More Vile Stuff From Him. Fortunately They Have Her As Well

A quote from Stephen Pollard at the Spectator blog, 14 February 2008

I hate to link to the Brussels Journal again, but I think a recent post there is a pretty typical (and typically obnoxious) example of what we are in for. […] Now if you think the piece itself is bad enough, have a read of the comments – comments which the Brussels Journal is clearly happy to have.

A quote from Melanie Phillips at the Spectator blog, 14 February 2008

American Obamania displaye[s] key similarities with Diana Derangement Syndrome, a mass epidemic of which broke out in Britain upon the death of Princess Diana when it was revealed to be the defining disorder of contemporary British society. The main characteristics of DDS are the replacement of reason, intelligence, stoicism, self-restraint and responsibility by credulousness, emotional incontinence, sentimentality, irresponsibility and self-obsession. Political icons to which this disorder gives rise achieve instantaneous and unshakeable mass followings of adoring acolytes because they grant permission to the public to suspend the faculty of judgment and avoid making any hard choices, indulging instead in fantasies of turning swords into ploughshares (which have a habit of turning grumbling global problems into murderous crises). […]

Obama has a troubling record of surrounding himself by people who are hardly on the side of civilisation. Among these are the pastor of his Black Power church who is an ally of the racist and anti-Jewish demagogue Louis Farrakhan, […]. The fact that so many in America either don’t know this or are actually cheering for him because they are on the same side should cause those of us who have not fallen victim to DDS more than a shudder of alarm.


Why give Pollard the oxygen of any further publicity? If he wants a debate,let him sign up to the BJ just like the rest of us,and that goes for any of his loyal readership,who are equally welcome to do so,otherwise,I think we should simply tell him to "Sod off!".

European culture is deeply evil, gentile filth...

Here's one of the non-vile, non-hateful comments at Stephen Pollard's blog:

And when the vast majority of Europe's Jews were murdered by the Nazis with the almost total collaboration of Europe, we were to blame for what exactly? And when Britain behaved in a manner in post-war Palestine that would have done credit to the most hardened units of the SS, we were guilty of what? And the Crusades, when Europe's gentile filth descended on Jewish communities to murder and rape, we had done what to deserve this? And when 150 Jews were massacred at York in 1190? The truth is that we had deserved none of it. The reality is that Jews are hated throughout Europe simply because European culture is deeply evil and utterly rotten with anti-Semitism. If you want evidence of this, simply visit the Guardian website on any day you happen to fancy and then watch the mamzerim in action. No country in the world deserves the loyalty of its Jewish citizens less than Britain.