Don’t Forget Anne-Lorraine, Monsieur le Président

A quote from the French journalist Gérard Gachet at his blog, 27 November 2007 [here is an English translation]

In an attempt to calm things down the head of state may meet on Wednesday with the parents of the two dead youths of Villiers-le-Bel. Would it be asking too much of him to make a strong statement, also, for the family and the loved ones of Anne-Lorraine? […] Indeed, it would only be right if the innocent victims in this country were treated with more respect than delinquents who are responsible for their own misfortune.


Right - a lot of this

Right - a lot of this refusal to enforce the law is politically driven.

For example, in the US the theoretical capability to essentially eliminate the crime problem by aggressive police action and severe penalties is there. But a large part of the criminals are black. But US politicians want black votes. Blacks view effective police action as inherently racist. For example, New Jersey troopers doing drug busts on the highway stopped a lot of black male motorists - because a lot of the drug dealers were black. This drew the ire of the black community. So, effective and reasonable as it might have been, the program was stopped. Same with the US governmental refusal to punish the Latino illegals who break the law by coming here, working illegally (when not contributing disproproportionally to the crime rate), and not paying taxes. The US latino community views enforcing laws against Latino lawbreakers as racist, and won't vote for a politician who would uphold the law.

So in Latinos and blacks, we have two communities who refuse to vote for politicians who will expect their members to obey laws same as white americans are expected to. And we have politicians who tolerate increasingly high levels of illegal immigration, murder, rape by Latinos and blacks (and only take half-hearted police action to prevent them) in exchange for black and Latino votes. Same phenomona is now developing in Europe with the muslims....hey those French are just going to have to put up with the car burnings and rapes and the murders by the muslims because Sarkozy wants those muslim votes and muslims won’t vote for politicians who expect muslims to obey the law like the French people are expected to.....hey, you just going to have accept your wife or daughter getting raped by the Turks on the subway, cause Sarkozy wants that all-important Turk rapist swing vote!

So what happens when a democracy becomes corrupt to the point where it panders to the criminal vote? Well, some sort of regime change will definitely take place , but it’s hard to say what will come next ….

Frankly, it’s like we are watching some sort of satirical movies, except it’s real life. You coulnd’t make this stuff up if you tried…

Basically, it's a scam. Latinos and blacks get preferential treatment (affirmative action) from the government - which in order to get away with screwing the whites and not have a revolution on its hands (or at least lose white votes) uses the media and educational system it controls to brainwash the whites into thinking that they are inherently evil and deserve to be screwed.