Are the French Waking Up?

A quote from the Covenant Zone blog, 27 November 2007

Citizen journalists are on the scene this time, far more than was the case during the previous rioting; now a whole parallel world of reporting is going on, in venues like youtube and dailymotion, and blogs like bafweb and Francois deSouche. The France of 2005/06 was not as wired as the France of today; let's see what difference this might make, as the French news consumers plug in to alternative sources of information to fill out their understanding of why they've lost their car and why they have the sting of smoke in their eyes. [...] I think we can expect a very different response to the riots this time. Not a universal, nation-wide condemnation yet, but far less sympathy for the "downtrodden youth" than was the case during Chirac's France.
The French seem to be waking up.

Europe needs more bloggers

It's been my observation that Europeans are behind Americans in utilizing blogging as an end run around the MSM monopoly with their endless lefty pc drivel.

It's harder to dupe citizens when they have an alternative source of news and opinions.

Let's hope that European bloggers carry the day in the future.

The "downtrodden youth" meme is getting old. They are hardened anti-social brats.  If they are Muslim, they most likely want their non-Muslim counterpart dead.  Their behavior isn't nuanced even though the lame reporting is.

Waking Up.

It;s about time. Maybe the French will initiate the Revolution that will inspire Europeans and those of European ancestry to awaken from their slumber and to take back their countries from the monsters who have been spirited into our midst by our "leaders" while we were anaethetized by hedonistic pursuits and sports.