whether uranium has     so good influence on our health! This is rather otherwise.


I know that in Wieliczka near Krakow there is closed salt mine. Today this is museum and one of the top tourist destinations in Poland. Indeed they have such clinic (one and only). However  this region is not polluted as well. Al Gore vision was catastrophic

"One can almost imagine their teachers emerging tentatively from the
, carrying canaries to warn the children when it's no longer safe
for them to stay above the ground

This is total nonsense.


Re: More liberal lies

Writing as a conservative and strong critic of Al Gore, I think Bob Doney should be commended for the way in which he has presented his defence of Gore on this single issue of Polish children taking refuge in mines debate.When you're right,you're right.Right?

In other news...

Britney Spears won the Nobel Prize for parenting, Stephen Hawking won the Prize for Break Dancing, and Rosie O'Donnell won the Prizes for Being Sane, and Looking Good Naked.


This buffon is laughing all the way to the bank. Idiot!!! Also anyone who blindly believes all the gobblygook he is selling ($$$$$$$$$$). There are enough idiots in this world that choose to believe him, instead of doing their own research to find the truth.

Peace on the planet

It has been my sincere contention for years that the Nobel Peace prize should go to inventors who better the human condition through the creation of devices that lead to fellowship and harmony, rather than going to politicians - who, when you think of it, only create disturbance.

My nominee for quite some time has been the hero who invented the banana hanger. When I think of the constant recriminations flung back and forth within our household before we got one:

"You got overripe bananas - they're all black and spoiled now, a day later!"

"No I didn't! It's just the way bananas are!" etc.

As said, that inventor deserves the Prize. Many peaceful homes worldwide will back me up.

Now, if someone could only invent snarl-free cords for MP3 headsets. . .

What did you expect???

They give this award to a private jet flying, steak chomping, energy and fossil fuel consuming, limousine liberal hypocrite and high priest (or perhaps I should say Imam) for the only reason of having the same agenda they do! The other nominee, Rush Limbaugh, never stood a chance. Big surprise there! Would you expect anything less from a left wing, capitalism hating organization like the Nobel Committee? That gave the Peace Prize to Yassar Arafat? And to the worst, and I mean WORST President in the history of these United States of America, one James Earl Carter? The Inconvenient Lie gets the prize for a political boogie man dreamed up to suppress American's (and the world's) freedoms. And I am freezing! Here's hoping that this spurs Ozone Man to run for President in '08 and get the Democratic nomination! So the Republican candidate can win IN A LANDSLIDE!!!!!! By the way, what does Al Gore and the Global Warming FRAUD have to do with peace????

Save the planet from hot air. MUZZLE AL GORE!!!!!!!!!!

Good Company

al Gore and Yasser Arafat, Jose Saramago, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan...

What a joke.


Lots of the so-called "Bushisms" have been wrongly attributed to President Bush. Most of these quotes were either distorted, exaggerated or made by other persons, such as a Dan Quayle. President G.W. Bush's detractors have no influence on me at all anyway.

Al Gore: A loon or businesman?

I heard that Al Gore in one of his books wrote that children in Silesia, Poland are transported to underground coal mines to protect them from infected atmosphere in this region caused by industry.  This  statement  place him somewhere between Grimm brothers and Ron Hubard. Either he is an idiot or treat this nonsense as a good business exploiting ignorance of public opinion.


Rzeczpospolita: "Either he is an idiot or treat this nonsense as a good business exploiting ignorance of public opinion."

There's a third possibility. That you've got your facts wrong. I know which one I'm going for.

@Bob Doney, Thank you!

Because your suggestion I did bother to check this out and Al Gore indeed wrote this BS.

Quote from Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" available online in "Google Books", page 81. Hope that this link will work, otherwise search yourself.


"We learned, for example, that in some areas of Poland, children are regularly taken underground into deep mines to gain some respite from the buildup of gases and pollution of all sorts in the air. One can almost imagine their teachers emerging tentatively from the mine, carrying canaries to warn the children when it's no longer safe for them to stay above the ground."


Guess what? Bob Doney will stick to his "third option".

Nothing like a Liberal who won't let facts get in the way of his prejudices.


Still think it's me not letting facts get in the way of prejudices?

A Stopped Clock

Is right twice in a day.

That doesn't mitigate the other boners you've come up with.

Not stopped, still ticking

Well, twice a day is better than nothing, I suppose.

And at my time of life the more "boners" I can come up with, the better I feel. Unless you're using the word in some different sense...

More liberal lies

I thought you might enjoy some more mad moments from the interweb, showing how wide of the mark ALGORE was when he wrote that Polish children were taken down the mines to breathe clean air. The article is from the website of the Foundation for Economic Education, which says its mission is "to offer the most consistent case for the "first principles" of freedom: the sanctity of private property, individual liberty, the rule of law, the free market, and the moral superiority of individual choice and responsibility over coercion."

"The air is so polluted in Katowice that there are underground "clinics" in uranium mines where the chronically ill can go to breathe clean air."


""According to the Polish Academy of Sciences, "a third of the nation's 38 million people live "in areas of ecological disaster." In the heavily industrialized Katowice region of Poland, the people suffer 15 percent more circulatory disease, 30 percent more tumors, and 47 percent more respiratory disease than other Poles. Physicians and scientists believe pollution is a major contributor to these health problems.

