Blair for POTUSE?


According to various press reports today Sarkozy is preparing to endorse Tony Blair as the first non-rotating President of Europe. Given that the wrangling for this and the position of Foreign Minister (a job we believe Sarko would like to go to Bernard Kouchner, currently France's Foreign Minister) will be taking place during the French Presidency in the second half of this year this would be a significant endorsement. As one of the articles puts it,

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair will attend a conference of French president Nicolas Sarkozy's centre-right party UMP on Saturday (12 January), in what is said to be his first intervention for a party other than his own.

The move is fuelling speculation that Mr Blair, who belongs to the UK’s center-left Labour party, is in the running for EU president – a new high-profile job that can be held for up to five years starting in 2009.

And it makes me feel all cold inside. The thought of Blair taking the European Union’s imperial purple (POTUSE – President of the United States of Europe) given the way in which he presented the Reform Treaty/Constitution as a fait accompli to Brown as his last significant act as Prime Minister is abhorrent.


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Blair for Prezzy

Yep, this is a thoroughly sound idea. It's the one thing that might rouse the English from their torpor and provoke an anti-EU rebellion. The sigh of relief when he resigned was audible across the nation, and the thought that he might do the ZOMBIE on us and return like the LIVING DEAD would be intolerable. Mind you having said that, we didn't really appreciate how good he was compared with the lemon who's succeeded him.

Still, let's hear it for PRESIDENTE BLAIR,


re: cornered

Sorry to do a kappert on you but I really mustn't.(Anyway, The "Truther" Marvin debate could turn out to be far more interesting,don't you think?).


Re: "Likeable man".


I'm sure kappert is a "likeable man" but would you really want to be 'cornered' in a foxhole with him when the bullets start whizzing past your head? Certainly,THIS fox wouldn't


"Anyway, The "Truther" Marvin debate could turn out to be far more interesting,don't you think?"

Well... NO! It's a waste of time debating with someone whose sense of reality is debatable itself.

As for your other question - agreed. In Blair's case, (and in perhaps kappert's), when the going gets tough, they can't be counted on. Now you've reminded me of another Chesterton quote which would apply perfectly to kappert... I'll try to dig that up later. After Churchill, I find Chesterton to be a treasure trove of wit and wisdom!


Atheling,please,with my sense of humo(u)r,I beg you,don't tempt me to elaborate!



Sorry, but you can't wiggle your way out of this one... and knowing your humor, I do want to know!

BTW, it's really strange, but inasmuch as I blame Tony Blair for much of the disaster that is happening in Britain, I find him a very likeable man... odd!


I thought he just took a job with Merill Lynch, not that he knows anything about banking but he knows how to get governments to dole out money and even print money.

Labour center-left? Blair yes, but Labour is hard left today.

Sheesh! **

"The first non-rotating President of Europe".


Non-rotating? They should ALL be "rotating".Rotating on a giant spit in the warmest fires of Hell!

**To end on a positive note,when the Turks join the EU I might actually get my wish. 

@Thomas Landon

Just because Blair is Catholic doesn't mean he will get Rome's support.

Many Catholic politicians in the US (John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, et al...) are regularly admonished by Rome. Indeed, their leftwing position on social issues has earned them much criticism and censure by Catholic bishops.


So now we will also have POTEUSES? We don`t even have to elect them?