On Schrödinger's Cat and Joshu's Dog


Paul Belien's analysis of the EU Inquisition and the racist smears thrown at the Vlaams Belang party should be required reading for all, so called, conservatives, who are really economic capitalists and social marxists. For such conservatives, even as important as George W. Bush or as useful as Charles Johnson, often harbor a tangle of unexamined liberal-egalitarian assumptions wrapped around an inner strongbox of shallow shibboleths that they haven't either the intellect or the civic courage to examine.

The issue of the Holocaust and Europe's civilizational guilt over the fate of its Jews is indeed central to understanding how "racism" has become the dirtiest word in white-man's vocabulary and "Nazis" or "fascists" lurk behind any social truth the left doesn't like. Thus was the Frankfurt School born and the inner spring sprung that has animated the ruling elites of the West in their suicidal quest to eradicate "racist and xenophobic behaviour" and "discrimination."

Something I wrote here recently bears on this subject:

"It has not been explained how admitting to Switzerland over 300 thousands mostly primitive and Jew-hating Muslims can expiate for indifference to the Nazi slaughter of the Jewish kin of Einstein, Freud, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Wittgenstein, von Neumann, von Mises, and von Stroheim."

And elsewhere: 

"The evil lies of racist National Socialism cannot be expiated with the mawkish lies of its revolted daughter, universalist multiculturalism. The former ended in 62 million dead, and a continent destroyed; the latter is well on its way to a cave-in of civilization." (2)

The Spanish writer Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez may have best expressed the paradox of the Eurabian gambit in his lament "Europa murió en Auschwitz". A poor English translation can be read here, but Vivar Rodriguez deserves better, and perhaps will get it in this forum.

Unlike the Confucians, Daoists or Zenists, we are a cultural species apparently unable to internalize and act on any reality but that which we construe at either of the far ends of the arc of the pendulum. We go from Hitler to our self-inflicted Hitler's revenge; from vile, racially targeted, industrial-scale mass murder to masochistic, self-erasing impotence; from scientific racism to nonscientific anti-racism; from ein volk to "celebrating diversity."

To dwell only at either of the far ends of the pendulum's arc is a perversion of human reality and its relegation to the quantum realm of Schrödinger's cat. Invented by Erwin Schrödinger to challenge the thinking of quantum theorists, this cat lives with an artificially induced 50% chance to die, and therefore is construed in orthodox quantum physics as simultaneously dead and alive. But in the reality inhabited by sentient beings, a cat may only be alive or dead. Besides, the idea that anything alive can be isolated from reality and treated as a theoretical or ideological construct is so crazy, even in the realm of theoretical physics, that Einstein praised Schrödinger in these words:

You are the only contemporary physicist, besides Laue, who sees that one cannot get around the assumption of reality — if only one is honest. Most of them simply do not see what sort of risky game they are playing with reality.

Nowadays, the risky games with reality are played by Eurocrats and Democrats, pseudo-Tories and ersatz-humanists. Paragraphs 6 and 7 of the European Parliament's Holocaust remembrance resolution that Paul Belien quotes are a perfect example of the Euroelite's demented utopianism bearing evil seed. Viewed in the context of the "Framework decision on combating racism and xenophobia," the thrust of EU's actions is to muzzle the European people and exact their submission to a vision of Eurabia dear to the hearts of Europe's bien-pensants. And, precisely as Paul Belien states, Europe's sadomasochist and profoundly tyrannical dhimmis–by-choice are running away from the Holocaust into the arms of another Holocaust.

Fjordman once wrote that the European elites have traded international warfare for civil war at home. The European peoples will not subject themselves to socialist Eurabia indefinitely. The people, betrayed by the actions of their own leadership caste, now find  themselves culturally impaired, disarmed, overtaxed, gradually losing their civil liberties, tied-up-and-muzzled in the face of an unending stream of vile abuse, violence, petty crime, ingratitude, insensitivity, and exploitation by tens of millions of Third-World foreigners who should never have been allowed to settle in Europe in the first place.

They will not be satisfied with sullen submission for much longer. Looking in vain for leaders, for political parties that have the courage to state that the Emperor's new clothes are just tattered figments of utopian insanity, simple-minded people may fall for fringe neo-fascist leaders who, almost alone, seem to see what the townsmen on the street see.