"Acid rain has so corroded railroad tracks that trains are not allowed to exceed 24 miles an hour. The air is so polluted in Katowice that there are underground "clinics" in uranium mines where the chronically ill can go to breathe clean air.

"Continuous pumping of water from coal mines has caused so much land to subside that over 300,000 apartments were destroyed as buildings collapsed. The mine sludge has been pumped into rivers and streams along with untreated sewage which has made 95 percent of the water unfit for human consumption. More than 65 percent of the nation's water is even unfit for industrial use because it is so toxic that it would destroy heavy metals used by industry. In Cracow, Poland's ancient capital, acid rain "dissolved so much of the gold roof of the 16th century Sigismund Chapel that it recently hd to be replaced."

"Industrial dust rains down on towns, depositing cadmium, lead, zinc, and iron. The dust is so heavy that huge trucks drive through city streets daily spraying water to reduce it. By some accounts eight tons of dust fall on each square mile in and around Cracow each year. The mayor of Cracow recently stated that the Vistula River -- the largest river in Poland -- is "nothing but a sewage canal." The river has mercury levels that are three times what researchers say is safe, while lead levels are 25 times higher than deemed safe.

"Half of Poland's cities, including Warsaw, don't even treat their wastes, and 41 animal species have reportedly become extinct in Poland in recent years. While health statistics are spotty -- they were not a priority of the Communist government--available data are alarming. A recent study of the Katowice region found that 21 percent of the children up to 4 years old are sick almost constantly, while 41 percent of the children under 6 have serious health problems.

"Life expectancy for men is lower than it was 20 years ago. In Upper Silesia, which is considered one of the most heavily industrialized regions in the world, circulatory disease levels are 15 percent higher, respiratory disease is 47 percent higher, and there has been "an appalling increase in the number of retarded children," according to the Polish Academy of Sciences. Although pollution cannot be blamed for all these health problems, physicians and scientists attach much of the blame to this source."

Liberal lets facts speak for themselves


"The Katowice Province, located in Upper Silesia, is the most densely populated province in Poland. It contains approximately 1,250,000 people below age 18; in at least 43 towns and 10 small cities in an area of approximately 1,000 square miles. Katowice (approximately 600,000) people, is the largest city in the area. The province has 10 per cent of Poland's nearly 40 million people on 2.1 per cent of the land. About 3,000 industrial plants and mines are concentrated in Upper Silesia, mainly in the Katowice Province. For the past 200 years, most recently the communists and earlier the Germans, most of Poland's industry has been located in this area because of the rich coal deposits. Current heavy industry in Katowice Province includes chemical plants, over 150 coke plants, iron smelters and steel mills, coal mines (65), heat and power plants, cement factories and non ferrous ore mines and smelters (Celinski, 1992).

"According to Osuch-Jaczewska & Baczynska-Szymocha (1992), the main environmental factors affecting the people in Katowice Province, are air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination. Recent research by Perera, (1996) indicates that Upper Silesia is one of the most polluted areas in the world and has a high death rate from cancer.

"Katowice Province, is known to have some of the most severe air pollution of any area in Europe and the rate of asthma and other breathing disorders is the highest in Poland. According to Chorazy (1992), at least three million of the four million people in Katowice Province are exposed to air pollution that poses a particular health hazard.


"During the Winter months the rate of respiratory problems in children increases significantly and parents often keep their children indoors during especially polluted periods. The relatively high ranking given by students to Human Health and Disease may also be partly related to the respiratory problems many children and adults have. The air pollution is caused mainly by the burning of coal which is greatest in the Winter."

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Over the years, I have collected a lot of anti-GW material. However, I can only recommend this link:


Al Gore is a silly twit and a buffoon. Now some Democrats are raising the question as to whether Gore should run for President.

May God protect us from a Hillary or an Obama. But there is still worse in store with Al Gore.


The Nobel Peace Prize has now clearly become a bad joke!

Gore has been the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his all too convenient lies.

This choice, more than any other Nobel Committee selection, marks the end of a 105-year era, as it were.

In direct contradiction of Alfred Nobel's last will and testament, the selection of Gore essentially means the Peace Prize can no longer be said to be an award for improving the condition of humankind.

Looking at Gore's writing, it's far from clear that Gore even believes that humanity is his most important priority.

Not that there haven't been controversial or dubious selections before. Jimmy Carter was selected by the committee in 2002 in what was partly a political swipe at the Bush administration's foreign policy. Yasser Arafat was given the Peace Prize despite his ordering the killing of scores of innocent civilians.

Following the new Leftist "logic", Akhmadinejad, Marc Dutroux, Kabila, Mugabe and Kim-il Sung can be next year's nominees.

Good luck.

Congratulations, Chicken Little

The "nobel peace prize" is nothing more than a Man-of-the-Year award for the left. How else do you explain that Ronald Reagan, who brought down the Soviet Union without firing a single shot, did not win it, but Yassir Arafat, who taught us how to blow up airplanes, did?

Well, congrats to Chicken Little, for telling the sky is falling regarding something that doesn't exist.