Brussels Is to Learn the Power of the Turks

Can I suggest that you do not go to the Brussels neighbourhoods of St Joost or Schaarbeek tomorrow? This is for the simple reason that, from information I have received from local shopkeepers and cafe owners there is a major demonstration planned for the morning. Not only is the Turkish community planning to put upwards of 10,000 people on the streets, but so is the local Kurdish community. Both of these planned demonstrations have been banned by the police, but in the light of the rioting here over the last week, I wouldn't put much confidence in the manifestation not going ahead.

This picture should give you an idea of how the area is getting pretty tense. The flags are not for fun, and the streets are oddly quiet.

What is not completely apparent is that many of the Turkish flags being flown (this photograph was taken this morning at the end of my street) have the head of Kemal Attaturk superimposed upon the crescent and star.

In this quarter one often sees Turkish flags flying, particularly when Galatasaray or Besitkas are playing but these are new. I have never seen these flags before, they are all the same and brand new. They of course show show support for the Kemalist constitution and are nationalist rather than Islamist.

There are strong suggestions that the Turkish community are in part being directed by the Turkish authorities, who are displaying a show of force at the heart of the EU. They are not happy about the way in which the EU has been stringing them along over accession, they are not happy about suggestions that the EU might recognise the Armenian massacres as a genocide and they are not happy about the response of the EU to the PKK incursions into Turkish territory in the last weeks.

Brussels, the rumours are saying, is to learn about the power and discipline of the Turkish people.

from the silence....

I don't hear any news, so I am assuming that there were no pitched street battles between Turks and Kurds over the weekend.....I'm glad that in this case rumor over exaggerated the tensions.

I saw this:,4670,BelgiumTurkishProtest,00.html

Protesters Clash With Police in Belgium
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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BRUSSELS, Belgium — Youths protesting attacks by Kurdish rebels in Turkey clashed with baton-wielding police Wednesday in Brussels, leaving 10 policemen injured. Police said more than 100 demonstrators were detained.

The fighting broke out in several neighborhoods after police tried to contain the demonstration, authorities said. Police used water cannons to disperse the youths, many of whom were of Turkish descent. Some protesters then rampaged through the city, smashing windows and setting garbage alight.

"More than 100 people were detained and some of them were arrested for serious infractions," police spokesman David Yansenne told RTBF network.

It was unclear how many protesters were hurt in the clashes.

Think any of them used the "genital grip" on these protesters?

@ Dan

I understand what you are saying but many people in Europe neither understand or appreciate that argument (e.g. Federalist Papers) and I don't believe it was really the point Armor was trying to make either.



Democracy works just fine

... as long as people are using it.

I discovered a bit ago that many immigrants (and descendants) simply are not aware of basic between-elections democratic tools, such as signature collections, demonstrations, letters to newspapers / politicians, etc.

I see potential in teaching this. If they know and use this, the risk that frustration turns them towards religious fundamentalists decreases significantly.


Democracy has its problems, number one being that as soon as the character of the people deteriorates and they start voting largesse for themselves, they pave the way for a nanny state. Hence, the demise of democracy and the emergence of totalitarianism.


"I don't mean to say that you cannot have a... democratic democracy".


Armor,please,for your own sake,stop digging!

Re: politicians elected by the people

"Our immigration policy is proof that democracy,in Europe and the US,does not work!"


Which is like saying that Enron was proof that Capitalism "doesn't work",or that thalidomide was proof that medicinal drugs "don't work" either.

Reductio ad absurdum!

"but this shit was allowed

"but this shit was allowed to take place by European politicians who were elected by people of Europe..."

And if we're not careful, we in America will do the same thing. This coming election is crucial. Hillary must not be elected. When she said, "I have many ideas; Americans can't afford them", I felt a chill.

Europe is becoming "balkanized" like Lebanon.

Europe and each country within Western Europe is becoming "balkanized" like Lebanon due to immigration, i.e. Islamic invasion and/or Islamic demographics.

Instead of "importing" more Muslims from the Islamic world, they need to deport them.

do the Turks need to wear jockstraps?

Somehow, I doubt that the Turk demonstrators will be treated with the disrespect shown to elected VB officials recently for the 9/11 rally.

Perhaps the police will be more circumspect and stay away?