It is the great luck of Europe's priestly caste that parties like the Vlaams Belang, SVP and BNP exist, for they too see and speak the truth, and provide an alternative that the common folks can join instead of supporting fringe movements that may expound the truth in some ways but spout lunacy (e.g. "the Jews did it") in others. If civil wars and Hitler redux are to be avoided in Europe, it will only be because parties like Vlaams Belang have ascended to power and have given a voice and a vent to the suppressed aspirations and anger of many millions. So if Nazi skinheads applaud VB, therein lies the hope that violent sociopaths be transformed into content, enfranchised citizens. It's no different from MoveOn crazy fringe lefties showing at the Democratic Party's convention.

One hopes that the knee-jerk overreaction by Charles Johnson and other American "conservatives" will yield to a more thoughtful posture.  For the Western white elite's endless preoccupation with racism and perceived xenophobia, and its worship of tolerance as the supreme virtue is a deep psychosis -- Hitler's revenge --  that ought to be recognized as such. Moreover, as this psychological dysfunction leads to acts as insane as building mosques in West Point and Oxford, dropping the Holocaust from the British school curriculum, and turning Brussels' storied churches into Islamic asylums, it is in fact a staggered suicide-by-Trojan-horse. And lastly, the psychosis leads to a denial of reality; even reality as solidly established through 80 years of statistical research as racial differences of mean IQs, body types, comparative advantages etc. And reality is a jealous mistress. Spurned, she will return to take her revenge.

The normal folks, who have not graduated from École normale supérieure or Oxford, have no use for Schrödinger's cat or EU's 278-page, single-spaced definition of cat that includes all the prohibited attributes thereof. They live with and love the cats of reality: playful and cruel, and full of paradoxes, and full of life's energy until they fall under a truck one day, however socially unjust that may be.

If the elites play at Schrödinger's cat, normal people have more use for Joshu's dog. Joshu, one of the greatest Zen masters in history, lived in China in the 9th century. One day a monk asked Master Joshu: "Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?"  Joshu answered: "Mu."

"Mu" may sound nonsensical, but it’s a direct response to  foolish sophistry. It is one of the most famous one-word affirmations of reality in history, the other one being General Anthony McAuliffe's response, "Nuts", to the request of surrender made by German commanders besieging Bastogne, during the Battle of the Bulge.

The distance from Bastogne to Brussels is only 150 kilometers. But the distance from Tony McAuliffe's 101st Airborne Division of 1945 Bastogne to the Eurabian pashas sitting on high thrones in the Brussels of 2007 may be expressed in light years. The role of saying "Nuts" now belongs to the Vlaams Belang. The least racial hysterics ought to do is reflect upon that before launching their N, R and F projectiles.



1. Source of the Schrödinger paradox illustration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Katze.jpg.

2. Takuan Seiyo, "The Wolfe, the Buffalo, and Our Lost Ability to Make Distinctions," Quarterly Review, Spring 2007.

people + "elites" + gap

@ Bob Doney :

There really is a big gap between normal people and their media and politicians.
Try those keywords in Google: people + "elites" + gap + immigration + poll + uk

Due to the brainwashing, there is also a lack of coherence in people's thoughts, and a gap between their opinions and the way they vote.

Anti-immigration opinions tend to be criminalized in the mass media. The BBC practically never allows anyone to make a case against immigration.
This brainwashing is the main reason why the immigration policy has not been reversed yet. I don't know why you think the brainwashing has no effect on the population. It's had a huge effect on you. If you didn't watch TV, don't tell me you would have come up with the idea of replacing your own people with immigrants.

Another reason why the BNP doesn't get more votes is the way the political system is organized. But you know more about that than I do.

Evidence #2

@ Di Montani


So, it would appear that we can now agree that these "native peoples" have NOT been "disenfranchised".  Based on what you write yourself ("many Europeans do nothing for their continent or their culture......I speak of the remnant....etc..."). 

The fact is that, after "these native peoples" were liberated by the Americans in the mid 1940's and subsequently protected by these same Americans from Stalin, they have been 'ENfranchised', and have had the opportunity to elect and re-elect their political leaders.   At regular intervals, they have had the opportunity to hold "their leaders" accountable for their actions.  So, the responsibility for what is happening rests squarely with these "native peoples" themselves, and no one else.   I guess that doesn't make it any easier to bear the prospect of Europe slowly turning into a giant 'Lebanon', if you belong to that "remnant". 


@ Doney


Well, it would then appear that if "Joe Public" wants his/her existential concerns to be taken seriously by the "multi-trick ponies", he/she will have to use your presumed "lunatics" to force the ponies to behave more sensibly.  What is the alternative?   There is nothing better to convince presumed multi-trick ponies to behave sensibly than the prospect of being replaced by one-trick ponies.  And there is nothing more likely to turn one-trick ponies into multi-trick ones than the weight of 'responsibility'.   It is called the democratic process.  The question is do the people want it, or do they want to stick with what they are 'comfortable' with?   And if they do the latter, they get what they deserve.

