CENSORED *** In the Name of Anne-Lorraine: No More Slackness

A quote from the French journalist Frédéric Pons at the Valeurs Actuelles blog, 27 November 2007

Shocked by the savage murder of our dear Anne-Lorraine [Schmitt, a journalism student who worked as an intern at the Valeurs Actuelles magazine], aged 23, a friend rang me: “We should demonstrate, burn down Turkish mosques…” I understand him. The killer of RER D is a recidivist sexual criminal of Turkish origin. He was free, despite an earlier condemnation! Should we burn, demonstrate? Leave that to the Turks, the Egyptians, the Indonesians, the Sudanese, the Algerians who martyr their Christian compatriots and burn their churches. Leave that to the scum of the barbarian neighbourhoods who at this very moment are taking advantage of the shocking impunity granted them by years of slackness and demagogy. Yes, the atrocious killing of Anne-Lorraine fills us with revulsion. […] In the name of the brave Anne-Lorraine who resisted her aggressor and succeeded in hurting him (which made his arrest possible) before dying from the knife wounds. When will this rapist with his knife leave prison? After 8, 10, 15 years? Our society must pluck up the courage to remove him, and all the killers and child abusers, from society once and for all. That is our society’s responsibility. If we do not do this, the fathers, the brothers, the uncles will. In the name of justified violence. That is something I will understand.


Update 29 November: This article was removed from the Valeurs Actuelles blog. Read about it here.
It is taboo in Europe to say that if the state fails to protect the citizens, the citizens should protect themselves. Here is President Sarkozy’s opinion on this.


Liked the link, particularly liked the Q&A:

Q: "Why carry a gun?"

A: "Because carrying a whole cop would be too heavy." *G*

Is Sarkozy sane .

I have read some ridiculous and illogical statements in my time , but this defies all logic or factual basis . I can shoot better than any criminal I have ever come across because I practice with my firearms weekly , I also believe that it is preferable to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 . Only dictators are frightened by an armed populous , it seems that Sarkozy is ,so , frightened .

SoI ask in all sincerity if President Sarkozy is in need of psychiatric help .


A correction is needed on Australia and guns

Australians have not had their weapons taken away, let's get that corrected.


What's not happening in Europe is decisive punishment of these little creeps. Europeans are still handicapping themselves with the pc multi-culti rules that require that minorites get a pass on anti-social behavior. That attitude and the obvious rot of lefty Europe is the soft underbelly that the jihadis feed upon.

That anywhere in the western world is still admitting a Muslim as an immigrant is pathetic. Only when Europeans take this matter again and again to the streets will the arrogant EU elites, that don't give a damn what future they deal your grandchildren, back off.


I am unable to download Presidents Sarkozy's Opinion, Google has blogged or someone took it down. I get a blank page.

God help the French because Sarkozy won't.

Paul, that link to Sarkozy's statement is incomplete.

Western governments around the world have been disarming their citizens while continuing to impress multiculturalism on them. They know that multiculturalism only works in a police state, Yugoslavia was an example of that. When the SHTF, the violence will not come from the, dare I say it, white political minority, but from the ethnic political majorities, as we are seeing in France. As we saw in U.K, as we saw in Sydney, Australia. In Australia the citizens have had their guns taken away, however in Western Sydney where most of the Muslim population congregates, they have no shortage of firearms up to and including RPG's.

In Victoria Australia, we have roving gangs of Africans who have been attacking people visiting their sick relatives in hospital, attacking police then claiming they are being victimized while the police hierarchy denies there is a problem. I suspect we'll see some of the scenes now playing out in France, being played out in Melbourne in the very near future.

And I have been promoted to Harbi!


God help the French because Sarkozy won't.

Let them ask Him for help first!

Case In Point

"In Australia the citizens have had their guns taken away, however in Western Sydney where most of the Muslim population congregates, they have no shortage of firearms up to and including RPG's."

Second Amendment rights advocates have been saying this for years: If you take away arms from law-abiding citizens, only the criminals will have guns!

