Hate Speech in Europe

Spot the Difference.

Last week the Austrian politician Susanne Winter caused an Alpine storm with her controversial statement that the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was “a child molester” who had married a six-year-old girl and “a warlord” who had written the Koran during “epileptic fits.” The politician, a member of the Austrian Freedom Party FPÖ, an anti-immigration party which is in opposition, added that Islam is “a totalitarian system of domination that should be cast back to its birthplace on the other side of the Mediterranean.”

Muslim organizations in Austria called Ms. Winter’s words “sickening and evil.” The Austrian Christian Democrats, Socialists, Greens and even the BZÖ, the party of former FPÖ leader Jörg Haider, strongly criticized Winter’s remarks. Erhard Busek, the leader of the Christian Democrats, called upon Cardinal Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, to “speak out clearly” against Ms. Winter, a Catholic.

Mr. Busek said Winter’s remarks were “a disaster […] the most primitive populism, which does not fit in the framework of democracy. […] I expect a real outcry and criticism from religious communities, of believing people with convictions.” There is, however, a ‘real outcry’ in other quarters. Muslim extremists have threatened to kill Susanne Winter. The Austrian authorities are taking the threats seriously and have placed the politician under police protection.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the words of another intolerant politician are hardly causing a ripple in the polders. Bouchra Ismaili, a Rotterdam councillor of Moroccan origin, sent a controversial email to Jos Parbleu, a Dutch citizen who had written her and many other politicians a polite email to communicate his concerns about the rise of the Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir in Rotterdam. Ms. Ismaili told Mr. Parbleu to either “drop dead” or “convert to Islam.” She added that Parbleu was “a dirty fool” who ought to realize that Muslims would soon be the majority in the Netherlands and that: “You are the foreigner here.” [An English translation of the Dutch politician’s email has been posted here.]

Ms. Ismaili’s words have not provoked threats to kill her, there has been no public national or international outcry, the United Nations are not worried about rising ‘Christophobia’ in Europe, and the Christian Democrats have not called upon the Dutch imams to “speak out clearly” against “the most primitive language which does not fit in the framework of democracy.”

Ms. Ismaili told the Dutch media that she wrote the email to Mr. Parbleu “in a fit of anger” because earlier that day she had heard someone say “that all Moroccans must die.” Al-Qa’eda has been saying for years that the infidels must die. But that is not regarded as an excuse for her Catholic Austrian colleague when she said that Islam should be “cast back” to where it came from.

Ismaili’s party, the Dutch Labour party, which is part of the governing coalition in the Netherlands, said it stands behind the councillor. A party spokesman acknowledged that the politician’s email had been “very stupid,” but added that she had acted in an impulsive way because she is a “warm and passionate woman” who is being harassed by the far right.

Yesterday politicians from several Europeans countries convened in Antwerp, the stronghold of the Flemish secessionist Vlaams Belang party, to establish the international organisation “Cities against Islamization” (CaI). Apart from the Vlaams Belang, the following three parties belong to the organisation: the FPÖ (Susanne Winter’s party, Austria), Alsace d’Abord (a regionalist party from Alsace, France) and Pro Köln (Germany).

More people are noticing the ME immigrant problem

Yesterdays Daily Telegraph had a good article about the current problem of immigration and hate speech.  I was going to paste it, but it is under copy right.  It is worth reading.

Maybe more people are waking-up and noticing the presence of the new immigrants living next door to them.  If is not PC to ask; what is the current immigration policy in Belgium now?  It seems insane to keep allowing this immigration to continue.


What 'Totalitarian' means

It's worth remembering the exact mening of 'Totalitarian'. It is not the same word as 'Authoritarian' or 'Brutalist'. It means a system that penetrates every aspect of life, from cradle to grave, and regulates every aspect of ones behaviour for the greater cause.

Islam is, by its own admission, such a system.

Unfortunately, it is authoritarian, too, leaving final judgement of all matters, large and small, to the 'learned in Islamic law'. That is incompatible with democracy and freedom.

Worse, it is brutalistic, too.

An extensive analysis related to Susanne Winter's statement has been posted at EuropeNews


Your comment isn't appreciated here.   Violence isn't the answer and has never been suggested on this site. 


Troll elsewhere.