What evidence?

Then, I suppose that you are maintaining that the European peoples have wholeheartedly mandated and authorized such a debacle?

They have not, their leaders have. For example, did the vote for the European Constitution became ratified by the people even in Holland or France? NO.

What about the Eastern European countries...do they trust the Western Europeans and Belgium to arrange their affairs a la Germany and France style social programs and immigration? Again, no. See Vaclav Klaus.

Of course, the European peoples are now in the position of having to "prove their own innocence" in the face of relentless federalization and mandatory immigration...while their own legislative structures erode continuously.

Remember 9/11/07 in Brussels?.

Brussles,a city with 50% of it's city council comprised of Muslims, (and 44% of it's population as Muslim,) who categorically disallow a peaceful commemerative of the victims of 9/11 in the U.S.

What more evidence do you need...the taking-up of arms? It will come, I fear. It will come.

Now, unfortunately many Europeans do nothing for their continent or their culture. This is lamentably true. They have abandoned both, as well as their religion. These are the people of whom you are speaking. I agree, but I speak of the remnant...who alone are creditable.


Then, I suppose that you are maintaining that the European peoples have wholeheartedly mandated and authorized such a debacle. They have not, their leaders have.

Well, how did those leaders get there in the first place? Were they born into it?

What a blessing!

"It is the great luck of Europe's priestly caste that parties like the Vlaams Belang, SVP and BNP exist, for they too see and speak the truth, and provide an alternative that the common folks can join instead of supporting fringe movements that may expound the truth in some ways but spout lunacy (e.g. "the Jews did it") in others."

Yes, indeed, what a blessing, that the common folks can join the BNP and not have to resort to joining lunatic fringe movements to express their vile racism. But hang on a minute, the BNP ARE a lunatic fringe movement, so how does that work then?

lunatic fringe

BD: "the BNP ARE a lunatic fringe movement"

Maybe the BNP used to be a party for lunatics. But the biggest lunacy of our time is the ideology and policy of mass immigration. On this issue, the BNP is now the voice of reason, and you are the voice of lunacy. Even though the BNP is denied access to the media and described as a nazi party, it can be said that it speaks for the majority, since most British people are opposed to immigration. So, the BNP is hardly a fringe group. By contrast, western institutions have really been hijacked by a small left-wing lunatic minority which is dictating its views to the majority.

Because of left-wing intimidation, most opponents to immigration are afraid to speak their minds. And very often, those courageous enough to protest tend to indulge in childish provocation against political correctness. But I hear that Nick Griffin is now trying to discourage provocative behavior from BNP members. I hope he will manage to make his party into an increasingly constructive force.

About the use of the word "fringe":
The English used to pride themselves on the number of eccentrics found in their country. I think they were right. It is better to allow different opinions. Besides, you should not assume that dissenters are necessarily wrong because they are a minority.

Lunatic replies

Armor: "On this issue, the BNP is now the voice of reason, and you are the voice of lunacy. Even though the BNP is denied access to the media and described as a nazi party, it can be said that it speaks for the majority, since most British people are opposed to immigration. So, the BNP is hardly a fringe group."

The only slight snag with your argument is that hardly anybody votes for the BNP. It is nonsense to say that the BNP is "denied access to the media". They get as much access as any other tiny party. It's in the nature of our "first past the post" electoral system that minority parties get squeezed - even the Liberal Democrats are always moaning that they are excluded. The reality is though that a third or fourth party which had something interesting to say across a broad spectrum of issues would get a hearing. The trouble with the BNP, the Greens, UKIP and all the rest is that they tend to be "one-trick ponies", and that just doesn't work if you want to be taken seriously in national elections.

Also, I think it is far too sweeping to say that "most British people are opposed to immigration". It would be fairer to say that most British people don't have a problem with immigration providing it is managed and in some way proportional. The government has just admitted (again) that they have no reliable statistical information on immigration - who has come, how many are working, what their long-term plans are, that sort of very basic information - and this does nothing to reassure Joe Public that the government have any sort of handle on the situation.


@ Di Montani

What evidence do you have of "disenfranchisation of native peoples" in Europe?  I suspect, none.  A more correct assesment would be that those native peoples are slowly, but 'democratically' (in the narrow sense of 'through electoral majorities'), choosing to change the nature of their political system to a less-free one.  In other words they are VOLUNTARILY breaking with the European 'Enlightenment' (of the past) by passing laws that restrict freedom of political speech, and by attempting to create a European 'Constitution' that gives arbitrary 'rights' to government(s), while restricting fundamental individual rights. 

