The Universe Is Threatened, Says Islamist

A quote from the Islamist ideologue Tariq Ramadan, professor at Leiden University, on Dutch television (Tegenlicht, VPRO), 7 January 2008

Tariq Ramadan

The worst thing that could happen to European society is not that the far-right comes to power. There is not much danger of that because these parties have been successfully demonized. The worst is that their ideas become “normal.” […] We are preoccupied with global warming. It is as if nature is speaking to us. It is good to address this issue. But we should also address the rigidification of our societies. When society becomes rigid this threatens democracy from the inside, in the same way that global warming threatens the universe. 

I am a huge fan of global warming

Global warming is no threat compared to the dangers imposed by those who want to defeat global warming. (By now even a child is aware that this is just a game between Islam and USA/EU.)

These fake battles are only to set the scenery within which they wish to get rid of us, that is to get rid of the globe's "excesses and blunders".

Stop Intergalactic Auto Sales!

Prof. Tariq Ramadan: " opwarming van de aarde het universum bedreigt." (" warming threatens the universe.")

It must be all those Toyota SUVs being exported to Jupiter and planetary systems beyond Alpha Centauri.