"In Victoria Australia, we have roving gangs of Africans who have been attacking people visiting their sick relatives in hospital..."

An armed society is a polite society... Ask any rapist/burglar/robber and they will tell you that they will undoubtedly prefer to rob/assault an unarmed person over an armed one. If they know that one homeowner is armed and another is not, they will go for the latter.

Next, recent history shows that whenever a government disarms its citizens, the citizens will be helpless against the State as they were against the Communist, Nazi and Fascist States of the 20th century.

Australians and Europeans: Get your guns back.


Islam means "submission", after all. Will you submit to Islam, or will you resist?

Multiracial society & Abolition of death penalty

Two recent developments brought about by the EU constitution treaty :

1. Our former ideal of ethnic cohesion is officially replaced with the EU ideal of a multiracial society :
"The Union is founded on the values of blah blah blah. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail."

2. the death penalty is abolished (charter of fundamental rights) :
- " Everyone has the right to life "
- " No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed. "

I think the result can only be more dead Europeans.


" Everyone has the right to life "

Except the unborn, the elderly and the infirm...

Anne-Lorraine R.I.P.

Unfortunately, while Western governments and greedy businessmen snort like crack addicts addicted to cheap foreign labour (all the while dressing it up as some kind of post-colonial Noblesse Oblige, little short of a revolution is going to stop those in power from creating and protecting their ghettos.

We need to wake up.

what penalty?

I wonder what penalty the perp will get? What he deserves is another matter.

I know they don't have the death penalty in France (pity) and I'm uncertain if they can sentence someone guilty of murder to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

But can't they lock up "sexual psychopaths" in mental institutions indefinitely? If so, why the Hell was this guy on the streets on the first place?


This scum must be removed. Things like this happen every day in the US and have been happening for years. Hate crimes are perpetrated daily but are not so called because the victims are overwhelmingly Euro-American or Asian and the perpetrators are "of color".

The Wichita Massacre in Kansas and the Kidnapping, torture  rape, sodomy, murder and mutilation of a young couple in Knoxville TN by a group of "minorities" got little attention in the media outside of the area where they occurred. These were only two of the atrocities that are committed almost every day.

The abolition of the death penalty in Europe was a tragic mistake and it'll soon be abolished in the US. It does deter murder. The executee will never murder anyone again and that alone is enough to justify its existence.  We warehouse these vermin who have nothing more to lose and are "de facto" free to murder guards and other inmates any time they choose since there is nothing else that we can do to them.

There was an understanding in cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and Newark, to name a few of hundreds, that good people would avoid certain areas and sadly, most areas outside the downtown districts for their own safety. It is horrifying that Paris has areas where even the Police won't go.

I can forsee vigilantee incidents increasing as people become more frustrated and disconnected from both law enforcement and the legal system which every day are perceived as more and more powerless to protect it citizenry. 

  When justice is carried out in the streets, the heavens will definitely fall.

May Anne Lorain rest in peace and may her killer be quickly dispatched to Hell.

It's show time.

Sarkozy talked the talk,  but will he walk the walk?   We should find out very soon.


Martial law

It's been a while since there's been an urban underclass riot in the U.S. But the established practice here, except when some wishy-washy liberal mayor or governor called the shots, is for martial law to be declared, and the national guard brought in with orders to shoot to kill any rioter caught stealing, burning, or assaulting.

Has France, by contrast, adopted a European "soft power" approach to anarchy within its own borders?


It HAS been a while since we've had urban riots but the wanton killing, rape and other assaults on Euro-Americans continues unabated.

no more slackness

“ We should demonstrate, burn down Turkish mosques… ”

For my part, I am angry at our governments and newspapers.
I hold them responsible for immigrant crimes.

Armor, They ARE responsible

They ARE responsible and they should be held accountable, but the perpetrators must be dealt with as well. As in the US, the good people must make the scum afraid of us. When dealing with the beasts, fear on their part is good. Diversity is fatal.