What a dilemma. While I found Saharian's comment repugnant, I also don't think that Europe's problem is going to be settled peacefully.

Let's not forget the "violent" methods employed by our Founding Fathers when they determined that the tyranny imposed on them was unjust and intolerable.

All people have a right to throw off real tyranny - even violently - if there is no other recourse.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine


Suggesting the murder of a person and self-defense which I wouldn't define as violence are entirely two different things. Saharian is a creep or trolling with an agenda looking for a response to discredit BJ with.

Europeans aren't being tyrannically suppressed by Muslims as much as their own governments at this point in time. They have choices to make at the ballot box or with civil disobedience. Neither of which have they applied themselves seriously with any real conviction as I see it. Any tyranny they suffer is of their own making.


I think you misunderstand me. I did not approve of what Saharian said. I called it "repugnant". However, your comment that "violence is not the answer" is a Leftist mantra, and I am quite sure you are not a leftist.

I just wanted to remind you that "violence" did work in the case of the American Revolutionary War.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

You are as pathetic as Saharian...............

Armor, are you brain dead or what?, your friend Sharian made this statement..."Don't worry, Bouchra Ismaili has already been marked for death. The paramilitaries are already on it, I can assure you"....it's disgusting.

You're coming across as not too tightly wrapped yourself.

hit list

"Armor, are you brain dead or what?"

I didn't take Saharian's post seriously. I don't think he really has information about a secret organization drawing up lists of politicians to eliminate in preparation for a EU coup d'état. It is only wishful thinking.

Besides, he is probably opposed to immigration and supports repatriation. If we sent the immigrants back home, the risk of large scale violence in the near future would vanish. Violence is increasing all the time, due to immigration and the crazy left. But we should not worry too much about violence against the immigration lobby: there has never been any. It seems that Europeans are ready to disappear silently. The number of murders and rapes will keep going up and the white birth rates will keep going down, and there probably won't be a civil war.

Guilt mongering

"All people have a right to throw off real tyranny - even violently - if there is no other recourse."

Tyranny is all right. What I resent is the population replacement. Civil war will be a great relief. But as a first step, before we go after the leftists and islamists with machine guns and bazookas, we should start by being less polite and patient with them. We need to condemn them harshly instead of remaining always on the defensive. They tell us we are evil for trying to preserve our countries and peoples. And they present themselves as noble-minded souls for denouncing us. The truth is that they are perverts. The main reason they keep spewing their destructive nonsense is that they are not challenged. An effective way to challenge them would be to use violence, and maybe it will come to that. But the first step should be to use words to denounce their perversion. Their methods consist of brainwashing half the population and intimidating the other half. I agree with Saharian that violence works, including psychological violence. Psychological violence is used all the time against western society by the loony leftists, the media, and our governments. Although we know we are morally on the right side and they are morally bankrupt, their method of constantly accusing us of being bigots and nazis does make us feel guilty. It is a fact that violence and intimidation make you feel guilty. Raped women feel guilty. When I am on my bike, I feel guilty when cars honk at me. I even tend to feel guilty when a leftist moron attacks me on an internet forum. I wish we would make the leftists feel guilty for a change. I know they do not understand logic, but they would understand getting punched in the face. They would suddenly learn the value of respect. Violence has educational virtues, when all else has failed.

Mark Steyn

From ACT News:

"...What the author of this American Spectator WMD opinion piece, "Mark Steyn is Not Alone", Brooke M. Goldstein, a practicing lawyer and head of the legal project of Middle East Forum, also does is to point out similar free speech infringements brought both aboard and here in the US. She cites as examples known to us at ACT, the London Law courts abuses of Sheik Khaled bin Mahfouz against Dr. Rachel Ehrenfled, that we have posted on, CAIR's actions against Joe Kaufman, the bust, but costly case brought by CAIR against the blogger Andrew Whitehead of CAIR-Anti-CAIR and the Islamic Society of Boston case against Steve Emerson, FoxNews affiliate WFXT and the David Project as examples of Islamist misuse of the legal system to achieve nefarious ends. As we have argued this cries out for extension of so-called anti-SLAPP suits from the less than 20 state jurisdictions currently to all 50 states to provide protection for investigative journalists, writers and bloggers."

