Brussels Worse Than Damascus

A quote from the Syrian Muslim scholar Mohammed Habash, interviewed by Jan Leyers for Flemish public television VRT.



last week a friend who lives in Brussels took me to "Chaussé de Gand" in Molenbeek, just to have a look, and believe me, that street (and suroundings) was like Pakistan: no women on the streets, bearded men everywhere in long robes ... Madness !!

Ofcourse, you will never see this on television, or a journalist will never go into this area.

This isn't the first

muslim that says these things in this docu. A few weeks earlier some other muslims of another country were also shocked by what they had seen in Brussels.

Conceding defeat

For Muslims to "reinterpret" the Koran would be the same as their admitting that secularized Christians and Jews had it right all along.  How likely is that to happen?  How is the Turkish intelligentsia taking the lead in that effort?  Or the Iranian intelligentsia in exile?  Are we supposed to wait for the Saudis to take the lead?  It all looks so hopeless.

al-Taqiyya - or he is a dead man

Syrian Muslim scholar Mohammed Habash is unfortunately a dead man walking. He wants to reinterpret the holy qur'an in-light of new circumstances and a new time! He is obviously out of his mind. We have been told by moslems over and over the holy qur'an is the exact word of allah for all time. You can't just reinterpret it. He is an apostate! He better go to the police for protection, once those islamofascists see this he will be dead within the week. Of course his death will ONCE more prove that islam is the religion (cult) of peace. Unless we are being buried once more under a mountain of al-Taqiyya!