Blair to Brussels? Not to Brown’s Liking


A quote from The Daily Telegraph, 28 January 2008
Senior allies of Gordon Brown are plotting to wreck Tony Blair's ambition to become the first permanent President of Europe amid fears that his appointment would reignite old divisions in the Labour Party.
The Brown camp is determined to enlist high-powered support within the EU to prevent a Blair bandwagon, backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, gathering pace.
The Daily Telegraph has established that Mr Blair is taking a serious and growing interest in the £200,000-a-year post, which would thrust him back to the centre of the international stage.
One authoritative source close to Mr Blair said: "In the end I think he will take it. If, as already indicated, Sarkozy wants him to get it, I cannot see why it will not happen. Sarkozy is one of the most powerful leaders. Will Gordon really be upset?" […]
Yet the mere mention of Mr Blair becoming the first president is enough to irk Mr Brown, who spent a decade in his shadow. […] A Brown ally said: "Imagine what a field day the British media will have by comparing Tony's court in Brussels to Gordon's in London.

It's time for the Brits to

It's time for the Brits to dump Brown and the Labour Party. Cameron is a spineless dolt, but, anything to end the Blair/Brown/Labour era is a move in the right direction.


Brown would sign the EU treaty in a heartbeat without a public referendum, so, it is really a matter of one Labour weasel resenting the success of another.