"...But as Goldstein argues here in the US there should be is a major push for remedial legislation to be adopted by many state legislature. One example of that is the special legislation, fostered by the Ehrenfeld New York State Court of appeals narrow technical decision against her,that would afford protection for all journalists, writers and publishers in New York State against the excesses of extra-territoriality tourist libel actions, abroad. The adoption of such laws is necessitated by the misuse of Muslim Brotherhood Fronts like CAIR and others of our legal system to muzzle our Constitutional Free Speech Rights."


Americans must pressure their legislators to enact laws that protect free speech for writers, journalists, bloggers, etc... We CANNOT afford to sit back and allow these infringments to continue unchallenged, or we will face similar destruction of our speech rights as in Canada.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

Re: hate speech

The Left in the US want to do the same.  Already on college campuses we see how rabid leftists attempt to shut down free speech, e.g. the fiasco at Columbia U. with the Minutemen, and other conservative speakers. 

Americans must fiercely protect the First Amendment, and that means voting for candidates who support free speech and oppose "hate speech" legislation.  Electing a Democrat to the White House will accelerate the US's descent to European style government and the squelching of any dissent.



"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

In Response to Ms. Ismaili's Comments

Ms. Ismaili should be praying very dearly to Allah that Western Europe avoids a seemingly inexorable descent into a Thirty Years War-esque conflagration, for she would certainly be marked for death by one or more paramilitaries for her comments to Mr. Parbleu. Despite Western Europe's apparent evolution into a postmodern polity and society, it is in dire need of brutal men such as Arnau Amalric and Johann Tserclaes von Tilly. For it is abundantly clear that otherwise the European peoples will be subjugated by teeming masses of dark and swarthy peoples, led by a barbaric, merciless and unrelenting Islamic vanguard. This conquest is as much driven by skin complexion as religion and ideology: indeed, I have no illusions that conversion to and strict observance Islam will protect the women of Oslo and Stockholm; if anything, it would only encourage Arabs and Africans to 'collect' them as one would a trophy.


You really are obsessed with skin color. All you worry about is whether or not Europe will be white or "swarthy".

I'm surprised you haven't predicted that "all swarthy colored men will rape and impregnate each and every white woman in Europe" yet.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

It's all so pathetic

It's pretty apparent that freedom of speech for native Europeans is dead while Muslims can sat any vile thing they want and be protected.


The Left constructed this hypocrisy and the rot in Europe will continue until people come to terms with socialism's inherent fascism.

Bouchra Ismaili's Original E-mail

Direct Transcription of Ismaili's E-mail (from the Gates of Vienna):


Listen, you dirty fool WIJ WILL REMAIN HERE hahahahahahaha DROP DEAD. I am a Dutch muslim woman and will

remain that until I die. I don’t feel any pity for your ilk you have to live with hatred, real sad. My father and mother

worked hard to build this land and I don’t listen to anything other people say of think. You are a pathetic devil

worshiper!!! you sold your soul!!! Strange that you believe in the devil and his minions but deny God1 the almighty,

ruler over the heavens and earth. Your ilk are the worst terrorists you terrorize our lives here in The Netherlands for

years. But fortunately there aren’t too many of you and most Dutch are civilized and tolerant. You yourselves are the

migrants!!!! With Allah on my side I fear nothing and nobody. I AND MY FELLOW MUSLIMS LIVE your ilk is eaten by

hatred. A word of advice if I may convert to Islam and find peace in your heart. Hatred eats you away and empties

your heart. You have limited time left in this life go and live it and enjoy it will be over soon enough. We live

………………. …. you try to undo and influence the fate of others. Freemason hahahaha you aren’t free you are a

slave of the devil. You think you are a god yourself real sad have you head examined! If you are a man with BALLS let

me know who you are and talk to me face to face. I know you are empty inside and feel you sometimes don’t exist.

You want to be seen and heard but you are ordinary ORDINARY, a gray mouse a miserable little person one of the

billions walking the earth. But I hear your call for help I hear you shouting for attention. I will make time available

despite the fact I’m busy making The Netherlands more beautiful and safer where people can develop themselves in

peace and democracy live no matter their skin color or faith. Where even devil worshipers can have there own spot,

for who am I to judge. I leave that to the judge of judges ALLAH A RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!