Archbishop Goes Bonkers

A quote from the BBC, 7 February 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury says the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable". Dr Rowan Williams told Radio 4's World at One that the UK has to "face up to the fact" that some of its citizens do not relate to the British legal system. Dr Williams argues that adopting parts of Islamic Sharia law would help maintain social cohesion.

B-O-N-K-E-R-S ! ! !

"Activists yesterday met near the home of a convicted Islamic terrorist and called for Sharia law in Britain.


Around 50 Muslim men and women were told it could not be put into effect in Britain unless it was accepted fully as the only way of life...


Abu Ibraheem told the meeting: "Sharia is a comprehensive system of divine rules,rulings on all areas of life.

"The command is not open to interpretation,it is not open to discussion or negotiation".

"For it not to be implemented in its entirety is an act of apostasy.Let us make this absolutely clear: Islam is not subject to dilution,compromise or relegation".


The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has suggested there could be a place in British society for parts of Islamic law- and 10,000 leaflets were distributed before yesterday's meeting saying his remarks intended to take Muslims away from the "true meaning of Islam".


The leaflet read: "The introduction of some elements of Islam will not function properly,for example without the social,economic and ruling justice of Islam".


Excerpted from Daily Express Monday February 25,2008. "Activists near terrorist's home call for Sharia law".


"The Archbishop is thinking about the future,about demographic and cultural changes...his basic idea...will take shape in some decades...he's got courage"



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There's a silver lining in the sky-ee!

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Much of the nonsense spouted by Monarchist,the Archbishop and in kappert's case,the deafening hypocritical silence, is enough to drive a person like myself to drink.Which reminds me,kappert,I'm STILL waiting for " a gin and orange,a lemon squash,and a scotch and water,PLEASE !".


When lack of counter-arguments and willingness to admit obvious facts then you can only drink indeed.

Neither Coulter, nor Letterman...

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...can provide us with proper guidance, the great modern contrarian French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel ("Ni Marx, Ni Jesus") would have said. 

Have you noticed that Monarchist thinks that Romney would want to "do everything to appease to (sic) leftist crowds"?   That is probably why Romney kept on repeating that (a) taxes should be lowered, and that (b) the one thing he agreed with McCain on is that the struggle with radical islam is our "defining" struggle.   In the eyes of aristocracy-worshippers, that would be the road to follow to appease "leftist crowds". Would this understanding of Monarchist be on a par with Kappert's (and the Archbishop (of Canterbury)'s grasp of the 'just war' doctrine in Christian tradition?


Leftist crowds of course like lower taxes idea, so this is nothing against their wishes. The problem is that they expect also increased spendings. Beside of that I have seen compared spendings promises of both, McCain and Romney. McCain is a bit better on this issue but neither of them want to cut spendings. If you add "democrat pre-election liar" factor, they look even more miserable. McCain stand on abortion is also very weak, unlike Huck and Paul he did not showed up on recent pro-life events. They also share common idea of globalism.

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Re: Your item #4


See BJ page #14 "Thinking of Creating a line".


PS Re: "I am slowly coming to terms with Mitt Romney's ..."suspension"..."


Unfortunately,I'm not.


precipitation # 3

@ Atlanticist

Four points:

1) I doubt that Kappert is familiar with "Fawlty Towers".  But, if he is, I doubt even more that he would find it amusing.  Too much irreverent funmaking of 'Barcelona' (Manuel), Aristrocray-worship (Monarchist), Germans, and other easy targets! 

2) I fear that the Archbishop is not the only one who has gone "bonkers".  John Cleese, in his old age, seems to have gone bonkers too. The Archbishop probably always was (at least a bit) living on a phantasy-planet.   

3) Since Kappert does not believe in 'right and wrong', it is not surprising that he cannot accurately recognise the moral virtue of courage.  The Archbishop is trying to be 'all things to all people', which is more or less the opposite of "courage".

4) I missed the story of the Sudanese teddybear, with the historically-significant and beautiful name of Omdurman.  But, we have already established before, that 'Armor' is not all bad, just a bit stubborn.

P.S.  I am slowly coming to terms with Mitt Romney's withdrawal (sorry "suspension").  Armor still has to learn that 'the perfect (in his mind) can be the enemy of the good'.  


Romney is indeed great NEO-"conservative" who will do everything to appease to leftist crowds.

Courageous or Sock Puppet?

"But he's got courage"

The Archbishop of Canterbury appears to be more of a useful idiot mouthing sentiments of one the left's pet projects: multiculturalism.

Pope Benedict

... assures that 'there is a hell'. So we come closer to the old dichotomy of 'heaven 'n' hell'. Are Ratzinger and Williams trying to approach Islam?

re: precipitation

"He's got courage".


In other words:True courage is when a person faces up to difficult questions.That is something you would know about,isn't that right,kappert?

Anglican church should

Anglican church should rejoin Catholic church, this independence doesn't serve them right.  Ecumenic defitism  seems to be their new theology. 


Well, this is a rampage for BJ commentators! “A bishop, the person who guides and teaches the Church of England, a person who might understand this Anglican Christianity, but certainly doesn't understand “, ok, let's elect that commentator as new archbishop!
The Archbishop is thinking about the future, about demographic and cultural changes and what that represents to religion and law. His basic idea, though still obscure and rough, will take shape in some decades. He shouldn't have gone public with these thoughts so early, too many see it as confrontation, Pandora's box and even 'treason'. But he's got courage.

Bonkers # 3

Allow this development and we open up a Pandora's box (possibly minus the hope) for future generations.


But,the Archbishop doesn't mean we should allow head and limb chopping,they say.


Islam's future 'legitimate' response?


Who are you (non-Muslims) to dictate to us,which aspects of the Sharia we can and can not observe?

And how are we non-Muslims supposed to respond to that question without offending someone?

Bonkers # 2

(Some) Apologists for the Archbishop are already attempting to compare this with the Jewish Beth-Din.Wrong! Beth-Din verdicts do not take precedence over  British Law,whereas'if I understand it correctly, the Archbishop's suggestion WOULD give that (limited) precedence to the sharia.See the difference?

re: Archbishop look-alike

Excellent post,Armor.


[@ marcfrans: I told you that Sudanese teddybear story would somehow come back to haunt us,didn't I ? ;-) ].


Isn't that my infamous Sudanese teddybear,'Omdurman' ?

How sad for the CoE

that they put in position a bishop, the person who guides and teaches the Church of England, a person who might understand this Anglican Christianity, but certainly doesn't understand, let alone defend, the culture that underpins Anglican Christianity. He is seemingly unaware of how the culture underpins the religion, a true cultural Marxist.

Thomas Merton wrote, to paraphrase, that you can reach a proud person, but you an never reach a proud person who thinks they are humble.


What a dhimmi

What a stupid dhimmi. He ought to be shot for treason.

He's a disgusting example of the socialist rot that has invaded the progressive clergy and they wonder why church attendance is declining. The fool has it backwards: the British legal system is not being applied to some British residents.


Of course this is the same British elite that has recently considered welfare payments to the additional wives of Muslim polygamists who are clearly breaking their laws.  


Personally, I think the Brits like the Russian sheeple are so far gone that their slide into fascism goes unnoticed by them or worse is facilitated by them. 


The lesson to Americans is to never surrender.

Please Go Back

Those who do not 'relate' to the country that they have immigrated to should just go back to where they came from.  Immigrants have to conform to their adopted country, not change the rules and laws! Muslims are the only ones who seem to demand this.


"Muslims are the only ones who seem to demand this"

You've obviously never been to the Southwestern United States. The illegal aliens by and large, have the audacity to insist that said region belongs to them.