We agree that there is a major, even tragic, cultural problem in Europe today.  But, problems cannot be truly 'solved' unless there is first an accurate diagnosis.  And such a diagnosis must put the blame squarely where it belongs - in this case these "native peoples" themselves - and not on others (like immigrants, or Bush, or whoever) nor on impersonal forces nor conspiracies.   

"Nuts" McAuliffe was an American military man.  Contemporary European culture denigrates the martial spirit and takes the 'short-term' view.   If it will ultimately die, it will not be because of "disenfranchisation" by anybody, but through the historically more common process of 'decadence'.

good work, bro

This is great writing. One needs to actually see and to feel the reality of the single-generational disenfranchisation of entire nations of native peoples and the wholesale loss of their historical cultures in order to comprehend the gravity. If these were third-world peoples that were being deliberately deceived and displaced in their own native lands, the West would be the first to be enraged.

Oh well

Let's part company then. You do a greater service to their cause by fracturing the association than anything that anyone else could do.

So be it.

Americans have gone through

Americans have gone through similar socializing as Europeans, where terms like racist have been continually defined down until they become anyone who might think differently from the established views of the liberal intelligentsia. Go to any college in the US and on the first day of orientation you will get a speech and an assembly discussing the great benefits of the value of diversity (racial, not ideological).

Even US conservatives have a hard time throwing off this conditioning and applying it to situations in our own country; I think it's a bit much to expect us to be able to apply it to Europe, where most of what we see is the 90% or so of Europeans who seem to blindly follow what's on the BBC or the Guardian, and seem to primarily care about being opposed to anything the US is doing at the time.

Cats & Dogs

Wonderful article.
On the VB-issue there's just one more little thing. For the time being it may be wise for everybody to reserve judgement on the good faith of De Winter and his people. We can only give Vlaams Belang the benefit of the doubt, bearing in mind that those of us not intimately familiar with the party's history and it's skeletons  cannot actually be sure if any of the old fogies who are still sulking about having betted on the wrong horse while Hitler was on the rampage are still of influence in Vlaams Belang, and how much influence and support they have in the party.It is a pity that meanwhile the matter seems to be getting a little out of hand.
It might be wise if the american side acknowledges that matters concerning racialism and racism in Europe are really very different from the US. Here we face the effects of cultural differences having been swept under the carpet for years, because the problems we face with islam could not be adressed for fear of a racism we never had.

Charles Johnson is

Charles Johnson is correct.  The VB, the BNP and others are merely white supremacist parties dressed up in nice new suits.  Your hoped-for rebellions will never happen so long as these guys carry the banner.  Only the Swiss have got it right.

Charles Johnson is correct.

Charles Johnson is correct. The VB, the BNP and others are merely white supremacist parties dressed up in nice new suits. Your hoped-for rebellions will never happen so long as these guys carry the banner. Only the Swiss have got it right.

Are you just parroting some sort of "talking points" or can you elaborate?

"Only the Swiss have got it right"

I find that a most interesting statement. It doesn't really fit but I am sure you will tie it alltogether as you elaborate on your other statements.

Charles Johnson is correct (II)


Definitive proof that De Winter is not who he claims to be. He fraterinizes with US white supremacists. The American right is not going to help a bunch of European white supremacists and neo-Nazis if that describes the anti-Islamist movement in Europe.

You are on you own. I only wish Spencer hadn't gone to Brussels conference.

"The American right is not

"The American right is not going to help..."

You speak for the American right? Was there an election I missed?

You no more speak for the "American right" then does Robinson or Johnson. Just because you are afraid of your own shawdow and drink the "race does not exist" koolaid don't think for a moment that you somehow represent the "right". Outside of some the NEO's most on the right are not as in tune with genocide nor do they pray at your alter of the religion of multiculturalism. Quite frankly you proposition Americans of either the left or right can shove it up your ass!

No proof there, Sonomaca.

While in the US Dewinter gave an interview (by phone) to a radio station which a couple of days earlier had also interviewed David Duke of the KKK.
If this is proof, then I can prove that you, Sonomaca, are a neo-Nazi, too. Here we go:
I, Paul Belien, was at the Brussels Counterjihad conference where Dewinter was also present. Dewinter is a neo-Nazi (according to Charles Johnson), hence I am a neo-Nazi.
You, Sonomaca, post a comment at a website which I, a neo-Nazi, edit. Hence, you are a neo-Nazi, too.
Conclusion: We are all neo-Nazis.

Despite you being a neo-Nazi, I do not ban you from this website, as Charles Johnson does with those who disagree with him.